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ddiarfogi, diarfogi, diarfogaf, diarfogasech, diarfogai, diarfogais, diarfogaist, diarfogan, diarfogant, diarfogasai, diarfogasant, diarfogen, diarfogasem, diarfogasent, diarfogasid, diarfogasit, diarfogasoch, diarfogasom, diarfogaswn, diarfogech, diarfoged, diarfogem, diarfogent, diarfogodd, diarfoger, diarfoges, diarfogest, diarfoget, diarfogid, diarfogiff, diarfogir, diarfogith, diarfoga, diarfogoch, diarfoga’, diarfogom, diarfogon, diarfogont, diarfogwch, diarfogwn, diarfogwyd, diarfogwyf, diarfogych, diarfogo, ddiarfogasent, ddiarfogaf, ddiarfogai, ddiarfogais, ddiarfogaist, ddiarfogan, ddiarfogant, ddiarfogasai, ddiarfogasant, ddiarfogasech, ddiarfogen, ddiarfoga’, ddiarfogasid, ddiarfogasit, ddiarfogasoch, ddiarfogasom, ddiarfogaswn, ddiarfogech, ddiarfoged, ddiarfogem, ddiarfogasem, ddiarfogodd, ddiarfoger, ddiarfoges, ddiarfogest, ddiarfoget, ddiarfogid, ddiarfogiff, ddiarfogir, ddiarfogith, ddiarfoga, ddiarfogoch, ddiarfogent, ddiarfogom, ddiarfogon, ddiarfogont, ddiarfogwch, ddiarfogwn, ddiarfogwyd, ddiarfogwyf, ddiarfogych, ddiarfogodiarfogi, niarfogi
Disarm :
- ddiarfogiswyno'ndiarfogidisarms

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Verb(1) remove offensive capability from(2) make less hostile; win over(3) take away the weapons from; render harmless

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(1) But the Israelis want him to disarm the militants, and that will be tough.(2) Apparently, it's a risk he's willing to take to solidify his front-runner status and disarm his critics in the Democratic Party establishment.(3) camp humor acts to provoke rather than disarm moral indignation(4) His promise to disarm appears to have been an empty one with no signs that the rebels are preparing to give up their weapons.(5) The likelihood that the army will actually disarm seems to me low, though they may turn in some weapons.(6) Like tennis, it's an old sport and has likewise evolved its own distinctive language with charm aplenty to disarm this non-sporty, youngish curmudgeon.(7) On the letter bomb front, army bomb disposal experts were called on to disarm a letter bomb sent to an unnamed agricultural business and a farm.(8) Mr Abbott said the package would disarm the critics; the surprise is in the amount the Government is spending - $2.4 billion over four years.(9) camp humour acts to provoke rather than disarm moral indignation(10) It claimed the reason it was withdrawing its offers to disarm was because the British and Irish Governments had withdrawn their commitments and obligations.(11) Before the flooding of New Orleans drastically escalated on Tuesday, the White House tried to disarm questions that could be politically explosive.(12) We have demanded that a country disarm - and even as it is doing so, we say it doesn't matter, it's too late, we're coming in.(13) ÔÇÿIf the United Nations won't act, if he doesn't disarm , the United States will lead a coalition to make sure he does,ÔÇÖ the president said here.(14) An American soldier was killed when he tried to disarm a roadside bomb that had been attached to a telephone pole.(15) Characteristically, Roosevelt sought to charm and disarm his guest, while committing himself to nothing.(16) He could have chosen to comply with the UN and disarm peacefully.
1. demilitarize ::
2. lay down one's arms ::
gosod i lawr un o arfau
3. defuse ::
4. win over ::
ennill dros
5. unarm ::
1. arm ::
Different Forms
disarm, disarmed, disarming, disarms
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