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ffafrio, breiniom, breinia, breiniasit, breiniasid, breiniasent, breiniasem, breiniasech, breiniasant, breiniasai, breiniant, breinian, breiniaist, breiniais, breiniai, breiniaf, breinia’, freiniasit, breiniodd, breinioch, breinio, breiniff, breiniet, breiniest, breinies, breiniasoch, breinient, breinien, breiniem, breinied, breiniech, breinid, breiniaswn, breiniasom, breiniwyf, breini, freiniais, freiniai, freiniaf, freinia’, freinia, freini, breiniych, freiniem, breiniwyd, breiniwn, breiniwch, breinith, breinir, breiniont, breinion, freinien, freinied, freiniech, freinid, freiniaswn, freiniasom, freiniasoch, freiniaist, freiniasid, freiniasent, freiniasem, freiniasech, freiniasant, freiniasai, freiniant, freinian, freinioch, freiniodd, freinient, freinier, freinies, freiniest, freiniet, freiniff, freinio, ffafriasem, ffafriasid, freiniom, freinion, freiniont, freinir, freinith, freiniwch, freiniwn, ffafriasech, ffafriasant, ffafriasai, ffafriant, ffafrian, ffafriaist, freiniwyd, ffafriai, ffafriaf, ffafria’, ffafria, ffafri, freiniych, freiniwyf, ffafriais, ffafrien, ffefriych, ffafriasent, ffafriff, ffafriet, ffafriest, ffafries, ffafrier, ffafrient, ffefriwch, ffafriem, ffafried, ffafriech, ffafriaswn, ffafriasom, ffafriasoch, ffafriasit, breinier, ffefrir, ffefrid, ffefriaist, ffefriais, ffefri, ffafrioch, ffafriwyd, ffafriwn, ffafriwch, ffafrith, ffafriont, ffafrion, ffafriom, ffafriodd, ffafriwyfffafrio, breinio, breintio, freintio, mreinio, mreintioffafr, bodd, boddau, cymwynas, cymwynasau, chymwynas, chymwynasau, fodd, foddau, ffafrau, gymwynas, gymwynasau, nghymwynas, nghymwynasau, modd, moddau
Favor :
- ffafriodisfavorffafrioffafrioffafrau

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Noun(1) an act of gracious kindness(2) an advantage to the benefit of someone or something(3) an inclination to approve(4) a feeling of favorable regard(5) souvenir consisting of a small gift given to a guest at a party
Verb(1) promote over another(2) consider as the favorite(3) treat gently or carefully(4) bestow a privilege upon

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(1) You've gotten me tons of gifts and I just wanted to return the favor .(2) I don't favor the legalization of drugs.(3) Catholic and Protestant Newfoundlanders took it as a sign - generally, as a mark of divine favor for the Catholic side.(4) These politicians tend to favor government spending for jobs and social programs in the cities, and have a generally liberal disposition.(5) We certainly hope so - we own it, and are unabashedly biased in its favor .(6) If approved, I would favor its widespread use for diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection.(7) The fact is that conservative voters favor conservative politicians.(8) a struggle between competing aides for presidential favor(9) slashing public spending is a policy that few politicians favor(10) This is a view of America's role in the world that has found little favor in the Republican party since the days of Theodore Roosevelt.(11) Open theism has found some favor with Pentecostals who view it in terms of a spirited give-and-take with God.(12) The government gave us an important quest to fulfill before our execution, but we will not return the favor of kindness!(13) Such a coalition makes it easier for politicians to favor both groups.(14) Like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, most Taiwanese politicians favor tax cuts to appease their constituencies.(15) The tricky thing is to draw an appropriate line between a token gift or favor and a more substantial one.(16) Her very soft southern accent and her facial features favor those of her late father.
Related Words
(1) in favor of ::
o blaid
1. service ::
2. approval ::
3. favoritism ::
4. patronage ::
5. party favor ::
blaid parti
6. prefer ::
Mae'n well
7. treat partially ::
trin rhannol
8. benefit ::
9. oblige ::
10. privilege ::
Different Forms
disfavor, disfavored, disfavoring, disfavors, favor, favored, favoring, favors
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