English to Welsh Meaning :: deliver

achubasent, achuba, achuba’, achubaf, achubai, achubais, achubaist, achuban, achubant, achubasai, achubasant, achubasech, achubes, achubon, achubasid, achubasit, achubasoch, achubasom, achubaswn, achubech, achubed, achubem, achuben, achubent, achuber, draddodasem, achubest, achubet, achubi, achubid, achubiff, achubir, achubith, achubo, achuboch, achubodd, achubom, achubasem, achubont, achubwch, achubwn, achubwyd, achubwyf, achubych, dosbartha, dosbartha’, dosbarthaf, dosbarthai, dosbarthais, dosbarthech, dosbarthan, dosbarthant, dosbarthasai, dosbarthasant, dosbarthasech, dosbarthasem, dosbarthasent, dosbarthasid, dosbarthasit, dosbarthasoch, dosbarthasom, dosbarthir, dosbarthych, dosbarthed, dosbarthem, dosbarthen, dosbarthent, dosbarther, dosbarthes, dosbarthest, dosbarthet, dosbarthi, dosbarthid, dosbarthiff, dosbarthaist, dosbarthith, dosbartho, dosbarthoch, dosbarthodd, dosbarthom, dosbarthon, dosbarthont, dosbarthwch, dosbarthwn, dosbarthwyd, dosbarthwyf, ddosbarthiff, draddoda, draddoda’, draddodaf, draddodai, draddodais, draddodaist, draddodan, draddodant, draddodasai, draddodasant, draddodasech, draddodes, draddodasent, draddodasid, draddodasit, draddodasoch, draddodasom, draddodaswn, draddodech, draddoded, draddodem, draddoden, draddodent, draddodon, ddosbarthaist, draddodest, draddodet, draddodi, draddodid, draddodiff, draddodir, draddodith, draddodo, draddodoch, draddododd, draddodom, achub, draddodont, draddodwch, draddodwn, draddodwyd, draddodwyf, draddodych, ddosbartha, ddosbartha’, ddosbarthaf, ddosbarthai, ddosbarthais, draddoder, ddosbarthan, ddosbarthant, ddosbarthasai, ddosbarthasant, ddosbarthasech, ddosbarthasem, ddosbarthasent, ddosbarthasid, ddosbarthasit, ddosbarthasoch, ddosbarthasom, ddosbarthir, ddosbarthech, ddosbarthed, ddosbarthem, ddosbarthen, ddosbarthent, ddosbarther, ddosbarthes, ddosbarthest, ddosbarthet, ddosbarthi, ddosbarthid, ddosbarthych, gwaredasech, ddosbarthith, ddosbartho, ddosbarthoch, ddosbarthodd, ddosbarthom, ddosbarthon, ddosbarthont, ddosbarthwch, ddosbarthwn, ddosbarthwyd, ddosbarthwyf, ddosbarthaswn, gwared, gwareda, gwareda’, gwaredaf, gwaredai, gwaredais, gwaredaist, gwaredan, gwaredant, gwaredasai, gwaredasant, dosbarthaswn, gwaredasem, gwaredasent, gwaredasid, gwaredasit, gwaredasoch, gwaredasom, gwaredaswn, gwaredech, gwareded, gwaredem, gwareden, gwaredom, gwareder, gwaredes, gwaredest, gwaredet, gwaredi, gwaredid, gwarediff, gwaredir, gwaredith, gwaredo, gwaredoch, hachubaf, hachubasit, gwaredon, gwaredont, gwaredwch, gwaredwn, gwaredwyd, gwaredwyf, gwaredych, gweryd, hachub, hachuba, hachuba’, traddodo, hachubai, hachubais, hachubaist, hachuban, hachubant, hachubasai, hachubasant, hachubasech, hachubasem, hachubasent, hachubasid, gwaredodd, hachubasoch, hachubasom, hachubaswn, hachubech, hachubed, hachubem, hachuben, hachubent, hachuber, hachubes, hachubest, hachubwn, hachubi, hachubid, hachubiff, hachubir, hachubith, hachubo, hachuboch, hachubodd, hachubom, hachubon, hachubont, traddodasai, traddodem, hachubwyd, hachubwyf, hachubych, traddoda, traddoda’, traddodaf, traddodai, traddodais, traddodaist, traddodan, traddodant, hachubet, traddodasant, traddodasech, traddodasem, traddodasent, traddodasid, traddodasit, traddodasoch, traddodasom, traddodaswn, traddodech, traddoded, waredant, traddoden, traddodent, traddoder, traddodes, traddodest, traddodet, traddodi, traddodid, traddodiff, traddodir, traddodith, thraddodaf, traddodoch, traddododd, traddodom, traddodon, traddodont, traddodwch, traddodwn, traddodwyd, traddodwyf, traddodych, thraddoda, thraddodasit, thraddodet, thraddodai, thraddodais, thraddodaist, thraddodan, thraddodant, thraddodasai, thraddodasant, thraddodasech, thraddodasem, thraddodasent, thraddodasid, gwaredent, thraddodasoch, thraddodasom, thraddodaswn, thraddodech, thraddoded, thraddodem, thraddoden, thraddodent, thraddoder, thraddodes, thraddodest, thraddoda’, thraddodi, thraddodid, thraddodiff, thraddodir, thraddodith, thraddodo, thraddodoch, thraddododd, thraddodom, thraddodon, thraddodont, waredasai, thraddodwn, thraddodwyd, thraddodwyf, thraddodych, wareda, wareda’, waredaf, waredai, waredais, waredaist, waredan, waredem, waredo, waredasant, waredasech, waredasem, waredasent, waredasid, waredasit, waredasoch, waredasom, waredaswn, waredech, wareded, thraddodwch, wareden, waredent, wareder, waredes, waredest, waredet, waredi, waredid, warediff, waredir, waredith, hachubwch, waredoch, waredodd, waredom, waredon, waredont, waredwch, waredwn, waredwyd, waredwyf, waredych, werydachub, dosbarthu, ddosbarthu, gwared, gwaredu, ngwaredu, nhraddodi, nosbarthu, traddodi, waredu
Deliver :
- cyflwynogyflawnadwycyflwynodarparwrcyflwyno

