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heidio, dyrra’, dyrrem, dyrasant, dyrasech, dyrasem, dyrasent, dyrasid, dyrasit, dyrasoch, dyrasom, dyraswn, dyrra, heidi, dyrraf, dyrrai, dyrrais, dyrraist, dyrran, dyrrant, dyrrech, dyrred, heidiom, dyrren, dyrrent, dyrrer, dyrres, dyrrest, dyrret, dyrri, dyrrid, dyrriff, dyrrir, dyrrith, dyrrych, dyrroch, dyrrodd, dyrrom, dyrron, dyrront, dyrrwch, dyrrwn, dyrrwyd, dyrrwyf, heidiasant, heidiasech, heidia, heidia’, heidiaf, heidiai, heidiais, heidiaist, heidian, heidiant, heidiasai, dyrasai, tyrasai, heidiasem, heidiasent, heidiasid, heidiasit, heidiasoch, heidiasom, heidiaswn, heidid, heidiech, heidied, heidiem, heidien, heidient, heidier, heidies, heidiest, heidiet, heidiff, heidioch, heidiodd, thyrrem, heidion, heidiont, heidir, heidith, heidiwch, heidiwn, heidiwyd, heidiwyf, heidiych, tyraswn, tyrrych, tyrra’, tyrasant, tyrasech, tyrasem, tyrasent, tyrasid, tyrasit, tyrasoch, tyrasom, tyrrwyf, tyrra, thyrasai, tyrraf, tyrrai, tyrrais, tyrraist, tyrran, tyrrant, tyrrech, tyrred, tyrrith, tyrro, tyrrent, tyrrer, tyrres, tyrrest, tyrret, tyrri, tyrrid, tyrriff, tyrrir, tyrrem, tyrren, tyrroch, tyrrodd, tyrrom, tyrron, tyrront, tyrrwch, tyrrwn, tyrrwyd, thyraswn, thyrrych, thyrra’, thyrasant, thyrasech, thyrasem, thyrasent, thyrasid, thyrasit, thyrasoch, thyrasom, thyrrwyf, thyrra, twr, thyrraf, thyrrai, thyrrais, thyrraist, thyrran, thyrrant, thyrrech, thyrred, thyrrith, thyrro, thyrrent, thyrrer, thyrres, thyrrest, thyrret, thyrri, thyrrid, thyrriff, thyrrir, dyrro, thyrren, thyrroch, thyrrodd, thyrrom, thyrron, thyrront, thyrrwch, thyrrwn, thyrrwydheidio, tyrru, dyrru, nhyrru, thyrruddiadell, praidd, haid, braidd, diadell, ngreoedd, branes, gyrroedd, gyr, greoedd, gre, ffloc, franesi, franes, ddiadelloedd, ddiadellau, diadelloedd, diadellau, branesi, ngyr, yrroedd, yrr, reoedd, re, phraidd, ngre, niadellau, niadell, mranesi, mranes, mhraidd, ngyrroedd, niadelloedd
Flock :
- ddiadellHeidioddheidioheidiau

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Noun(1) a church congregation guided by a pastor(2) a group of birds(3) (often followed by `of'(4) an orderly crowd(5) a group of sheep or goats
Verb(1) move as a crowd or in a group(2) come together as in a cluster or flock

Show Examples

(1) Guillotine-cut flock may be dyed before it is bath-finished, dried, screened, and bagged.(2) The tour also takes you to the Usteri Lake, where birds of all kinds flock .(3) Fear of litigation, an admittedly necessary concern, trumped a bishop's duty to his priests and to his flock .(4) Birds flock , literally and figuratively, to these 40 acres of old forest and gentle pasture overlooking the mighty Hudson River.(5) This army of shepherds was to guide and lead the flock of believers.(6) They have a smallholding in Devon which is home to a host of animals, including a flock of pedigree Black Welsh Mountain sheep.(7) It's no wonder that these birds flock to the banks of the canal that runs through the refuge.(8) a flock of sheep(9) I could surrender everything to the Lord - my dear wife and children, my congregation as a dear flock , the seminary and its staff.(10) A flock of four birds is the most common size in Parus during winter.(11) At certain times of the day, small birds flock to these branches, chattering and fluttering, as if this were a festive occasion.(12) But the very existence of Michelin-starred Indian restaurants may signal the death knell of flock wall-paper, lager and an onion bhaji.(13) A flock of birds surges impetuously from the thickets and takes flight towards the windmills that decorate the landscape.(14) In his first major address to his Christian flock , Pope Adrian launched a scathing attack on the Christian Church, which was rocked by scandals of all sorts.(15) An elder represents Christ as a Shepherd, teaching and caring for God's church, the flock God has put under his care.(16) A local woman saw the animal, which she described as about five times the size of a domestic cat, among a flock of sheep.
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Different Forms
flock, flocked, flocking, flocks
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