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byrlymu, eferwi, eplesu, fyrlymu, heferwi, heplesu, myrlymubyrlymasid, byrlymasit, byrlyma’, byrlymaf, byrlymai, byrlymais, byrlymaist, byrlyman, byrlymant, byrlymasai, byrlymasant, byrlymasech, byrlymasem, byrlymasent, eferwasech, eferwasem, byrlymasoch, byrlymasom, byrlymaswn, byrlymech, byrlymed, byrlymem, byrlymen, byrlyment, byrlymer, byrlymes, byrlymest, byrlymwyd, byrlymwyf, byrlymid, byrlymiff, byrlymir, byrlymith, byrlymo, byrlymoch, byrlymodd, byrlymom, byrlymon, byrlymont, byrlymwch, byrlymwn, byrlymet, byrlymi, byrlymych, eferwa, eferwa’, eferwaf, eferwai, eferwais, eferwaist, eferwan, eferwant, eferwasai, eferwasant, byrlyma, eferwer, eferwasent, eferwasid, eferwasit, eferwasoch, eferwasom, eferwaswn, eferwch, eferwech, eferwed, eferwem, eferwen, eferwent, eplesem, eferwes, eferwest, eferwet, eferwi, eferwid, eferwiff, eferwir, eferwith, eferwn, eferwo, eferwoch, eferwodd, eplesant, eplesasai, eferwon, eferwont, eferwych, eferwyd, eferwyf, eplesa, eplesa’, eplesaf, eplesai, eplesais, eplesaist, eplesan, heplesasoch, eferwom, eplesasant, eplesasech, eplesasem, eplesasent, eplesasid, eplesasit, eplesasoch, eplesasom, eplesaswn, eplesech, eplesed, fyrlymo, eplesent, epleser, epleses, eplesest, epleset, eplesi, eplesid, eplesiff, eplesir, eplesith, epleso, eplesoch, eplesodd, eplesom, epleson, eplesont, epleswch, epleswn, epleswyd, epleswyf, eplesych, fyrlyma, fyrlyma’, fyrlymaf, fyrlymai, fyrlymais, fyrlymaist, fyrlyman, fyrlymant, fyrlymasai, fyrlymasant, fyrlymasech, fyrlymasem, fyrlymasent, fyrlymasid, fyrlymasit, fyrlymasoch, fyrlymasom, fyrlymaswn, fyrlymech, heplesir, fyrlymem, fyrlymen, fyrlyment, fyrlymer, fyrlymes, fyrlymest, fyrlymet, fyrlymi, fyrlymid, fyrlymiff, fyrlymir, fyrlymith, heplesaf, heplesai, fyrlymoch, fyrlymodd, fyrlymom, fyrlymon, fyrlymont, fyrlymwch, fyrlymwn, fyrlymwyd, fyrlymwyf, fyrlymych, heplesa, heplesa’, heplesych, eplesen, heplesais, heplesaist, heplesan, heplesant, heplesasai, heplesasant, heplesasech, heplesasem, heplesasent, heplesasid, heplesasit, heplesiff, heplesaswn, heplesech, heplesed, heplesem, heplesen, heplesent, hepleser, hepleses, heplesest, hepleset, heplesi, heplesid, fyrlymed, heplesasom, heplesith, hepleso, heplesoch, heplesodd, heplesom, hepleson, heplesont, hepleswch, hepleswn, hepleswyd, hepleswyf
Effervesce :
- effervesceeffervescedeffervesceseffervescing

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Verb(1) become bubbly or frothy or foaming

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(1) the waves seemed to effervesce as they swept by(2) managers are supposed to effervesce with praise and encouragement(3) You'll remember the sort of thing - drop something volatile in a beaker of acid and watch it whiz round and round, effervescing violently and smelling of bad eggs.
Related Words
(1) effervesce ::
1. fizz ::
2. form bubbles ::
swigod ffurflen
3. foam ::
4. froth ::
5. sparkle ::
Different Forms
effervesce, effervesced, effervesces, effervescing
English to Welsh Dictionary: effervesce

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What effervesce means in Welsh, effervesce meaning in Welsh, effervesce definition, examples and pronunciation of effervesce in Welsh language.

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