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eithrio, eithria’, eithria, eithriaf, eithriai, eithriais, eithriaist, eithrian, eithriant, eithriasai, eithried, eithriasech, eithriasem, eithriasent, eithriasid, eithriasit, eithriasoch, eithriasom, eithriaswn, eithrid, eithriech, eithriasant, eithriom, eithriem, eithrien, eithrient, eithrier, eithries, eithriest, eithriet, eithriff, eithrioch, eithri, heithriem, eithrion, eithriont, eithrir, eithrith, eithriwch, eithriwn, eithriwyd, eithriwyf, eithriych, eithriodd, heithriasem, heithria’, heithriaf, heithriai, heithriais, heithriaist, heithrian, heithriant, heithriasai, heithriasant, heithried, heithria, heithriasent, heithriasid, heithriasit, heithriasoch, heithriasom, heithriaswn, heithrid, heithriech, heithriasech, heithrion, heithrient, heithrier, heithries, heithriest, heithriet, heithriff, heithrio, heithrioch, heithri, heithriom, heithrien, heithriont, heithrir, heithrith, heithriwch, heithriwn, heithriwyd, heithriwyf, heithriych, heithrioddeithrionamyn, oddieithr, oddigerth
Except :
ac eithrio
- ac eithrioa eithrirac eithrioyn eithrio

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Verb(1) take exception to(2) prevent from being included or considered or accepted

Show Examples

(1) The discotheque becomes a free space, to which adults have no access, except for a minute glance through the door.(2) she never offered advice, except it were asked of her(3) So we're all men of our word really except for Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman.(4) And this for a game which had no special appeal except that it featured the old rivals.(5) There was a light, cool breeze, which was pleasant enough except that it made the skin feel chilled and clammy.(6) I looked around, but it was dark outside except for one street light at the corner a short way ahead of me.(7) our berets were the same except mine was blue(8) It was like being in busy shipping lanes, except that they were full of whales.(9) So far, no word is out on where the show will be shot exactly, except that it will be somewhere near Panama.(10) I was naked except for my socks(11) We were compatible at every level, except for my ethnic and religious background.(12) I didn't tell him anything, except that I needed the money(13) The public transport is pretty good, except for the buses at rush hour when it's rather nasty.(14) Everyone seems to fall under the mercy of the council except for Van the man.(15) All benchmarks in the region fell for the week except for Hong Kong, Singapore and India.(16) The main design of all the houses was the same except that it varied in size.
Related Words
(1) except for ::
heblaw am
2. not including ::
heb gynnwys
5. not counting ::
heb gyfrif
6. but ::
7. besides ::
ar wahân
8. apart from ::
ar wahân i
9. aside from ::
ar wahân i
10. barring ::
11. bar ::
12. other than ::
13. saving ::
gan arbed
14. with the exception of ::
ac eithrio
15. save for ::
ar wahân i
16. outside of ::
y tu allan i
17. exclude ::
18. omit ::
19. leave out ::
gadael allan
20. count out ::
yn cyfrif allan
21. disregard ::
22. exempt ::
Different Forms
except, excepted, excepting, excepts
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