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bwydo, fwydo, borthasit, borthasom, borthasid, borthasent, borthasem, borthasech, borthasant, borthasai, borthant, borthan, borthaist, borthais, borthai, borthaf, bortha’, borthir, borthasoch, bwyden, borthaswn, borthech, borthed, borthem, borthen, borthent, borther, borthes, borthest, borthet, borthi, borthid, borthiff, bwydaist, bwydais, fwydasech, borthoch, borthodd, borthom, borthon, borthont, borthwch, borthwn, borthwyd, borthwyf, borthych, bwyda, bwyda’, bwydaf, bwydai, bwydem, bortho, bwydan, bwydant, bwydasai, bwydasant, bwydasech, bwydasem, bwydasent, bwydasid, bwydasit, bwydasoch, bwydasom, bwydaswn, bwydech, bwyded, bwydont, bwydwch, bwydent, bwyder, bwydes, bwydest, bwydet, bwydi, bwydid, bwydiff, bwydir, bwydith, bwydoch, bwydodd, bwydom, bwydon, bortha, portha’, bwydwn, bwydwyd, bwydwyf, bwydych, fwyda, fwyda’, fwydaf, fwydai, fwydais, fwydaist, fwydan, fwydant, fwydasai, fwydasant, fwydet, fwydi, fwydasent, fwydasid, fwydasit, fwydasoch, fwydasom, fwydaswn, fwydech, fwyded, fwydem, fwyden, fwydent, fwyder, fwydes, fwydest, borthith, fwydasem, fwydid, fwydiff, fwydir, fwydith, fwydoch, fwydodd, fwydom, fwydon, fwydont, fwydwch, fwydwn, fwydwyd, fwydwyf, fwydych, porthoch, porthaf, porthai, porthais, porthaist, porthan, porthant, porthasai, porthasant, porthasech, porthasem, porthasent, porthasid, porthasit, porthasoch, porthasom, porthaswn, porthech, porthed, porthem, porthen, porthent, porther, porthes, porthest, porthet, porthi, porthid, porthiff, porthir, porthith, phorthen, porthodd, porthych, phorthaist, phorthais, phorthai, phorthaf, phortha’, phortha, phorthant, porthwyf, porthwyd, porthwn, porthwch, porthont, porthon, porthom, ymborthech, phorthan, portho, phorthasai, phorthasant, phorthasech, phorthasem, phorthasent, phorthasid, phorthasit, phorthasoch, phorthasom, phorthaswn, phorthech, phorthed, phorthem, phorthon, phorthont, phorthent, phorther, phorthes, phorthest, phorthet, phorthi, phorthid, phorthiff, phorthir, phorthith, phortho, phorthoch, phorthodd, phorthom, ymborthych, portha, phorthwch, phorthwn, phorthwyd, phorthwyf, phorthych, ymbortha, ymbortha’, ymborthaf, ymborthai, ymborthais, ymborthaist, ymborthan, ymborthant, ymborthasai, ymborthasem, ymborthet, ymborthest, ymborthes, ymborther, ymborthent, ymborthen, ymborthem, ymborthed, ymborthi, ymborthaswn, ymborthasom, ymborthasoch, ymborthasit, ymborthasid, ymborthasent, ymborthasant, ymborthasech, ymborthid, ymborthiff, ymborthir, ymborthith, ymbortho, ymborthoch, ymborthodd, ymborthom, ymborthon, ymborthont, ymborthwch, ymborthwn, ymborthwyd, ymborthwyfbwydo, bwyda, hymborthi, mhorthi, mwyda, mwydo, porthi, ymborthi
Feed :
- feedbwydofeedingsfeeds

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Noun(1) food for domestic livestock
Verb(1) give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on(2) provide as food(3) give food to(4) feed into; supply(5) introduce continuously(6) support or promote(7) take in food; used of animals only(8) serve as food for; be the food for(9) move along, of liquids(10) profit from in an exploitatory manner(11) gratify(12) provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to

Show Examples

(1) The conventional wisdom is that, in order to increase food supply to feed the hungry of the world, we need to redouble efforts to modernize agriculture.(2) Finally, demand for organic animal feed is growing.(3) The first things to try are offering your baby a feed and checking whether he needs a nappy change.(4) Farmers fed expensive concentrate feed to have cattle fit in July and August.(5) Supplements of bacteria types or compounds that inhibit methane production could be placed in cow feed to reduce methane production.(6) Until now the only way to enrich livestock with these fatty acids was to supplement their feed with expensive fish meal, Kang explains.(7) He collected some driftwood to feed the fire he was to make.(8) I've learned that it's more important to hire people who stand behind your core values than it is to feed a growth rate with people who don't share those values.(9) a satellite feed from Washington(10) Right now, the program provides enough food to feed the country's people.(11) The show is broadcast on the ABC radio feed and can be heard in Kansas City and Knoxville, among other place.(12) There is a fair chance that if you fish at these times around Ballina, Evans Head or Brunswick Heads, you should be able to catch a nice feed .(13) the crops are grown for animal feed(14) Any time he trundles back home to St. Helens (down Mersey way) he nips in his local eatery for a slap-up feed and more gossip than Heat themed chain of hairdressers.(15) Simon needed our kid to speak up and give him the feed line of ÔÇÿnoÔÇÖ so he could deliver his line and then subsequent cheap shot.(16) Judging exactly how much wood to feed a fire is not always easy even for a clear-headed person but it is especially difficult for someone who is intoxicated.
Related Words
1. fodder ::
2. provender ::
3. give food to ::
rhoi bwyd i
4. nurse ::
5. graze ::
7. strengthen ::
8. supply ::
9. course ::
10. feast ::
11. give ::
12. feed in ::
bwydo i mewn
13. eat ::
14. fertilize ::
15. prey ::
1. reserve ::
wrth gefn
2. retain ::
3. withhold ::
Different Forms
feed, feeding, feedings, feeds
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Cut off his manhood and feed it to the goats.

Cut off his manhood and FEED it to the goats.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 3

I want to know how much gasoline they have\\Nto feed the emergency generators.\0

I want to know how much gasoline they have
to FEED the emergency generators.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 5

You will feed them yourselves.

You will FEED them yourselves.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 1

Go outside and feed the beast.

Go outside and FEED the beast.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 4

Feed him to your pigs!\0

Feed him to your pigs!

Vikings Season 1, Episode 1

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