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breuddwyd, freuddwyd, mreuddwyd, freuddwydion, breuddwydion, mreuddwydionbreuddwydio, freuddwydio, breuddwydion, breuddwydia’, breuddwydiasant, breuddwydiaf, breuddwydiai, breuddwydiais, breuddwydiaist, breuddwydian, breuddwydiant, breuddwydiasai, breuddwydied, breuddwydiasech, breuddwydiasem, breuddwydiasent, breuddwydiasid, breuddwydiasit, breuddwydiasoch, breuddwydiasom, breuddwydiaswn, breuddwydid, breuddwydiech, breuddwydiem, breuddwydiom, breuddwydien, breuddwydient, breuddwydier, breuddwydies, breuddwydiest, breuddwydiet, breuddwydiff, breuddwydioch, freuddwydi, breuddwydia, breuddwydiont, breuddwydir, breuddwydith, breuddwydiwch, breuddwydiwn, breuddwydiwyd, breuddwydiwyf, breuddwydi, breuddwydiodd, freuddwydiasech, freuddwydia, freuddwydia’, freuddwydiaf, freuddwydiai, freuddwydiais, freuddwydiaist, freuddwydian, freuddwydiant, freuddwydiasai, freuddwydiech, freuddwydioch, freuddwydiasem, freuddwydiasent, freuddwydiasid, freuddwydiasit, freuddwydiasoch, freuddwydiasom, freuddwydiaswn, freuddwydid, freuddwydiasant, freuddwydiodd, freuddwydiem, freuddwydien, freuddwydient, freuddwydier, freuddwydies, freuddwydiest, freuddwydiet, freuddwydiff, breuddwydiych, freuddwydied, freuddwydiom, freuddwydiont, freuddwydir, freuddwydith, freuddwydiwch, freuddwydiwn, freuddwydiwyd, freuddwydiwyf, freuddwydiychbreuddwydio, mreuddwydio
Dream :
- freuddwydbreuddwydiobreuddwydiwrbreuddwydioheb freuddwydio

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Noun(1) a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep(2) imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake(3) a cherished desire(4) a fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe(5) a state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality(6) someone or something wonderful
Verb(1) have a daydream; indulge in a fantasy(2) experience while sleeping

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(1) maybe he could get a job and earn some money├ö├ç├Âbut he knew this was just a dream(2) The alarm has been inserted nicely into my dream so that my sleep can continue uninterrupted.(3) I think we deserved the game, but that last goal was just a dream come true.(4) It helped paint a picture in my mind where for a moment I drifted off in a dream of great adventures to come.(5) I fulfilled a childhood dream when I became champion(6) These boxes are a dream come true for the unscrupulous person wishing to steal someone's identity.(7) Aiden sat up abruptly, breathing somewhat heavily as he shook the last images of his dream out of his mind, but to no avail.(8) Read his book as in a dream , and then read it again wide awake.(9) So, yes, of course this is very special for me, a dream come true if you like.(10) As if in a dream , with one foot heavy and one light, you stagger about in broad daylight through the noisy crowd while fresh and old memories weave together.(11) With the prize of a thousand pounds Ann plans to make a dream come true and take a trip to the United States with her family.(12) our dream house(13) Today, I was interviewing an absolute dream of a porn star.(14) I had a recurrent dream about falling from great heights(15) So what if Maggie wants to quit school and pursue some pipe dream .(16) her new man's an absolute dream
Related Words
(1) to dream ::
i freuddwyd
2. daydream ::
3. ambition ::
4. delight ::
5. pipe dream ::
breuddwyd gwrach
6. aspiration ::
8. have a dream ::
i freuddwyd
9. fantasize about ::
fantasize am
10. daydream ::
11. think ::
12. woolgather ::
13. ideal ::
Different Forms
dream, dreamed, dreamer, dreamers, dreaming, dreamless, dreamlike, dreams
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