English to Welsh Meaning :: fawn

elain, elanedd, helain, helaneddcynffonna, nghynffonnacynffonasom, cynffonno, cynffonnaist, cynffonnais, cynffonnai, cynffonnaf, cynffonna’, cynffonna, cynffonaswn, cynffonnant, cynffonasoch, cynffonasit, cynffonasid, cynffonasent, cynffonasem, cynffonasech, cynffonasant, chynffonasid, cynffonnech, cynffonned, cynffonnem, cynffonnen, cynffonnent, cynffonner, cynffonnes, cynffonnest, cynffonnet, cynffonni, cynffonnid, cynffonniff, cynffonnir, cynffonnith, cynffonnan, cynffonasai, cynffonnoch, cynffonnodd, cynffonnom, cynffonnon, cynffonnont, cynffonnwch, cynffonnwn, cynffonnwyd, cynffonnwyf, cynffonnych, chynffonasai, chynffonasant, chynffonasech, chynffonasem, chynffonasent, gynffonnaf, chynffonasit, chynffonasoch, chynffonasom, chynffonaswn, chynffonna, chynffonna’, chynffonnaf, chynffonnai, chynffonnais, chynffonnaist, chynffonnan, chynffonnant, chynffonnech, chynffonned, chynffonnem, gynffonna, chynffonner, chynffonnes, chynffonnest, chynffonnet, chynffonni, chynffonnid, chynffonniff, chynffonnir, chynffonnith, chynffonno, chynffonnoch, chynffonnodd, chynffonnom, chynffonnon, gynffonna’, chynffonnent, gynffonaswn, gynffonasom, gynffonasoch, gynffonasit, gynffonasid, gynffonasent, chynffonnont, gynffonasech, gynffonasant, gynffonasai, chynffonnych, chynffonnwyf, chynffonnwyd, chynffonnwn, chynffonnwch, gynffonnid, gynffonnai, gynffonnais, gynffonnaist, gynffonnan, gynffonnant, gynffonnech, gynffonned, gynffonnem, gynffonnen, gynffonnent, gynffonner, gynffonnes, gynffonnest, gynffonnet, chynffonnen, gynffonasem, gynffonniff, gynffonnir, gynffonnith, gynffonno, gynffonnoch, gynffonnodd, gynffonnom, gynffonnon, gynffonnont, gynffonnwch, gynffonnwn, gynffonnwyd, gynffonnwyf, gynffonnych, gynffonni
Fawn :
- elainfawnedfawnerfawningelanedd

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Noun(1) a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color(2) a young deer
Verb(1) show submission or fear(2) try to gain favor by cringing or flattering(3) have fawns

Show Examples

(1) His facial fur was dark fawn with lighter streaks running back into his ruff, his eyes a glacial green.(2) It's not fair how beautiful girls fawn over you.(3) They are the descendants of an ancient population of fawn or brown coloured cattle which originally came from Asia.(4) a fawn dress(5) The colour balance of the look is tasteful and sedate, so grey, brown, fawn or navy tailoring works best.(6) The fawn color varies in hue from tan to stag red.(7) Are there any musicians that you would fawn over if you had the chance?(8) congressmen fawn over the President(9) On the top of the skirt, it had fawn mesh a little longer than the actual dress, but black flowers were embroidered on it.(10) Eye-witness reports suggest the plane was a high-wing single engine aircraft, fawn coloured and brown underneath.(11) Mature plants, which often grow wider than they grow tall, develop a good framework of stems with flaky fawn bark.(12) The dance-hall girls would fawn over him each time he stepped into the saloon for a drink.(13) He was about three inches taller than her, with gray blue eyes, and a dusting of fawn colored freckles dotting his nose and cheeks.(14) Luckily, Dylan was awake, so they could fawn over him some more.(15) My test car came in metallic green that complemented the delightful fawn interior and Momo leather seats.(16) Mating is timed for deer birthing in late May or early June, when there is sufficient food and cover to assure fawn survival.
Related Words
(1) fawn on ::
elain ar
1. dun ::
2. be obsequious to ::
yn obsequious i
3. be sycophantic to ::
yn sycophantic i
4. curry favor with ::
cyri o blaid gyda
6. play up to ::
chwarae hyd at
7. crawl to ::
cropian i
8. ingratiate oneself with ::
seboni hun gyda
9. dance attendance on ::
presenoldeb dawns ar
10. suck up to ::
sugno i fyny at
11. be all over ::
fod ar hyd a lled
12. brown-nose ::
13. toady ::
Different Forms
fawn, fawned, fawner, fawners, fawning, fawns
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