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rhyddhau, ryddhaurhydd, di-draul, ddi-draul, ni-draul, rwydd, rwyddach, rwyddaf, rwydded, rhwydd, rhwyddach, rhwyddaf, rhwyddedryddhasech, ryddha’, ryddhaech, ryddhaed, ryddhaem, ryddhaen, ryddhaent, ryddhaer, ryddhaet, ryddhaf, ryddhâi, ryddheais, ryddhaith, ryddhân, ryddhânt, ryddhao, ryddhaoch, ryddhaodd, ryddhaom, ryddhaont, ryddhasai, ryddhasant, ryddha, ryddhasem, ryddhasent, ryddhasid, ryddhasit, ryddhasoch, ryddhasom, ryddhaswn, ryddhawn, ryddhawyd, ryddhawyf, ryddhaiff, ryddheaist, ryddhei, ryddheid, ryddheies, ryddheiest, ryddheir, ryddheuoch, ryddheuon, ryddhewch, ryddheych, rhyddhasech, rhyddha’, rhyddhaech, rhyddhaed, rhyddhaem, rhyddhaen, rhyddhaent, rhyddhaer, rhyddhaet, rhyddhaf, rhyddhâi, rhyddheais, rhyddhaith, rhyddhân, rhyddhânt, rhyddhao, rhyddhaoch, rhyddhaodd, rhyddhaom, rhyddhaont, rhyddhasai, rhyddhasant, rhyddha, rhyddhasem, rhyddhasent, rhyddhasid, rhyddhasit, rhyddhasoch, rhyddhasom, rhyddhaswn, rhyddhawn, rhyddhawyd, rhyddhawyf, rhyddhaiff, rhyddheaist, rhyddhei, rhyddheid, rhyddheies, rhyddheiest, rhyddheir, rhyddheuoch, rhyddheuon, rhyddhewch, rhyddheych
Free :
rhad ac am ddim
- rhad ac am ddimrhyddhaurhyddhaurhyddrhadffôn

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Noun(1) people who are free
Verb(1) grant freedom to; free from confinement(2) relieve from(3) remove or force out from a position(4) grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to(5) make (information(6) free from obligations or duties(7) free or remove obstruction from(8) let off the hook(9) part with a possession or right(10) release (gas or energy(11) make (assets
Adjective(1) not limited or hampered; not under compulsion or restraint(2) unconstrained or not chemically bound in a molecule or not fixed and capable of relatively unrestricted motion(3) costing nothing(4) not occupied or in use(5) not fixed in position(6) not held in servitude(7) not taken up by scheduled activities(8) completely wanting or lacking(9) not literal
Adverb(1) without restraint

Show Examples

(1) I still have a T-shirt that came free with 200 cigarettes from a Tenerife supermarket.(2) I believe that all residents in town without parking facilities should be provided with a free parking permit.(3) We have to remind every free citizen of this world about our lack of freedom.(4) The legal knowledge is acquired by apprenticeship to a qualified agent, studying in your free time for the qualifying exams.(5) Only out of free and open debate can you achieve workable policies.(6) Mrs S and I enjoy nothing more than a free and frank exchange of views.(7) It took a crew from the Farnworth station an hour to rip up floorboards and remove the bath to free the kitten.(8) When states are free to develop their own programs, the results speak for themselves.(9) I guess I could also mention that every time a show opens there is always free food.(10) As we had the wind free , the booms were run out, and all were aloft.(11) In general the entries are free of any serious bias.(12) will you keep a table free for me?(13) the essay was free from errors(14) As the wind was free the yachts went merrily along.(15) It is perhaps this faith, that has enabled her to be so free in her art so there are always new ideas, new approaches.(16) Judges must, of course, be free from political interference, but that must not be at the expense of accountability.
Related Words
1. without charge ::
yn ddi-dâl
2. unencumbered by ::
dilyffethair gan
3. unoccupied ::
heb ei feddiannu
4. vacant ::
5. independent ::
6. on the loose ::
ar y rhydd
8. unimpeded ::
9. generous ::
10. frank ::
11. loose ::
12. detached ::
ar wahân
13. devoid ::
14. gratuitous ::
15. spare ::
16. loose ::
17. release ::
18. extricate ::
19. exempt ::
20. rid ::
21. justify ::
22. discharge ::
23. unblock ::
24. dislodge ::
25. disengage ::
26. liberate ::
27. relieve ::
28. resign ::
29. unloose ::
i'w datod
30. free people ::
pobl ddim
1. dependent ::
2. subject ::
Different Forms
free, freed, freeing, freely, freephone, frees, freeware, freewares
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