English to Welsh Meaning :: dirty

budr, brwnt, fudr, frwnt, budron, fryntion, aflan, fawlyd, fawaidd, ddued, dduaf, dduach, ddu, dued, duaf, duach, du, bryntion, bawlyd, bawaidd, afiach, nuaf, nuach, nu, mudron, mudr, nued, mrwnt, mawlyd, mawaidd, lleidiog, leidiog, haflan, hafiach, fudron, mryntiondifwyno, dwyno, ddwyno, nhrochi, nifwyno, nwyno, trochidifwynasid, difwynasit, difwyna’, difwynaf, difwynai, difwynais, difwynaist, difwynan, difwynant, difwynasai, difwynasant, difwynasech, difwynasem, difwynasent, drochasech, drochasem, difwynasoch, difwynasom, difwynaswn, difwynech, difwyned, difwynem, difwynen, difwynent, difwyner, difwynes, difwynest, difwynwyd, difwynwyf, difwynid, difwyniff, difwynir, difwynith, difwyno, difwynoch, difwynodd, difwynom, difwynon, difwynont, difwynwch, difwynwn, difwynet, difwyni, difwynych, drocha, drocha’, drochaf, drochai, drochais, drochaist, drochan, drochant, drochasai, drochasant, difwyna, droches, drochasent, drochasid, drochasit, drochasoch, drochasom, drochaswn, drochech, droched, drochem, drochen, drochent, drocher, ddifwynem, drochest, drochet, drochi, drochid, drochiff, drochir, drochith, drocho, drochoch, drochodd, drochom, drochon, ddifwynant, ddifwynasai, drochwch, drochwn, drochwyd, drochwyf, drochych, ddifwyna, ddifwyna’, ddifwynaf, ddifwynai, ddifwynais, ddifwynaist, ddifwynan, throchasoch, drochont, ddifwynasant, ddifwynasech, ddifwynasem, ddifwynasent, ddifwynasid, ddifwynasit, ddifwynasoch, ddifwynasom, ddifwynaswn, ddifwynech, ddifwyned, trocho, ddifwynent, ddifwyner, ddifwynes, ddifwynest, ddifwynet, ddifwyni, ddifwynid, ddifwyniff, ddifwynir, ddifwynith, ddifwyno, ddifwynoch, ddifwynodd, ddifwynom, ddifwynon, ddifwynont, ddifwynwch, ddifwynwn, ddifwynwyd, ddifwynwyf, ddifwynych, trocha, trocha’, trochaf, trochai, trochais, trochaist, trochan, trochant, trochasai, trochasant, trochasech, trochasem, trochasent, trochasid, trochasit, trochasoch, trochasom, trochaswn, trochech, throchir, trochem, trochen, trochent, trocher, troches, trochest, trochet, trochi, trochid, trochiff, trochir, trochith, throchaf, throchai, trochoch, trochodd, trochom, trochon, trochont, trochwch, trochwn, trochwyd, trochwyf, trochych, throcha, throcha’, throchych, ddifwynen, throchais, throchaist, throchan, throchant, throchasai, throchasant, throchasech, throchasem, throchasent, throchasid, throchasit, throchiff, throchaswn, throchech, throched, throchem, throchen, throchent, throcher, throches, throchest, throchet, throchi, throchid, troched, throchasom, throchith, throcho, throchoch, throchodd, throchom, throchon, throchont, throchwch, throchwn, throchwyd, throchwyf
Dirty :
- budrdirtiesdirtilydirtying

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Verb(1) make soiled, filthy, or dirty
Adjective(1) soiled or likely to soil with dirt or grime(2) (of behavior or especially language(3) vile; despicable, or lousy(4) spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination(5) contaminated with infecting organisms(6) (of color, or dingy(7) (of a manuscript, or dirty(8) obtained illegally or by improper means(9) expressing or revealing hostility or dislike(10) violating accepted standards or rules(11) unethical or dishonest(12) unpleasantly stormy

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(1) His hair is kind of a dirty blonde colour, though more towards the brown, again.(2) The feeling of compassion was actually based on the idea we were leading much happier and superior lives than they were able to and that we looked down upon the dirty and hard jobs they performed.(3) When you start out, you have to do the dirty jobs, even if it's washing the bikes or keeping watch.(4) It's in black, too (I always hated that dirty grey look, if I'm honest).(5) Thanks be to the power of human libido, there is still a massive pile of really dirty , explicit, twisted pornography on the Net.(6) He tells dirty joke after dirty joke and makes a lot of sexual references in every conversation.(7) I don't mean relevant questions, just dirty and obscene ones.(8) He was a good head taller with bright blue eyes and dirty blonde spiked hair.(9) The image on the photograph bubbles and glows, then fades, until nothing is left but a dull, dirty white space.(10) In many cases, corrupt officials collude with each other in an entangled network to fend off probes into their dirty dealings.(11) Taken as a whole the album doesn't sound as underground and dirty as you mighty expect, there's one ear here to the commercial market.(12) She complained about having done dirty jobs like shredding, and I bid her good day and thought of my friends who might be happy to have some of these slides.(13) The toilet bowls were unclean and the floor was wet and dirty , and covered in rubbish.(14) If people think it's obscene it's their dirty minds.(15) They laugh at our strange accent, and condemn our town for being dirty .(16) The floor was old and dirty beige carpet, and the walls were painted off white but where chipped and peeling.
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Different Forms
dirties, dirtily, dirty, dirtying
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

The people always do the dirty work.

The people always do the DIRTY work.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 7

MAN; Just a dirty little cub, I think.

MAN; Just a DIRTY little cub, I think.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 2

Almost as dirty as the dirty
girl who\'s wearing them.

Almost as DIRTY as the DIRTY girl who's wearing them.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 11

Dirty, dirty, dirty.


The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 21

Which sounds dirty
but I didn\'t mean it that way.

Which sounds DIRTY but I didn't mean it that way.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 9

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