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ddadl, nadl, dadldadlau, ddadlau, nadlaudadleuasid, dadleuaf, dadleuai, dadleuais, dadleuaist, dadleuan, dadleuant, dadleuasai, dadleuasech, dadleuasem, dadleuest, dadleua’, dadleuasit, dadleuaswn, dadleuech, dadleued, dadleuem, dadleuen, dadleuent, dadleuer, dadleues, dadleuasent, dadleuon, dadleuet, dadleui, dadleuid, dadleuiff, dadleuir, dadleuith, dadleuo, dadleuoch, dadleuodd, dadleua, ddadleuest, dadleuont, dadleusant, dadleusoch, dadleusom, dadleuson, dadleuwch, dadleuwn, dadleuwyd, dadleuwyf, dadleuom, ddadleues, ddadleua, ddadleua’, ddadleuaf, ddadleuai, ddadleuais, ddadleuaist, ddadleuan, ddadleuant, ddadleuasai, ddadleuasech, ddadleuom, ddadleuasent, ddadleuasid, ddadleuasit, ddadleuaswn, ddadleuech, ddadleued, ddadleuem, ddadleuen, ddadleuent, ddadleuer, ddadleuont, ddadleuet, ddadleui, ddadleuid, ddadleuiff, ddadleuir, ddadleuith, ddadleuo, ddadleuoch, ddadleuodd, dadleuych, ddadleuasem, ddadleusant, ddadleusoch, ddadleusom, ddadleuson, ddadleuwch, ddadleuwn, ddadleuwyd, ddadleuwyf, ddadleuych
Debate :
- trafodaethtrafoddadleuondadlau

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Noun(1) a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal(2) the formal presentation of a stated proposition and the opposition to it (usually followed by a vote
Verb(1) argue with one another(2) think about carefully; weigh(3) discuss the pros and cons of an issue(4) have an argument about something

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(1) Adverts on television and in newspapers were designed to begin the public debate about the assembly.(2) Now the great debate on smoking in public spaces is coming to Manchester.(3) In the key parliamentary debate on Tuesday he voted in support of the war.(4) In yesterday's debate , Mr Wicks acknowledged the " complexity " of the problems facing former mining areas.(5) to encourage debate on sth(6) The debate on this subject will go on as long as the human race exists, so all I can do is raise a few points on the subject.(7) The book, published in 1999, sparked considerable public debate .(8) there was some debate whether the amendment is valid or not(9) Whether civil servants should wear a uniform is still a matter of public debate .(10) there has been much debate about prices(11) This aspect of the debate has been the subject of much political and academic disagreement.(12) A vigorous debate is raging over the economic growth estimates.(13) He hoped MPs would be able to debate the issue and persuade the government to change its stance.(14) They also called for a debate on the subject to be held in the European Parliament.(15) In those circumstances the House does not need to hold an urgent debate on the matter today.(16) The subject that dominates the debate about the new car is of course the styling.
Related Words
(1) to debate ::
i drafod
1. discussion ::
2. public debate ::
trafodaeth gyhoeddus
3. argumentation ::
4. discuss ::
5. consider ::
6. moot ::
7. deliberate ::
8. contend ::
Different Forms
debate, debated, debates, debating
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