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ddiddwytho, diddwytho, diddwythwch, diddwytha’, diddwythem, diddwythaf, diddwythai, diddwythais, diddwythaist, diddwythan, diddwythant, diddwythasai, diddwythasant, diddwythen, diddwythasem, diddwythasent, diddwythasid, diddwythasit, diddwythasoch, diddwythasom, diddwythaswn, diddwythech, diddwythed, diddwythent, diddwythoch, diddwyther, diddwythes, diddwythest, diddwythet, diddwythi, diddwythid, diddwythiff, diddwythir, ddiddwytha’, diddwythith, diddwythodd, diddwythom, diddwython, diddwythont, diddwythwn, diddwythwyd, diddwythwyf, diddwythych, diddwytha, ddiddwythasent, ddiddwythaf, ddiddwythai, ddiddwythais, ddiddwythaist, ddiddwythan, ddiddwythant, ddiddwythasai, ddiddwythasant, ddiddwythasech, ddiddwythasem, ddiddwythith, ddiddwythasid, ddiddwythasit, ddiddwythasoch, ddiddwythasom, ddiddwythaswn, ddiddwythech, ddiddwythed, ddiddwythen, ddiddwythem, ddiddwythoch, ddiddwythent, ddiddwyther, ddiddwythes, ddiddwythest, ddiddwythet, ddiddwythi, ddiddwythid, ddiddwythiff, ddiddwythir, ddiddwytha, diddwythasech, ddiddwythodd, ddiddwythom, ddiddwython, ddiddwythont, ddiddwythwch, ddiddwythwn, ddiddwythwyd, ddiddwythwyf, ddiddwythychdiddwytho, niddwytho
Deduce :
- ddiddwythodiddwythodyfaludeducing

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Verb(1) reason by deduction; establish by deduction(2) conclude by reasoning; in logic

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(1) As conscious beings we can deduce that the logical conclusion of this decline is our extinction.(2) he cannot deduce his descent wholly by heirs male(3) to deduce a number(4) It's not possible to deduce moral conclusions from first principles.(5) to deduce sth from sth(6) deduce that the graph of f(x) does not intersect the x-axis(7) From this it was deduced that Diophantus wrote around 250 AD and the dates we have given for him are based on this argument.(8) Things do not need to be symmetrical or deducible from first principles.(9) Scientists have deduced that the known physical universe has existed for approx 12 billion years since the Big Bang.(10) Hempel and Oppenheim made the important logical point that statements about a phenomenon cannot be deduced from general laws alone.(11) What this implies is that cognitive science must yield explanations of mind and culture that are deducible from antecedent conditions that cannot possibly be physical, neurophysiological, or mechanical events.(12) The Academics took the part of the questioner, who puts questions to his interlocutors and deduces conclusions that are unwelcome to them from their answers.(13) Much can be deduced from his art, but the facts surrounding his life remain obscure to an English-speaking audience.(14) Some dates and places from this period can again be deduced from descriptions of astronomical events recorded by al-Biruni.(15) It can also be deduced from a copy of the second treatise of Serenus which has survived.(16) Although the reason is unclear I think that, as my neighbour called for my post, it was deduced that I no longer required my box.
Related Words
(1) deduce ::
1. conclude ::
2. derive ::
3. infer ::
Different Forms
deduce, deduced, deduces, deducing
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