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alldaflu, alltaflu, halltaflualldafles, alldafla’, alldaflaf, alldaflai, alldaflais, alldaflaist, alldaflan, alldaflant, alldaflasai, alldaflasant, alldaflasech, alldaflasem, alldaflont, alldaflasid, alldaflasit, alldaflasoch, alldaflasom, alldaflaswn, alldaflech, alldafled, alldaflem, alldaflen, alldaflent, alldafler, alldaflwch, alldaflest, alldaflet, alldafli, alldafliff, alldaflith, alldaflo, alldafloch, alldaflodd, alldaflom, alldaflon, alldafla, alldaflasent, alldaflwn, alldaflwyd, alldaflwyf, alldeflais, alldeflaist, alldefli, alldeflid, alldeflir, alldeflwch, alldeflych, alltafles, alltafla’, alltaflaf, alltaflai, alltaflais, alltaflaist, alltaflan, alltaflant, alltaflasai, alltaflasant, alltaflasech, alltaflasem, alltaflont, alltaflasid, alltaflasit, alltaflasoch, alltaflasom, alltaflaswn, alltaflech, alltafled, alltaflem, alltaflen, alltaflent, alltafler, alltaflwch, alltaflest, alltaflet, alltafli, alltafliff, alltaflith, alltaflo, alltafloch, alltaflodd, alltaflom, alltaflon, alltafla, alltaflasent, alltaflwn, alltaflwyd, alltaflwyf, allteflais, allteflaist, alltefli, allteflid, allteflir, allteflwch, allteflych
Ejaculate :
- alldafluejaculatedejaculatesalldaflu

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Noun(1) the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract
Verb(1) utter impulsively(2) eject semen

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(1) there are an estimated 300 million sperms in each ejaculate(2) this fluid comprises between ten and 20 per cent of the total ejaculate(3) A priest, ejaculating a prayer, set the first fire to the pile, and was followed by the rest.(4) He spoke for a dreadfully long time, quoting the Bible and ejaculating hallelujahs hither and thither.(5) They were greatly distressed, shed tears, and ejaculated a short prayer to the Almighty to have mercy upon their fellow-sufferer.
Related Words
(1) ejaculate ::
1. emit semen ::
allyrru semen
2. climax ::
3. have an orgasm ::
cael orgasm
4. orgasm ::
5. come ::
6. seed ::
7. seminal fluid ::
hylif arloesol
8. come ::
9. cum ::
10. semen ::
Different Forms
ejaculate, ejaculated, ejaculates, ejaculating
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