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diddanu, difyrru, ddiddanu, ddifyrru, adlonni, diddori, niddanu, niddori, nifyrruadlonna’, adlonasant, adlonasech, adlonasem, adlonasent, adlonasid, adlonasit, adlonasoch, adlonasom, adlonaswn, adlonnen, adlonnith, adlonnaf, adlonnai, adlonnais, adlonnaist, adlonnan, adlonnant, adlonnech, adlonned, adlonnem, adlonna, adlonno, adlonnent, adlonner, adlonnes, adlonnest, adlonnet, adlonni, adlonnid, adlonniff, adlonnir, diddanych, diddanent, adlonnoch, adlonnodd, adlonnom, adlonnon, adlonnont, adlonnwch, adlonnwn, adlonnwyd, adlonnwyf, diddanasem, diddana’, diddanaf, diddanai, diddanais, diddanaist, diddanan, diddanant, diddanasai, diddanasant, diddanen, diddana, diddanasent, diddanasid, diddanasit, diddanasoch, diddanasom, diddanaswn, diddanech, diddaned, diddanem, diddanoch, diddaner, diddanes, diddanest, diddanet, diddani, diddanid, diddaniff, diddanir, adlonnych, diddano, difyraswn, diddanodd, diddanom, diddanon, diddanont, diddanwch, diddanwn, diddanwyd, diddanwyf, diddanith, diddorasech, diddora, diddora’, diddoraf, diddorai, diddorais, diddoraist, diddoran, diddorant, diddorasai, diddorem, diddorir, diddorasem, diddorasent, diddorasid, diddorasit, diddorasoch, diddorasom, diddoraswn, diddorech, diddored, diddorasant, diddorith, diddoren, diddorent, diddorer, diddores, diddorest, diddoret, diddori, diddorid, diddoriff, adlonasai, difyrren, diddoro, diddoroch, diddorodd, diddorom, diddoron, diddoront, diddorwch, diddorwn, diddorwyd, difyrra, difyrasai, difyrasant, difyrasech, difyrasem, difyrasent, difyrasid, difyrasit, difyrasoch, difyrasom, difyrrem, diddorych, difyrra’, difyrraf, difyrrai, difyrrais, difyrraist, difyrran, difyrrant, difyrrech, difyrred, difyrro, difyrrent, difyrrer, difyrres, difyrrest, difyrret, difyrri, difyrrid, difyrriff, diddorwyf, difyrrith, diddanasech, difyrroch, difyrrodd, difyrrom, difyrron, difyrront, difyrrwch, difyrrwn, difyrrwyd, difyrrir, ddiddanasech, difyrrych, ddiddana, ddiddana’, ddiddanai, ddiddanais, ddiddanaist, ddiddanan, ddiddanant, ddiddanasai, ddiddanen, ddiddanith, ddiddanasem, ddiddanasent, ddiddanasid, ddiddanasit, ddiddanasoch, ddiddanasom, ddiddanaswn, ddiddanech, ddiddanem, ddiddanasant, ddiddano, ddiddanent, ddiddaner, ddiddanes, ddiddanest, ddiddanet, ddiddani, ddiddanid, ddiddaniff, ddiddanir, ddiddorych, ddiddorent, ddiddanoch, ddiddanodd, ddiddanom, ddiddanon, ddiddanont, ddiddanwch, ddiddanwn, ddiddanwyd, ddiddanwyf, ddiddorasem, ddiddora’, ddiddoraf, ddiddorai, ddiddorais, ddiddoraist, ddiddoran, ddiddorant, ddiddorasai, ddiddorasant, ddiddoren, ddiddora, ddiddorasent, ddiddorasid, ddiddorasit, ddiddorasoch, ddiddorasom, ddiddoraswn, ddiddorech, ddiddored, ddiddorem, ddiddoroch, ddiddorer, ddiddores, ddiddorest, ddiddoret, ddiddori, ddiddorid, ddiddoriff, ddiddorir, ddiddanych, ddiddoro, hadlonna’, ddiddorodd, ddiddorom, ddiddoron, ddiddoront, ddiddorwch, ddiddorwn, ddiddorwyd, ddiddorwyf, ddiddorith, ddifyrra, ddifyrasai, ddifyrasant, ddifyrasech, ddifyrasem, ddifyrasent, ddifyrasid, ddifyrasit, ddifyrasoch, ddifyrasom, ddifyrrent, ddifyrro, ddifyrra’, ddifyrrai, ddifyrrais, ddifyrraist, ddifyrran, ddifyrrant, ddifyrrech, ddifyrrem, ddifyrren, ddifyraswn, ddifyrroch, ddifyrrer, ddifyrres, ddifyrrest, ddifyrret, ddifyrri, ddifyrrid, ddifyrriff, ddifyrrir, ddifyrrith, difyrrwyf, hadlonner, ddifyrrodd, ddifyrrom, ddifyrron, ddifyrront, ddifyrrwch, ddifyrrwn, ddifyrrwyd, ddifyrrwyf, ddifyrrych, hadlonnaf, hadlonasech, hadlonasem, hadlonasent, hadlonasid, hadlonasit, hadlonasoch, hadlonasom, hadlonaswn, hadlonna, hadlonnent, hadlonasant, hadlonnai, hadlonnais, hadlonnaist, hadlonnan, hadlonnant, hadlonnech, hadlonned, hadlonnem, hadlonnen, hadlonnodd, hadlonnes, hadlonnest, hadlonnet, hadlonni, hadlonnid, hadlonniff, hadlonnir, hadlonnith, hadlonasai, hadlonnoch, ddiddorasech, hadlonnom, hadlonnon, hadlonnont, hadlonnwch, hadlonnwn, hadlonnwyd, hadlonnwyf, hadlonnych, hadlonno
Entertain :
- diddanudiddanudiddanwrdifyradloniant

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Verb(1) provide entertainment for(2) take into consideration, have in view(3) maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings

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(1) I longed to tell them the game had most likely been made to entertain babies, but I resisted.(2) she began to entertain doubts(3) I would not expect them to even entertain the idea that they could report simultaneously as a battle was taking place.(4) When he came into her life, she had reached a stage where she was completely happy not to entertain the idea of marrying again.(5) And he added that the company would be more than happy to entertain the idea of some sort of interchange if passengers wanted it.(6) Dedicated volunteers entertain the members with games of cards and bingo, while some just meet up for a chat and a cup of tea.(7) ÔÇÿIt is a splendid place to entertain guests or clients,ÔÇÖ says a member who asks not to be named.(8) Sunday lunchtime is the best time to entertain(9) She has been reported to entertain the idea of freezing the process of constitutional amendments altogether.(10) Having bands and DJs is a good way to entertain your guests and bring in a crowd.(11) he didn't even entertain the suggestion(12) Having bar furniture in your house, you will be able to entertain friends and guests more easily.(13) The game modes should provide the gamer a plethora of scenarios to challenge and entertain the user.(14) Crowds jostle and a six-piece jazz band begins to entertain the captive audience as the rain sheets down outside.(15) You say there are some compelling reasons to at least entertain the idea of lifting the ban.(16) Granted, the novel isn't gleeful, but there's enough levity to entertain the idea of lasting love.
Related Words
(1) to entertain ::
i ddiddanu
1. amuse ::
2. receive ::
3. receive guests ::
derbyn gwesteion
4. consider ::
5. harbor ::
6. flirt with ::
flirt gyda
Different Forms
entertain, entertained, entertainer, entertainers, entertaining, entertainment, entertainments, entertains
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