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aml, mynych, fynych, amled, fynychach, fynychaf, fynyched, haml, hamled, mynychach, mynychaf, mynychedchyniweiried, cyniweiria, cyniweiria’, cyniweiriaf, cyniweiriai, cyniweiriais, cyniweiriaist, cyniweirian, cyniweiriant, cyniweiriasai, cyniweiriasant, cyniweiriasech, cyniweiriasem, cyniweiriasent, cyniweiriasid, cyniweiriasit, cyniweiriasoch, cyniweiriasom, cyniweiriaswn, cyniweirid, cyniweiriech, cyniweiried, cyniweiriem, cyniweirien, cyniweirient, cyniweirier, cyniweiries, cyniweiriest, cyniweiriet, cyniweiriff, cyniweirio, cyniweirioch, cyniweiriodd, cyniweiriom, cyniweirion, cyniweiriont, cyniweirir, cyniweirith, cyniweiriwch, cyniweiriwn, cyniweiriwyd, cyniweiriwyf, cyniweiriych, chyniweiri, chyniweiria, chyniweiria’, chyniweiriaf, chyniweiriai, fynychid, chyniweiriaist, chyniweirian, chyniweiriant, chyniweiriasai, chyniweiriasant, chyniweiriasech, chyniweiriasem, chyniweiriasent, chyniweiriasid, chyniweiriasit, chyniweiriasoch, chyniweiriasom, chyniweiriaswn, chyniweirid, chyniweiriech, cyniweiri, chyniweiriem, chyniweirien, chyniweirient, chyniweirier, chyniweiries, chyniweiriest, chyniweiriet, chyniweiriff, chyniweirio, chyniweirioch, chyniweiriodd, chyniweiriom, chyniweirion, chyniweiriont, chyniweirir, chyniweirith, chyniweiriwch, chyniweiriwn, chyniweiriwyd, chyniweiriwyf, chyniweiriych, fynycha, fynycha’, fynychai, fynychais, fynychaist, fynychan, fynychant, fynychasai, fynychasant, fynychasech, fynychasem, fynychasent, fynychasid, fynychasit, fynychasoch, fynychasom, fynychaswn, fynychech, fynychem, fynychen, fynychent, fynycher, fynyches, fynychest, fynychet, fynychi, chyniweiriais, fynychiff, fynychir, fynychith, fynycho, fynychoch, fynychodd, fynychom, fynychon, fynychont, fynychwch, fynychwn, fynychwyd, fynychwyf, fynychych, gyniweiri, helent, gyniweiria’, gyniweiriaf, gyniweiriai, gyniweiriais, gyniweiriaist, gyniweirian, gyniweiriant, gyniweiriasai, gyniweiriasant, gyniweiriasech, gyniweiriasem, gyniweiriasent, gyniweiriasid, gyniweiriasit, gyniweiriasoch, gyniweiriasom, gyniweiriaswn, gyniweirid, gyniweiriech, gyniweiried, gyniweiriem, gyniweirien, gyniweirient, gyniweirier, gyniweiries, gyniweiriest, gyniweiriet, gyniweiriff, gyniweirio, gyniweirioch, gyniweiriodd, gyniweiriom, gyniweirion, gyniweiriont, gyniweirir, gyniweirith, gyniweiriwch, gyniweiriwn, gyniweiriwyd, gyniweiriwyf, gyniweiriych, hela, hela’, helaf, helai, helais, helaist, mynychi, helant, helasai, helasant, helasech, helasem, helasent, helasid, helasit, helasoch, helasom, helaswn, helech, heled, helem, helen, gyniweiria, heler, heles, helest, helet, heli, helid, heliff, helir, helith, helo, heloch, helodd, helom, helon, helont, helwch, helwn, helwyd, helwyf, helych, mynycha, mynycha’, mynychaf, mynychai, mynychais, mynychaist, mynychan, mynychant, mynychasai, mynychasant, mynychasech, mynychasem, mynychasent, mynychasid, mynychasit, mynychasoch, mynychasom, mynychaswn, mynychech, mynyched, mynychem, mynychen, mynychent, mynycher, mynyches, mynychest, mynychet, helan, mynychid, mynychiff, mynychir, mynychith, mynycho, mynychoch, mynychodd, mynychom, mynychon, mynychont, mynychwch, mynychwn, mynychwyd, mynychwyf, mynychychcyniwair, cyniweirio, chyniwair, fynychu, gyniwair, nghyniwair, nghyniweirio, hel, mynychu
Frequent :
yn aml
- yn amlfynychirfrequenterfrequentestmynychu

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Verb(1) do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of(2) be a regular or frequent visitor to a certain place
Adjective(1) coming at short intervals or habitually(2) frequently encountered, or common

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(1) The amount of rest I got though is questionable as I kept waking up at frequent intervals during the night.(2) Both West and Scales are frequent visitors to Australia.(3) There are shorter courses available, but it has been my experience that recurrences are more frequent with the shorter treatment cycles.(4) Heat waves like those that have scorched Europe and the United States in recent weeks are becoming more frequent because of global warming, say scientists who have studied decades of weather records and computer models of past, present and future climate.(5) Maybe he fed them chocolate at frequent intervals.(6) Many frequent visitors to the Doorley household over the years belonged to the Rosminian Order, also known as The Institute of Charity.(7) People at an increased risk should have a complete physical examination and their blood pressure checked at frequent intervals.(8) But, there is something else that silently encourages the car manufacturers in the country to come out with new models at frequent intervals.(9) But in 2001, my husband started to get fevers at frequent intervals.(10) First, it is highly effective when applied at frequent intervals, up to 15 times per month.(11) At frequent intervals during the game he would ask me questions, none of which were of a technical nature.(12) Burning at such frequent intervals kills longleaf pine seedlings.(13) Throughout her life the Queen Mother was a frequent visitor to the Tate, particularly admiring such mavericks as Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore.(14) I now eat smaller amounts but at more frequent intervals.(15) It all seems too good to be true for those people fortunate enough to own homes in the Costa del Golf while frequent visitors to the coast will also find membership considerably beneficial.(16) Soulful music regaled the families dining at Chin Chin, the Chinese restaurant, while a special buffet at the Coffee Pot kept guests coming back for more at frequent intervals.
Related Words
(1) frequent urination ::
troethi aml
1. recurrent ::
2. habitual ::
3. visit ::
4. haunt ::
5. sponsor ::
1. avoid ::
2. shun ::
Different Forms
frequent, frequented, frequenter, frequenters, frequentest, frequenting, frequently, frequents
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