English to Welsh Meaning :: disparage

amharchu, dibrisio, difrïo, dilorni, dirmygu, ddirmygu, hamharchu, nibrisio, nifrïo, nilorni, nirmyguamharchais, amarchasant, amarchasech, amarchasem, amarchasent, amarchasid, amarchasit, amarchasoch, amarchasom, amarchaswn, amharcha, amharcha’, amharchaf, amharchi, amherchais, amharchaist, amharchan, amharchant, amharchech, amharched, amharchem, amharchen, amharchent, amharcher, amharches, amharchest, amharchet, amharchai, amherchaist, amharchiff, amharchith, amharcho, amharchoch, amharchodd, amharchom, amharchon, amharchont, amharchwch, amharchwn, amharchwyd, amharchwyf, difrïed, dibrisir, amherchi, amherchid, amherchir, amherchwch, amherchych, dibrisi, dibrisia, dibrisia’, dibrisiaf, dibrisiai, dibrisiais, dibrisiaist, dibrisiem, dibrisiasai, dibrisiasant, dibrisiasech, dibrisiasem, dibrisiasent, dibrisiasid, dibrisiasit, dibrisiasoch, dibrisiasom, dibrisiaswn, dibrisid, dibrisiech, dibrisiont, dibrisiant, dibrisien, dibrisient, dibrisier, dibrisies, dibrisiest, dibrisiet, dibrisiff, dibrisio, dibrisioch, dibrisiodd, dibrisiom, dibrision, dibrisied, difrïant, dibrisith, dibrisiwch, dibrisiwn, dibrisiwyd, dibrisiwyf, dibrisiych, difrïa, difrïa’, difrïaf, difrïai, difrïais, dibrisian, difrïan, dirmyga’, difriasai, difriasant, difriasech, difriasem, difriasent, difriasid, difriasit, difriasoch, difriasom, difriaswn, difrïech, difrïaist, difrïoch, difrïem, difrïen, difrïent, difrïer, difrïes, difrïest, difrïet, difrii, difriid, difriiff, difriir, difriith, dilornai, dilornasom, difrïodd, difrïom, difrïon, difrïont, difrïwch, difrïwn, difrïwyd, difrïwyf, difrïych, dilorna, dilorna’, dilornaf, difrïo, dilornaswn, dilornais, dilornaist, dilornan, dilornant, dilornasai, dilornasant, dilornasech, dilornasem, dilornasent, dilornasid, dilornasit, dilornasoch, amarchasai, dirmygasom, dilornech, dilorned, dilornem, dilornen, dilornent, dilorner, dilornes, dilornest, dilornet, dilorni, dilornid, dilorniff, dirmygaf, dilorno, dilornoch, dilornodd, dilornom, dilornon, dilornont, dilornwch, dilornwn, dilornwyd, dilornwyf, dilornych, dirmyga, dirmygasoch, dilornith, dirmygai, dirmygais, dirmygaist, dirmygan, dirmygant, dirmygasai, dirmygasant, dirmygasech, dirmygasem, dirmygasent, dirmygasid, dirmygasit, dirmygir, dirmygaswn, dirmygech, dirmyged, dirmygem, dirmygen, dirmygent, dirmyger, dirmyges, dirmygest, dirmyget, dirmygi, dilornir, dirmygiff, ddirmygasant, dirmygith, dirmygo, dirmygoch, dirmygodd, dirmygom, dirmygon, dirmygont, dirmygwch, dirmygwn, dirmygwyd, dirmygwyf, dirmygid, ddibrisiasit, ddibrisia, ddibrisia’, ddibrisiaf, ddibrisiai, ddibrisiais, ddibrisiaist, ddibrisian, ddibrisiasai, ddibrisiasant, ddibrisiasech, ddibrisiasem, ddibrisiasent, ddibrisiet, ddibrisi, ddibrisiasoch, ddibrisiasom, ddibrisiaswn, ddibrisid, ddibrisiech, ddibrisied, ddibrisiem, ddibrisien, ddibrisient, ddibrisier, ddibrisies, ddibrisiest, ddibrisiasid, ddifrïa, ddibrisio, ddibrisioch, ddibrisiodd, ddibrisiom, ddibrision, ddibrisiont, ddibrisir, ddibrisith, ddibrisiwch, ddibrisiwn, ddibrisiwyd, ddilornes, ddibrisiych, ddifrïwyf, ddifrïa’, ddifrïaf, ddifrïai, ddifrïais, ddifrïaist, ddifrïan, ddifrïant, ddifriasai, ddifriasant, ddifriasech, ddifriasem, ddibrisiwyf, ddifrii, ddifriasit, ddifriasoch, ddifriasom, ddifriaswn, ddifrïech, ddifrïed, ddifrïem, ddifrïen, ddifrïent, ddifrïer, ddifrïes, ddifrïest, ddifrïwyd, ddifriasid, ddifriid, ddifriiff, ddifriir, ddifriith, ddifrïo, ddifrïoch, ddifrïodd, ddifrïom, ddifrïon, ddifrïont, ddifrïwch, ddifrïwn, ddilornasent, ddifrïych, ddilorna, ddilorna’, ddilornaf, ddilornai, ddilornais, ddilornaist, ddilornan, ddilornant, ddilornasai, ddilornasant, ddifriasent, ddilornasem, ddibrisiff, ddilornasid, ddilornasit, ddilornasoch, ddilornasom, ddilornaswn, ddilornech, ddilorned, ddilornem, ddilornen, ddilornent, ddilorner, ddilornasech, ddilornwn, ddilornet, ddilorni, ddilornid, ddilorniff, ddilornir, ddilornith, ddilorno, ddilornoch, ddilornodd, ddilornom, ddilornon, ddirmygasai, ddilornwch, ddilornest, ddilornwyd, ddilornwyf, ddilornych, ddirmyga, ddirmyga’, ddirmygaf, ddirmygai, ddirmygais, ddirmygaist, ddirmygan, ddirmygant, ddilornont, hamharchen, ddirmyger, ddirmygasech, ddirmygasem, ddirmygasent, ddirmygasid, ddirmygasit, ddirmygasoch, ddirmygasom, ddirmygaswn, ddirmygech, ddirmyged, ddirmygem, dirmygych, ddirmygent, hamharchent, ddirmyges, ddirmygest, ddirmyget, ddirmygi, ddirmygid, ddirmygiff, ddirmygir, ddirmygith, ddirmygo, ddirmygoch, ddirmygodd, ddirmygen, hamarchasom, ddirmygwch, ddirmygwn, ddirmygwyd, ddirmygwyf, ddirmygych, hamarchasai, hamarchasant, hamarchasech, hamarchasem, hamarchasent, hamarchasid, hamharchem, hamarchasoch, ddirmygont, hamarchaswn, hamharcha, hamharcha’, hamharchaf, hamharchai, hamharchais, hamharchaist, hamharchan, hamharchant, hamharchech, hamharched, hamarchasit, hamharchwch, hamharcher, hamharches, hamharchest, hamharchet, hamharchi, hamharchiff, hamharchith, hamharcho, hamharchoch, hamharchodd, ddirmygom, hamharchon, hamharchont, ddifrïet, hamharchwn, hamharchwyd, hamharchwyf, hamherchais, hamherchaist, hamherchi, hamherchid, hamherchir, hamherchwch, hamherchych, hamharchom, ddirmygon
Disparage :
- ddibrisio'rdibrisiodisparagementsy'n amharchudilornus

