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dibynnu, ddibynnu, nibynnudibynnent, dibynasant, dibynasech, dibynasem, dibynasent, dibynasid, dibynasit, dibynasoch, dibynasom, dibynaswn, dibynna, dibynno, dibynnaf, dibynnai, dibynnais, dibynnaist, dibynnan, dibynnant, dibynnech, dibynned, dibynnem, dibynnen, dibynnoch, dibynner, dibynnes, dibynnest, dibynnet, dibynni, dibynnid, dibynniff, dibynnir, dibynnith, dibynasai, dibynna’, dibynnodd, dibynnom, dibynnon, dibynnont, dibynnwch, dibynnwn, dibynnwyd, dibynnwyf, dibynnych, ddibynnent, ddibynasant, ddibynasech, ddibynasem, ddibynasent, ddibynasid, ddibynasit, ddibynasoch, ddibynasom, ddibynaswn, ddibynna, ddibynno, ddibynnaf, ddibynnai, ddibynnais, ddibynnaist, ddibynnan, ddibynnant, ddibynnech, ddibynned, ddibynnem, ddibynnen, ddibynnoch, ddibynner, ddibynnes, ddibynnest, ddibynnet, ddibynni, ddibynnid, ddibynniff, ddibynnir, ddibynnith, ddibynasai, ddibynna’, ddibynnodd, ddibynnom, ddibynnon, ddibynnont, ddibynnwch, ddibynnwn, ddibynnwyd, ddibynnwyf, ddibynnych
Depend :
yn dibynnu
- yn dibynnudibynadwydibynnolyn dibynnuyn dibynnu

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Verb(1) be contingent upon (something that is elided(2) have faith or confidence in

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(1) The success of a new airport would depend crucially on its ability to attract airlines.(2) Each of these portions has slots formed therein and tongues which depend from each slot.(3) we can depend on her to deliver a quality product(4) Businesses depend to a significant degree on banking and access to banking services.(5) Differences in corrosion performance, however, depend heavily on the severity of the corrosion environment.(6) the kind of person you could depend on(7) The properties of today's composite materials depend largely on the size and type of ceramic filler particle.(8) The things on which our lives depend are ones that we cannot understand or control.(9) The number of ribs that may depend from each panel is not critical to this invention.(10) Continuation of the community service depends on your continued support.(11) As the months sped by, Jenny grew to rely and depend on Sammy more than ever before.(12) Subordinate clauses depend on the main clause for their meanings.(13) Instead of depending on medication, I rely on exercise to keep my body healthy.(14) The program's success depends on the amount of support from local residents.(15) He depended on financial support from a variety of friends who pitied him.(16) Control of malaria and anaemia depends largely on passive case detection and appropriate treatment.
Related Words
(1) depend on ::
dibynnu ar
1. be contingent on ::
yn amodol ar
2. rely on ::
dibynnu ar
3. count ::
Different Forms
depend, dependable, dependant, dependants, depended, depending, depends
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