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Verb(1) deliver (a speech, oration, or idea(2) bring to a destination, make a delivery(3) to surrender someone or something to another(4) free from harm or evil(5) hand over to the authorities of another country(6) pass down(7) utter (an exclamation, noise, etc.(8) save from sins(9) carry out or perform(10) relinquish possession or control over(11) throw or hurl from the mound to the batter, as in baseball(12) cause to be born

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(1) I want you to deliver this letter for me and bring a response back.(2) If he can deliver the British people to the Euro leaders, the Presidency of Europe awaits him.(3) But when, as they surely will, the firefighters deliver a thumping vote for strike action, they will become the focus for public sector pay.(4) He said the achievements of the past five years were an effective guarantee that he would deliver his promises.(5) deliver us from misery(6) we'll deliver direct to your door(7) They will deliver their vote and walk away, and those of us who give a damn will be left to clean up after them.(8) The trial judge is likely to deliver a verdict in September to the three men at the prison where they are detained.(9) I was about to enter and deliver a stiff lecture on the evils of strong drink when I thought the better of it and turned on my heels.(10) The ballot is on, and now we have to deliver an overwhelming vote for action.(11) He sent a messenger to deliver the letter to the edge of the barrier and throw it to one of the prisoners within the dome.(12) Last week's climbdown came in the face of mounting evidence that union members were to deliver a resounding vote this week for fresh strikes.(13) Come the general elections, it will be mobilising its membership to turn out at the polls to deliver a majority vote.(14) Maybe they will give him a campaign contribution, but how many votes will they deliver to the member in 12 months' time?(15) Suddenly, regular citizens could go to town when they wanted, get supplies when they needed them, deliver goods directly to sellers.(16) he had been able to deliver votes in huge numbers
Related Words
(1) deliver to ::
gyflwyno i
1. bring ::
dod â
2. hand over ::
3. save ::
4. utter ::
5. administer ::
6. throw ::
7. provide ::
8. fulfill ::
9. give birth to ::
yn rhoi genedigaeth i
10. pitch ::
11. give birth ::
rhoi genedigaeth
12. cede ::
13. drive home ::
gyrru adref
14. deport ::
15. fork over ::
fforc drosodd
16. present ::
17. rescue ::
18. return ::
1. adventure ::
2. compromise ::
3. endanger ::
4. hazard ::
5. imperil ::
6. jeopardize ::
7. peril ::
8. risk ::
9. venture ::
Different Forms
deliver, deliverable, delivered, deliverer, deliverers, delivering, delivers
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Now pivot as you deliver the stroke.
Put all your weight behind it.

Now pivot as you DELIVER the stroke. Put all your weight behind it.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 4

To deliver you
to your father at King\'s Landing.

To DELIVER you to your father at King's Landing.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 7

Who\'s going to deliver a baby, you?

Who's going to DELIVER a baby, you?

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 2

If you deliver a message from me...

If you DELIVER a message from me...

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 6

But there\'s no way it could be.
lt has to deliver a concentrated dose.

But there's no way it could be. lt has to DELIVER a concentrated dose.

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 4

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