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chwalu, ymddatod, hymchwalu, hymddatod, malurio, ymchwaluchwalasent, chwalasid, chwala, chwala’, chwalaf, chwalai, chwalais, chwalaist, chwalan, chwalant, chwalasai, chwalasant, chwalasech, chwalasem, faluriaist, falurian, chwalasit, chwalasoch, chwalasom, chwalaswn, chwalech, chwaled, chwalem, chwalen, chwalent, chwaler, chwales, chwalest, chwalwyf, chwelais, chwali, chwaliff, chwalith, chwalo, chwaloch, chwalodd, chwalom, chwalon, chwalont, chwalwch, chwalwn, chwalwyd, maluriais, chwalet, chwelaist, chweli, chwelid, chwelir, chwelwch, chwelych, faluri, faluria, faluria’, faluriaf, faluriai, faluriais, faluriech, faluried, faluriant, faluriasai, faluriasant, faluriasech, faluriasem, faluriasent, faluriasid, faluriasit, faluriasoch, faluriasom, faluriaswn, falurid, maluriaswn, chwâl, faluriem, falurien, falurient, falurier, faluries, faluriest, faluriet, faluriff, falurio, falurioch, faluriodd, faluriom, falurion, faluriont, falurir, falurith, faluriwch, faluriwn, faluriwyd, faluriwyf, faluriych, maluri, maluria, maluria’, maluriaf, maluriai, ymddatodasoch, maluriaist, malurian, maluriant, maluriasai, maluriasant, maluriasech, maluriasem, maluriasent, maluriasid, maluriasit, maluriasoch, maluriasom, maluriodd, maluriom, maluriech, maluried, maluriem, malurien, malurient, malurier, maluries, maluriest, maluriet, maluriff, malurio, malurioch, ymchwalith, ymchwalo, malurion, maluriont, malurir, malurith, maluriwch, maluriwn, maluriwyd, maluriwyf, maluriych, ymchwala, ymchwala’, ymchwalaf, ymchwalais, ymchwalaist, ymchwalan, ymchwalant, ymchwalasai, ymchwalasant, ymchwalasech, ymchwalasem, ymchwalasent, ymchwalasid, ymchwalasit, ymchwalasoch, ymchwalasom, ymchwalaswn, ymchwalai, ymchwaled, ymchwalem, ymchwalen, ymchwalent, ymchwaler, ymchwales, ymchwalest, ymchwalet, ymchwali, ymchwalid, ymchwaliff, ymchwalir, ymddatoda’, ymddetyd, ymddatodai, ymchwaloch, ymchwalodd, ymchwalom, ymchwalon, ymchwalont, ymchwalwch, ymchwalwn, ymchwalwyd, ymchwalwyf, ymchwalych, ymddatoda, ymddatodych, ymddatodaf, malurid, ymddatodais, ymddatodaist, ymddatodan, ymddatodant, ymddatodasai, ymddatodasant, ymddatodasech, ymddatodasem, ymddatodasent, ymddatodasid, ymddatodasit, ymddatodiff, ymddatodir, ymddatodaswn, ymddatodech, ymddatoded, ymddatodem, ymddatoden, ymddatodent, ymddatoder, ymddatodes, ymddatodest, ymddatodet, ymddatodi, ymddatodid, ymchwalech, ymddatodasom, ymddatodith, ymddatodo, ymddatodoch, ymddatododd, ymddatodom, ymddatodon, ymddatodont, ymddatodwch, ymddatodwn, ymddatodwyd, ymddatodwyf
Disintegrate :
- datgymaluchwaludisintegratesymddatod

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Verb(1) break into parts or components or lose cohesion or unity(2) cause to undergo fission or lose particles(3) lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current

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(1) Seeing things break, disintegrate , or explode, at absolutely no personal risk to yourself, lights up some primitive reptilian part of our brain with searing glee.(2) They suggested that the atoms of a radioactive element disintegrate spontaneously to form atoms of another element.(3) it has become a relatively easy matter to disintegrate almost any atom(4) Their job is to kill the bird, sever its head and subject it to a drying process that ensures it does not decay or disintegrate .(5) Alpha radiation is the stream of alpha particles emitted when radioactive materials disintegrate .(6) a meson can spontaneously disintegrate(7) Such vehicles are often incapable of sustaining any collision and disintegrate at the slightest impact.(8) To be effective, multivitamin tablets need to disintegrate and dissolve completely.(9) The collision causes the atoms to disintegrate into more basic particles.(10) Many have disconnected from their society as communities disintegrate , partly because few have the time to contribute to their local community and build local support systems.(11) Slowly it began to disintegrate until there was nothing left.(12) Instead, the dogmatic ideologists passively watched the movement disintegrate , until it simply collapsed to no avail and vanished from the Israeli political scene.(13) Through these characters, we get a sense of the ambiguous nature of war and are able to understand why and how families disintegrate during war.(14) It's not much of a guide to anything, except that the car won't disintegrate in the next 20 minutes.(15) Families and communities disintegrate under the crushing burden of drug addiction.(16) Roberta does not have a television and will not watch films on video, whereas Eric will happily watch his favourites until the tapes disintegrate .
2. break apart ::
dorri ar wahân
3. fall apart ::
disgyn ar wahân
4. fall to pieces ::
syrthio'n ddarnau
5. fragment ::
6. fracture ::
7. shatter ::
8. splinter ::
9. explode ::
11. blow apart ::
chwythu ar wahân
12. fly apart ::
hedfan ar wahân
13. crumble ::
14. deteriorate ::
15. decay ::
16. decompose ::
17. rot ::
18. molder ::
19. perish ::
20. dissolve ::
21. collapse ::
22. go to rack and ruin ::
ewch i rac a adfail
23. degenerate ::
25. bust ::
Different Forms
disintegrate, disintegrated, disintegrates, disintegrating
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