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yfed, diota, lymeitian, llymeitian, niota, slotian, yslotianyfed, diotasem, diotem, diota’, diotaf, diotai, diotais, diotaist, diotan, diotant, diotasai, diotasant, diotasech, ddiota, diotasent, diotasid, diotasit, diotasoch, diotasom, diotaswn, diotech, dioted, ddioto, dioten, diotent, dioter, diotes, diotest, diotet, dioti, diotid, diotiff, diotir, diotith, diotych, diotoch, diotodd, diotom, dioton, diotont, diotwch, diotwn, diotwyd, diotwyf, ddiotasech, ddiotasem, ddiota’, ddiotaf, ddiotai, ddiotais, ddiotaist, ddiotan, ddiotant, ddiotasai, ddiotasant, ddiotych, diota, ddiotasent, ddiotasid, ddiotasit, ddiotasoch, ddiotasom, ddiotaswn, ddiotech, ddioted, ddiotem, ddioten, ddiotent, ddioter, ddiotes, ddiotest, ddiotet, ddioti, ddiotid, ddiotiff, ddiotir, ddiotith, dioto, ddiotoch, ddiotodd, ddiotom, ddioton, ddiotont, ddiotwch, ddiotwn, ddiotwyd, ddiotwyf, hyfasech, hyfasem, hyfa’, hyfaf, hyfai, hyfais, hyfaist, hyfan, hyfant, hyfasai, hyfasant, hyfych, yf, hyfasent, hyfasid, hyfasit, hyfasoch, hyfasom, hyfaswn, hyfech, hyfed, hyfem, hyfent, hyfo, hyfer, hyfes, hyfest, hyfet, hyfi, hyfid, hyfiff, hyfir, hyfith, hyfen, hyfoch, hyfodd, hyfom, hyfon, hyfont, hyfwch, hyfwn, hyfwyd, hyfwyf, yfasech, yfasem, yfa’, yfaf, yfai, yfais, yfaist, yfan, yfant, yfasai, yfasant, yfych, hyf, yfasent, yfasid, yfasit, yfasoch, yfasom, yfaswn, yfech, yfem, yfo, yfoch, yfer, yfes, yfest, yfet, yfi, yfid, yfiff, yfir, yfith, yfen, yfent, yfodd, yfom, yfon, yfont, yfwch, yfwn, yfwyd, yfwyfdiod, ddiod, diodydd, ddiodydd, lymaid, llymaid, niod, niodydd
Drink :
- diodyfadwyyfwryfeddiodydd

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Noun(1) a single serving of a beverage(2) the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess(3) any liquid suitable for drinking(4) any large deep body of water(5) the act of swallowing
Verb(1) take in liquids(2) consume alcohol(3) propose a toast to(4) be fascinated or spell-bound by; pay close attention to(5) drink excessive amounts of alcohol; be an alcoholic

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(1) It plans to target a core group of 15 homeless people with chronic alcohol problems who drink on the city's streets.(2) But he then had a pint of lager and one drink led to another.(3) plants drink a lot of water(4) This is an excellent spot to have a pleasant lunch or a refreshing drink .(5) she doesn't drink or smoke(6) It wasn't safe to farm there or to drink the water.(7) we went for a drink(8) She sipped a drink through a pink straw, occasionally glancing up at him.(9) The plants drink a great deal of water.(10) He took a long drink of water from the spring and lay under the shade of the tree, awaiting nightfall, when he could pick up a pup or two for supper.(11) the effects of too much drink(12) Hanging up the phone, she took a big drink from her glass and tried to pretend the taste didn't bother her.(13) Youths have been using the sculpture as a hiding place behind which they can indulge in drink and drugs.(14) Jessica spotted Billy out of the corner of her eye sipping his drink at the bar.(15) Kat took the last drink from her glass and it was replaced the second she set it down.(16) For the pre-dinner crowd, Martinis are still the drink of choice.
Related Words
(1) to drink ::
i yfed
1. beverage ::
2. alcohol ::
3. swallow ::
4. the sea ::
y môr
6. potable ::
7. swallow ::
8. drink alcohol ::
yfed alcohol
9. toast ::
10. drink in ::
diod mewn
11. imbibe ::
12. booze ::
13. tope ::
ci glas
Different Forms
drink, drinkable, drinker, drinkers, drinking, drinkings, drinks
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