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dadfeddiannu, ddadfeddiannu, nadfeddiannudadfeddiannes, dadfeddianasant, dadfeddianasech, dadfeddianasem, dadfeddianasent, dadfeddianasid, dadfeddianasit, dadfeddianasoch, dadfeddianasom, dadfeddianaswn, dadfeddianna, dadfeddianna’, dadfeddiannont, dadfeddiannai, dadfeddiannais, dadfeddiannaist, dadfeddiannan, dadfeddiannant, dadfeddiannech, dadfeddianned, dadfeddiannem, dadfeddiannen, dadfeddiannent, dadfeddianner, dadfeddiannwch, dadfeddiannest, dadfeddiannet, dadfeddianni, dadfeddianniff, dadfeddiannith, dadfeddianno, dadfeddiannoch, dadfeddiannodd, dadfeddiannom, dadfeddiannon, dadfeddianasai, dadfeddiannaf, dadfeddiannwn, dadfeddiannwyd, dadfeddiannwyf, dadfeddiennais, dadfeddiennaist, dadfeddienni, dadfeddiennid, dadfeddiennir, dadfeddiennwch, dadfeddiennych, ddadfeddiannes, ddadfeddianasant, ddadfeddianasech, ddadfeddianasem, ddadfeddianasent, ddadfeddianasid, ddadfeddianasit, ddadfeddianasoch, ddadfeddianasom, ddadfeddianaswn, ddadfeddianna, ddadfeddianna’, ddadfeddiannont, ddadfeddiannai, ddadfeddiannais, ddadfeddiannaist, ddadfeddiannan, ddadfeddiannant, ddadfeddiannech, ddadfeddianned, ddadfeddiannem, ddadfeddiannen, ddadfeddiannent, ddadfeddianner, ddadfeddiannwch, ddadfeddiannest, ddadfeddiannet, ddadfeddianni, ddadfeddianniff, ddadfeddiannith, ddadfeddianno, ddadfeddiannoch, ddadfeddiannodd, ddadfeddiannom, ddadfeddiannon, ddadfeddianasai, ddadfeddiannaf, ddadfeddiannwn, ddadfeddiannwyd, ddadfeddiannwyf, ddadfeddiennais, ddadfeddiennaist, ddadfeddienni, ddadfeddiennid, ddadfeddiennir, ddadfeddiennwch, ddadfeddiennych
Evict :
troi allan
- troi allantroi allantroi allanevicts

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Verb(1) expel or eject without recourse to legal process(2) expel from one's property or force to move out by a legal process

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(1) The decision to evict a member must be made in accordance with the by-laws established by the membership.(2) York council has demonstrated its resolve to evict nuisance tenants.(3) Landlords will retain the power to evict tenants who display anti-social behaviour.(4) Remember that your landlord can't evict you unless the RÔö£┬«gie du logement says he's allowed.(5) he had court orders to evict the trespassers from three camps(6) However, the law will also allow landlords to evict tenants much faster.(7) Why does he not come straight out and say that he wants all landlords to evict every tenant who might be accused of upsetting the next door neighbour.(8) At present, landlords cannot evict tenants who are willing to pay prevailing market rates.(9) Our landlord tried to evict us three days before Christmas because he wanted more money.(10) The landlord wins a stack of cash and the right to evict his tenant.(11) The order enabled the police to evict any tenants and board up the property.(12) The minister contends it is not the legislation that causes the eviction of the appellants.(13) While evicting the tenants would increase the landlords income, it would cause hardship on the tenants.(14) My evictors told me that this was not an easy decision for them to make.(15) Magistrates also ordered that he be evicted and imposed an injunction to keep him away from her for a year.(16) Soon the association was strong enough to boycott local landlords who were evicting their tenants and offering the land to others at increased rents.
Related Words
(1) evict ::
troi allan
1. expel ::
2. eject ::
3. oust ::
4. remove ::
5. dislodge ::
8. drive out ::
gyrru allan
9. dispossess ::
10. expropriate ::
11. chuck out ::
taflu allan
12. kick out ::
cicio allan
13. boot out ::
lesewch allan
14. bounce ::
Different Forms
evict, evicted, evicting, evicts
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