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llaith, laithtamprwydd, damprwydd, nhamprwydd, thamprwyddgwanychugwanychent, gwanycha’, gwanychaf, gwanychai, gwanychais, gwanychaist, gwanychan, gwanychant, gwanychasai, gwanychasant, gwanychasech, gwanycho, gwanychasent, gwanychasid, gwanychasit, gwanychasoch, gwanychasom, gwanychaswn, gwanychech, gwanyched, gwanychem, gwanychen, gwanychoch, gwanycher, gwanyches, gwanychest, gwanychet, gwanychi, gwanychid, gwanychiff, gwanychir, gwanychith, gwanycha, gwanychasem, gwanychodd, gwanychom, gwanychon, gwanychont, gwanychwch, gwanychwn, gwanychwyd, gwanychwyf, gwanychych, wanychent, wanycha’, wanychaf, wanychai, wanychais, wanychaist, wanychan, wanychant, wanychasai, wanychasant, wanychasech, wanycho, wanychasent, wanychasid, wanychasit, wanychasoch, wanychasom, wanychaswn, wanychech, wanyched, wanychem, wanychen, wanychoch, wanycher, wanyches, wanychest, wanychet, wanychi, wanychid, wanychiff, wanychir, wanychith, wanycha, wanychasem, wanychodd, wanychom, wanychon, wanychont, wanychwch, wanychwn, wanychwyd, wanychwyf, wanychych
Damp :
- llaithdampeddampestdampiodamply

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Noun(1) a slight wetness
Verb(1) deaden (a sound or noise(2) restrain or discourage(3) make vague or obscure or make (an image(4) lessen in force or effect
Adjective(1) slightly wet

Show Examples

(1) But in the winter, the damp still creeps through the building and leaves the children shivering with cold.(2) With a D bearing next to the head, it is not possible to damp out normal tape vibrations.(3) Preferring light shade and slightly damp soil, this evergreen form sends out new growth annually from the base of the plant.(4) If the walls were rendered with hard sand and cement, this would trap moisture, resulting in condensation or damp .(5) She pulled Millie over to the washbasin on the table and began to wrap her finger with a thin, slightly damp wash rag.(6) I headed towards my favorite spot below the old weeping willow and sat on the slightly damp ground.(7) She sat on the cold, slightly damp stone and let her cloak drop, watching as it billowed around her ankles like a cloud of thick black smoke.(8) Silently and with some relief, we exited and sat down on the slightly damp curb.(9) When working with the phyllo leaves, keep a slightly damp towel over the leaves you are not currently using - and work quickly.(10) Her hair was slightly damp from the long hours of tears and her tired, blue eyes were puffy.(11) This morning I was wiping the table with a very slightly damp rag and noticed that the wax build-up was coming off.(12) Knead well; let rise to double its size under a slightly damp towel in a warm place.(13) With another sigh, she huddled closer to the trunk of the tree behind her, shivering slightly in the damp mist.(14) He slips it into his pocket, almost imagining that he can smell lavender and cigarette smoke even in the damp of the city.(15) Methane is a nonpoisonous, tasteless, odorless and colorless gas. It is also known as marsh gas (CH4) and, when mixed with air, it forms fire- damp .(16) He could have coped a lot better were it not for the accompanying stomach cramps and cold sweat - there was enough damp in the room without his contributing to it.
Related Words
(1) damp cloth ::
lliain llaith
1. moist ::
3. moisture ::
5. mute ::
6. weaken ::
7. deaden ::
Different Forms
damp, damped, dampest, damping, damply, dampness, damps
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