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ddatgan, datgan, natgandatganes, datgana’, datganaf, datganai, datganais, datganaist, datganan, datganant, datganasai, datganasant, datganasech, datganasem, datganont, datganasid, datganasit, datganasoch, datganasom, datganaswn, datganech, datganed, datganem, datganen, datganent, datganer, datganwch, datganest, datganet, datgani, datganiff, datganith, datgano, datganoch, datganodd, datganom, datganon, datgana, datganasent, datganwn, datganwyd, datganwyf, datgenais, datgenaist, datgeni, datgenid, datgenir, datgenwch, datgenych, ddatganes, ddatgana’, ddatganaf, ddatganai, ddatganais, ddatganaist, ddatganan, ddatganant, ddatganasai, ddatganasant, ddatganasech, ddatganasem, ddatganont, ddatganasid, ddatganasit, ddatganasoch, ddatganasom, ddatganaswn, ddatganech, ddatganed, ddatganem, ddatganen, ddatganent, ddatganer, ddatganwch, ddatganest, ddatganet, ddatgani, ddatganiff, ddatganith, ddatgano, ddatganoch, ddatganodd, ddatganom, ddatganon, ddatgana, ddatganasent, ddatganwn, ddatganwyd, ddatganwyf, ddatgenais, ddatgenaist, ddatgeni, ddatgenid, ddatgenir, ddatgenwch, ddatgenych
Declare :
- datganDatganodddatgandatgan

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Verb(1) state emphatically and authoritatively(2) announce publicly or officially(3) state firmly(4) declare to be(5) authorize payments of(6) designate (a trump suit or no-trump(7) make a declaration (of dutiable goods(8) proclaim one's support, sympathy, or opinion for or against

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(1) But it is too soon to declare victory and move on.(2) But officials admit they cannot keep track of how much is exported, as few are willing to pay export taxes or declare their income.(3) When faced with serious disasters, countries often declare a formal state of emergency.(4) Mr Clarke was the fifth candidate to declare and MPs will shortly reduce that to a shortlist of two before a final ballot of party members.(5) It's only illegal if one doesn't declare the offshore income in one's annual tax return and pay tax at home.(6) Mrs D doesn't have to declare this income on her tax return, as it is tax free, which is a bonus.(7) Under regulations, adopted by Parliament, lawyers, prosecutors and magistrates are to declare incomes and property with the National Audit Office.(8) He announced Monday that he will declare a state of emergency and dissolve parliament if a political compromise is not reached by July 20.(9) a number of interested parties who can't declare themselves openly(10) have you anything to declare?(11) to declare an interest(12) He argues that we should declare war on specific aggressors in precise and specific language.(13) she waited in vain for him to declare himself(14) The court was told White filled in and signed one claim form seven months after starting work as a police officer and did not declare her income.(15) And there are many more academics who declare in private communications that they agree with us or with a particular opinion which we publish but would not dare to say so publicly.(16) TAX collectors have declared war on amateur traders who are failing to declare their income, accountants warned last week.
Related Words
1. proclaim ::
2. assert ::
3. show to be ::
dangos i fod yn
4. adjudge ::
5. announce ::
1. deny ::
2. gainsay ::
Different Forms
declare, declared, declares, declaring
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