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dychryn, ddychryn, arswydych, arswyded, arswydasem, arswyda’, arswydaf, arswydai, arswydais, arswydaist, arswydan, arswydant, arswydasai, arswydasant, arswydasech, dychryna, arswydasent, arswydasid, arswydasit, arswydasoch, arswydasom, arswydaswn, arswydech, arswydo, arswydith, dychrynem, arswydent, arswyder, arswydes, arswydest, arswydet, arswydi, arswydid, arswydiff, arswydir, arswydwyf, arswyden, arswydoch, arswydodd, arswydom, arswydon, arswydont, arswydwch, arswydwn, arswydwyd, dychrynasant, dychrynych, dychrynasem, dychryna’, dychrynaf, dychrynai, dychrynais, dychrynaist, dychrynan, dychrynant, dychrynasai, dychrynwyf, dychrynasech, ddychryna, dychrynasent, dychrynasid, dychrynasit, dychrynasoch, dychrynasom, dychrynaswn, dychrynech, dychryned, dychrynith, dychryno, dychrynent, dychryner, dychrynes, dychrynest, dychrynet, dychryni, dychrynid, dychryniff, dychrynir, arswydem, dychrynen, dychrynoch, dychrynodd, dychrynom, dychrynon, dychrynont, dychrynwch, dychrynwn, dychrynwyd, ddychrynasech, ddychrynasem, ddychryna’, ddychrynaf, ddychrynai, ddychrynais, ddychrynaist, ddychrynan, ddychrynant, ddychrynasai, ddychrynasant, harswyda, ddychrynent, ddychrynasent, ddychrynasid, ddychrynasit, ddychrynasoch, ddychrynasom, ddychrynaswn, ddychrynech, ddychryned, ddychrynem, ddychryno, ddychryner, ddychrynych, ddychrynes, ddychrynest, ddychrynet, ddychryni, ddychrynid, ddychryniff, ddychrynir, ddychrynith, ddychrynen, ddychrynoch, ddychrynodd, ddychrynom, ddychrynon, ddychrynont, ddychrynwch, ddychrynwn, ddychrynwyd, ddychrynwyf, harswydasant, arswyda, harswydasem, harswyda’, harswydaf, harswydai, harswydais, harswydaist, harswydan, harswydant, harswydasai, harswydwyf, harswydasech, harswydych, harswydasent, harswydasid, harswydasit, harswydasoch, harswydasom, harswydaswn, harswydech, harswyded, harswydith, harswydo, harswydent, harswyder, harswydes, harswydest, harswydet, harswydi, harswydid, harswydiff, harswydir, harswydem, harswyden, harswydoch, harswydodd, harswydom, harswydon, harswydont, harswydwch, harswydwn, harswydwyddychryn, arswydo, dychrynu, ddychrynu, nychryn, nychrynu
Frighten :
- dychrynofnusbrawychuscodi ofn

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Verb(1) cause fear in

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(1) It was an accomplishment, to frighten the person who had so often terrified him.(2) the government denies legal responsibility, presumably to frighten off other claimants(3) I must warn you that this image will shock and frighten you and if you are old or weak please do not look at it.(4) if you say anything to him you might frighten him off(5) at his age, I guess he doesn't frighten any more(6) They were afraid that the sounds and smells would frighten him more.(7) He said people should avoid wearing masks while walking from house to house as they can intimidate and frighten people.(8) Like a doctor afraid to frighten a patient with a truthful diagnosis, it doesn't say half enough.(9) Yet, there is enough in the survey to frighten many.(10) People who lived here carried on pretty much as normal, but outsiders were frightened off .(11) You know, that argument really frightens me.(12) This term, which is quite frightening to me, is often used to mean civilian casualties.(13) Am I just being cynical and assuming this is just a frightener to make me part with my money?(14) In 1967, for example, the restrictions were relaxed too soon and the epidemic flared up frighteningly again.(15) She grew afraid that the men who had frightened her before would try to harm her.(16) Anderson's attempt to show the world that Britain could do big-budget sci-fi just as well as Hollywood may have fizzled at the box office, but it's still a relatively effective deep space frightener .
Related Words
(1) to frighten ::
i ddychryn
1. scare ::
2. startle ::
3. alarm ::
4. terrify ::
5. petrify ::
6. shock ::
7. chill ::
8. panic ::
9. shake ::
10. disturb ::
11. dismay ::
12. unnerve ::
13. unman ::
14. intimidate ::
15. terrorize ::
16. cow ::
17. daunt ::
yn hynod anodd i
18. strike terror into ::
taro arswyd i mewn
23. scare stiff ::
stiff dychryn
25. scare witless ::
witless dychryn
26. scare to death ::
dychryn i farwolaeth
27. scare the pants off ::
dychryn y pants off
28. spook ::
34. affright ::
Different Forms
frighten, frightened, frightening, frightens
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