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dril, ddril, driliau, ddriliau, nril, nriliauddrilio, drilio, driliwch, driliasech, duriasech, driliasant, driliasai, driliant, drilian, driliaist, driliais, driliai, driliaf, drilia’, drilia, driliasent, drilient, driliasem, duriasem, driliasid, driliasit, driliasoch, driliasom, driliaswn, drilid, driliech, drilied, driliem, drilien, driliych, driliwyd, durith, driliest, driliet, driliff, drilioch, driliodd, driliom, drilion, driliont, drilir, drilith, driliwn, duriasant, driliwyf, drilies, duri, duria, duria’, duriaf, duriai, duriais, duriaist, durian, duriant, duriasai, durient, drili, durier, duriasent, duriasid, duriasit, duriasoch, duriasom, duriaswn, durid, duriech, duried, duriem, durien, ddriliech, ddriliem, duries, duriest, duriet, duriff, durio, durioch, duriodd, duriom, durion, duriont, durir, ddrilian, ddriliasai, duriwn, duriwyd, duriwyf, duriych, ddrili, ddrilia, ddrilia’, ddriliaf, ddriliai, ddriliais, ddriliaist, drilier, ddriliant, duriwch, ddriliasant, ddriliasech, ddriliasem, ddriliasent, ddriliasid, ddriliasit, ddriliasoch, ddriliasom, ddriliaswn, ddrilid, ddrilir, ddrilith, ddrilien, ddrilient, ddrilier, ddrilies, ddriliest, ddriliet, ddriliff, ddrilioch, ddriliodd, ddriliom, ddrilion, ddriliont, turiodd, turion, ddriliwch, ddriliwn, ddriliwyd, ddriliwyf, ddriliych, turi, turia, turia’, turiaf, turiai, turiais, turid, turiech, turiant, turiasai, turiasant, turiasech, turiasem, turiasent, turiasid, turiasit, turiasoch, turiasom, turiaswn, turiaist, turian, turied, turiem, turien, turient, turier, turies, turiest, turiet, turiff, turio, turioch, thuria’, thuriych, thuriaf, ddrilied, turiont, turir, turith, turiwch, turiwn, turiwyd, turiwyf, turiych, thuri, thuria, thuriwyf, turiom, thuriai, thuriais, thuriaist, thurian, thuriant, thuriasai, thuriasant, thuriasech, thuriasem, thuriasent, thuriasid, thuriet, thurio, thuriasom, thuriaswn, thurid, thuriech, thuried, thuriem, thurien, thurient, thurier, thuries, thuriest, thuriasit, thuriff, thuriasoch, thurioch, thuriodd, thuriom, thurion, thuriont, thurir, thurith, thuriwch, thuriwn, thuriwyddrilio, drilo, ddrilo, nhurio, nrilio, nrilo, turio
Drill :
- drildrilioddriliwrdriliodriliau

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Noun(1) a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard materials (usually rotating rapidly or by repeated blows(2) similar to the mandrill but smaller and less brightly colored(3) systematic training by multiple repetitions(4) (military, as in ceremonial parades
Verb(1) make a hole, especially with a pointed power or hand tool(2) train in the military, e.g., in the use of weapons(3) learn by repetition(4) teach by repetition(5) undergo military training or do military exercises

Show Examples

(1) BP has been licensed to drill for oil in the area(2) I use this drill to practice staying behind the ball.(3) They pose in front of tents and barracks or drill on the fields and open areas.(4) And Coach Mackie does every drill and exercise with his players, not because he has to, but because that's the way he has always done it.(5) You need to drill a hole clean through the block.(6) Normally, firing an assault rifle was like holding a pneumatic drill .(7) The climax shows all the friends in military uniforms doing drill .(8) Instead, parade ground drill became a means of teaching soldiers about the value of organized, unitary action.(9) Ranchers and environmentalists are again coming together to fight a proposal to drill for oil and gas in southern Alberta, this time near the protected Whaleback region.(10) He is still trying to drill the notion into the heads of his partners.(11) Paul and I spent the afternoon putting up the weather station in the garden, having asked next door if we could drill holes in their fence posts.(12) Farther east in the Corn Belt, most producers plant their corn and drill their soybeans at the same time for better yields of both crops.(13) The basketball coach or the music teacher needs no convincing regarding the value of drill and practice on fundamental skills.(14) A mock fire drill was central to the plan and was scheduled one week after the in-service program.(15) In this mode, the computer can be used to teach the learner through tutorials, drill and practice, games, simulations or a combination of any of these strategies.(16) The fine straight lines radiating outward are remnants of the little furrows left by a seed drill or an air seeder.
Related Words
(1) drill bit ::
bit dril
1. drilling tool ::
offeryn drilio
2. training ::
3. procedure ::
4. recitation ::
5. bore a hole in ::
turio twll yn
6. train ::
7. instill ::
8. bore ::
9. practice ::
Different Forms
drill, drilled, driller, drillers, drilling, drills
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