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cylch, gylch, gylchred, cylchred, cylchoedd, cylchredau, chylch, chylchoedd, chylchred, chylchredau, gylchoedd, gylchredau, nghylch, nghylchoedd, nghylchred, nghylchredaubeicio, seiclo, feicio, beiciasit, beicia, beiciasid, beiciasent, beiciasem, beiciasech, beiciasant, beiciasai, beiciant, beician, beiciaist, beiciais, beiciai, beiciaf, beicia’, beiciodd, beiciom, beiciasom, beiciaswn, beicid, beiciech, beicied, beiciem, beicien, beicient, beicier, beicies, beiciest, beiciet, beiciff, beicioch, beicion, feician, beiciont, beicir, beicith, beiciwch, beiciwn, beiciwyd, beiciwyf, beiciych, feici, feicia, feicia’, feiciaf, feiciai, feiciais, feiciem, feiciaist, feiciant, feiciasai, feiciasant, feiciasech, feiciasem, feiciasent, feiciasid, feiciasit, feiciasoch, feiciasom, feiciaswn, feicid, feiciech, beici, feiciwn, feicien, feicient, feicier, feicies, feiciest, feiciet, feiciff, feicioch, feiciodd, feiciom, feicion, feiciont, feicir, feicith, seiclasent, seiclet, seiclasech, seiclasant, seiclasai, seiclant, seiclan, seiclaist, feiciwch, seiclai, seiclaf, seicla’, seicla, feiciych, feiciwyf, feiciwyd, seiclais, seicli, feicied, seiclasid, seiclasit, seiclasoch, seiclasom, seiclaswn, seiclech, seicled, seiclem, seiclen, seiclent, seicler, seicles, seiclest, seiclasem, beiciasoch, seiclid, seicliff, seiclir, seiclith, seicloch, seiclodd, seiclom, seiclon, seiclont, seiclwch, seiclwn, seiclwyd, seiclwyf, seiclychbeicio, seiclo, meicio
Cycle :
- cylchbeiciocylchoeddbeiciobeic un olwyn

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Noun(1) an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs(2) a series of poems or songs on the same theme(3) a periodically repeated sequence of events(4) the unit of frequency; one hertz has a periodic interval of one second (named for Heinrich Rudolph Hertz(5) a single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon(6) a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
Verb(1) cause to go through a recurring sequence(2) pass through a cycle(3) ride a motorcycle(4) ride a bicycle(5) recur in repeating sequences

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(1) the cells are shed over a cycle of twenty-eight days(2) The complex procedures required to ride a cycle , or to swim, are only lost with ill health.(3) Let's use what power we have as consumers, then, to prevent a dangerous cycle from repeating itself.(4) The snow has settled and it's still coming down, which is great and lovely but I have to cycle 5 miles or so to work.(5) Michael and Bernard provided one of the attractions on the day when they completed the cycle on a tandem bike.(6) the painting is one of a cycle of seven(7) In this sense, she reflects the same concerns as another emblematic mother-daughter short story cycle , Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club.(8) Akhmatova wrote a poem cycle called Cinque which was based on their evenings together.(9) The Arthurian Legends are a cycle of stories that has been shaped and passed down through over fourteen hundred years of English history.(10) Medieval Lauds featured a weekly cycle of seven canticles beginning on Sunday with the Benedicite.(11) The last time she attempted an epic cycle of eighteen songs, the result was a horribly uneven album.(12) I opted to cycle for an hour out of London and then turn round, whatever the distance covered.(13) Today it is a blazing day in the capital, Maputo, and I have stayed on alone here for a few days, while the team continues the cycle northwards.(14) Two things I've been interested in recently are the brain's visual processing, and the metabolic cycle .(15) Deforestation also can have regional climatic effects because trees are a key link in the evapotranspiration cycle between soil and the atmosphere.(16) cycle shorts
Related Words
(1) life cycle ::
cylch bywyd
1. round ::
2. series ::
3. hertz ::
4. oscillation ::
5. bike ::
6. rhythm ::
8. bike ::
9. motorcycle ::
beic modur
Different Forms
cycle, cycled, cycles, cycling, unicycle, unicycles
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