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fynegi, mynegi, fynegasent, fynegem, fynega’, fynegaf, fynegais, fynegaist, fynegan, fynegant, fynegasai, fynegasant, fynegasech, fynegasem, leisia’, fynegasid, fynegasit, fynegasoch, fynegasom, fynegaswn, fynegech, fyneged, fyneger, fynegent, leisiem, fyneges, fynegest, fyneget, fynegid, fynegiff, fynegir, fynegith, fynego, fynegoch, leisia, fynegom, fynegon, fynegont, fynegwch, fynegwn, fynegwyd, fynegwyf, fynegych, leisi, leisiasem, leisiasent, leisiaf, leisiai, leisiais, leisiaist, leisian, leisiant, leisiasai, leisiasant, leisiasech, fynega, lleisia, leisiasid, leisiasit, leisiasoch, leisiasom, leisiaswn, leisid, leisiech, leisied, leisiom, leision, leisient, leisier, leisies, leisiest, leisiet, leisiff, leisio, leisioch, leisiodd, fynegen, leisien, leisiont, leisir, leisith, leisiwch, leisiwn, leisiwyd, leisiwyf, leisiych, lleisiasech, lleisiasem, lleisia’, lleisiaf, lleisiai, lleisiais, lleisiaist, lleisian, lleisiant, lleisiasai, lleisiasant, lleisiych, mynega’, lleisiasent, lleisiasid, lleisiasit, lleisiasoch, lleisiasom, lleisiaswn, lleisid, lleisiech, lleisied, lleisiem, lleisiodd, lleisien, lleisient, lleisier, lleisies, lleisiest, lleisiet, lleisiff, lleisio, lleisioch, mynegoch, lleisiom, lleision, lleisiont, lleisir, lleisith, lleisiwch, lleisiwn, lleisiwyd, lleisiwyf, mynega, lleisi, mynegaf, mynegai, mynegais, mynegaist, mynegan, mynegant, mynegasai, mynegasant, mynegasech, mynegasem, mynegasent, mynegasid, mynegasit, mynegasoch, mynegasom, mynegaswn, mynegech, myneged, mynegem, mynegen, mynegent, myneger, myneges, mynegest, myneget, mynegid, mynegiff, mynegir, mynegith, mynego, fynegodd, mynegodd, mynegom, mynegon, mynegont, mynegwch, mynegwn, mynegwyd, mynegwyf, mynegychmynegi, lleisiohunswydd, unswydd
Express :
- mynegiMynegoddyn mynegiexpressiblemynegi

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Noun(1) mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system(2) public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops(3) rapid transport of goods
Verb(1) give expression to(2) articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise(3) serve as a means for expressing something(4) indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.(5) manifest the effects of (a gene or genetic trait(6) obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action(7) send by rapid transport or special messenger service
Adjective(1) not tacit or implied(2) without unnecessary stops
Adverb(1) by express

Show Examples

(1) Travel between Wellington and Auckland was on the 3 pm express and the 7 pm limited.(2) Children have to be taught that when they are angry, or just want something, they should not bite, kick, or hit, but rather express their feelings through words.(3) I tried to put more information to him with the express purpose of repeating in full the information we intended to publish.(4) One general guideline is not to work spells for anyone without their express consent.(5) Bake the fresh garlic in a medium oven, baste with olive oil, put some fresh thyme underneath and after one hour express the squidgy contents on to fresh rolls.(6) They made her in this image for the express purpose of charming the world.(7) Why bother when there are already several express buses that run non-stop from downtown to the airport?(8) When the President acts pursuant to an express or implied authorization of Congress, his authority is at its maximum.(9) The bank has designated rooms for mothers to express milk, and offers up to 20 days per year emergency childcare at a nearby nursery.(10) The group now carries more than 950 million passengers a year worldwide on its bus, train, tram, express coach and airport networks.(11) They can't be convicted contrary to an express constitutional provision.(12) There is no express reference to tort in the subsection.(13) The pair get into the express elevator, and are quickly deposited onto the upper floor of the apartment complex.(14) Others would turn themselves into express bus routes.(15) Air express and air cargo services from Indonesia to other countries and vice versa are still dominated by foreign companies.(16) This would add running time to the route, potentially jeopardizing the number of riders, who might opt to take a faster express bus instead.
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bost mynegi
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gwasgu allan
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Different Forms
express, expressed, expresses, expressible, expressing, expressly
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