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Verb(1) express a negative opinion of

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(1) he never missed an opportunity to disparage his competitors(2) You disparage a woman's driving or mock her way of problem-solving.(3) It is not in our nature to disparage the city we love or belittle the real successes that are made by our opponents as they did to us over the last three years.(4) But when you're living with a person all your life, you, unknowingly, tend to disparage his worth.(5) That is not in any way to disparage his two competitors.(6) I would say persist and never minimize or disparage yourself or your abilities.(7) Worse still, many of them take the opportunity to disparage Norway into the bargain.(8) However, efficacy studies and theoretical speculations should not be disparaged or dismissed.(9) The hidden progressivist agenda on this issue lies in the disparagement of verbal learning.(10) A disparagingly small number of companies own all commercial radio stations, TV stations, record labels, and sizeable concert venues in the nation.(11) It stated that no advocate would be permitted to make disparaging and derogatory remarks against the presiding judge.(12) For years there were always disparaging remarks about the fact that Rangers had won another title.(13) Those are the scenes when people in the story, who have disparaged our heroine, get ridiculed, put down and generally put in their place by her.(14) When US steel companies pursue anti-dumping remedies, the free-trade orthodoxy disparages them as backward protectionists, blocking the future for poorer countries.(15) A swift response from the editor himself was printed below the letter, saying: ÔÇÿWe are surprised that our correspondent disparages lentils as an article of diet.ÔÇÖ(16) Then the campaign of criticism and disparagement of a good man, Mr Keelty, continued into the Tuesday.
1. belittle ::
2. denigrate ::
3. deprecate ::
4. trivialize ::
5. make light of ::
gwneud ngoleuni
6. undervalue ::
7. underrate ::
8. play down ::
chwarae i lawr
9. ridicule ::
10. deride ::
11. mock ::
12. scorn ::
13. scoff at ::
scoff yn
14. sneer at ::
sneer ar
16. defame ::
17. discredit ::
18. speak badly of ::
siarad yn wael o
19. cast aspersions on ::
bwrw lladd ar
20. impugn ::
21. vilify ::
22. traduce ::
23. criticize ::
24. slur ::
25. pick holes in ::
ddewis tyllau yn
26. knock ::
27. slam ::
28. pan ::
30. dis ::
31. pooh-pooh ::
32. calumniate ::
33. derogate ::
1. acclaim ::
2. applaud ::
3. exalt ::
4. glorify ::
5. laud ::
6. magnify ::
7. praise ::
Different Forms
disparage, disparaged, disparagement, disparages, disparaging
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

...so we can mutually disparage
this unpleasing third party.

...so we can mutually DISPARAGE this unpleasing third party.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 2

I didn\'t mean to disparage your faith.
Actually, I admire it.

I didn't mean to DISPARAGE your faith. Actually, I admire it.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 24

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