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dantio, danto, ddantio, nantio, nantodantent, danta’, dantaf, dantai, dantais, dantaist, dantan, dantant, dantasai, dantasant, dantasech, danto, dantasent, dantasid, dantasit, dantasoch, dantasom, dantaswn, dantech, danted, dantem, danten, dantoch, danter, dantes, dantest, dantet, danti, dantid, dantiff, dantir, dantith, danta, dantasem, dantodd, dantom, danton, dantont, dantwch, dantwn, dantwyd, dantwyf, dantych, ddantent, ddanta’, ddantaf, ddantai, ddantais, ddantaist, ddantan, ddantant, ddantasai, ddantasant, ddantasech, ddanto, ddantasent, ddantasid, ddantasit, ddantasoch, ddantasom, ddantaswn, ddantech, ddanted, ddantem, ddanten, ddantoch, ddanter, ddantes, ddantest, ddantet, ddanti, ddantid, ddantiff, ddantir, ddantith, ddanta, ddantasem, ddantodd, ddantom, ddanton, ddantont, ddantwch, ddantwn, ddantwyd, ddantwyf, ddantych
Daunt :
yn hynod anodd i
- yn hynod anodd iddigalonfrawychusdaunts

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Verb(1) cause to lose courage

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(1) There is no task that will daunt this dedicated team.(2) The prospect of transplant surgery does not daunt her.(3) Despite his troubles, he said, ÔÇÿWhile God gives me strength, failure will not daunt me.ÔÇÖ(4) Meantime, the challenges of being Rector of Dundee should not daunt Kelly, with her empathetic skills, campaigning experience and endless enthusiasm.(5) As far as going back into management is concerned, no it doesn't daunt me.(6) Even the prospect of getting down to taxing schoolwork did not daunt Amy.(7) True, the country's problems would daunt any leader, but he has not addressed any of them effectively after a year in office.(8) No situation now daunts him, nor does any opponent.(9) Now, here we were as pensioners, setting out on an expedition that might have daunted us when we were teenagers.(10) Most of my travels having been to hot places, I was daunted at the prospect of such cold - but the invitation was irresistible.(11) It is an exercise that would have daunted people far younger than him.(12) One month into her new role, she isn't daunted by the enormous challenge facing her.(13) If he was daunted by the magnitude of the task, Gurley's public persona did not display it.(14) He isn't daunted by the attention the tattoo will attract.(15) Hard work never daunted him and when his wife Nora died 32 years ago, he raised his family of nine.(16) ÔÇÿSustaining 100 per cent growth is new to us, but it is not something that daunts us,ÔÇÖ he said.
1. discourage ::
annog pobl i beidio
2. deter ::
3. demoralize ::
5. dishearten ::
6. dispirit ::
7. intimidate ::
8. abash ::
9. take aback ::
cymryd synnu
10. throw ::
11. cow ::
12. overawe ::
13. awe ::
parchedig ofn
14. frighten ::
15. scare ::
16. unman ::
17. dismay ::
18. disconcert ::
19. discompose ::
20. perturb ::
21. unsettle ::
22. unnerve ::
23. throw off balance ::
taflu oddi ar y cydbwysedd
24. rattle ::
25. faze ::
1. embolden ::
2. encourage ::
3. hearten ::
4. nerve ::
5. steel ::
Different Forms
daunt, daunted, daunting, daunts
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