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ennill, enillasit, enillet, enilla’, enillaf, enillai, enillais, enillaist, enillan, enillant, enillasai, enillasant, enillasech, enillasem, enillasent, enillasid, fagasid, enillasoch, enillasom, enillaswn, enillech, enilled, enillem, enillen, enillent, eniller, enilles, enillest, enilli, enillych, enilliff, enillir, enillith, enillo, enilloch, enillodd, enillom, enillon, enillont, enillwch, enillwn, enillwyd, enillwyf, fagasent, enillid, faga, faga’, fagaf, fagai, fagais, fagaist, fagan, fagant, fagasai, fagasant, fagasech, fagasem, ffastiem, fagi, fagasit, fagasoch, fagasom, fagaswn, fagech, faged, fagem, fagen, fagent, fager, fages, fagest, faget, enilla, fagiff, fagith, fago, fagoch, fagodd, fagom, fagon, fagont, fagwch, fagwn, fagwyd, fagwyf, fegais, ffastian, ffastiant, fegi, fegid, fegir, fegwch, fegych, ffasti, ffastia, ffastia’, ffastiaf, ffastiai, ffastiais, ffastiaist, magech, fegaist, ffastiasai, ffastiasant, ffastiasech, ffastiasem, ffastiasent, ffastiasid, ffastiasit, ffastiasoch, ffastiasom, ffastiaswn, ffastid, ffastiech, ffastir, ffastith, ffastien, ffastient, ffastier, ffasties, ffastiest, ffastiet, ffastiff, ffastio, ffastioch, ffastiodd, ffastiom, ffastion, ffastiont, henillom, henillon, ffastiwch, ffastiwn, ffastiwyd, ffastiwyf, ffastiych, henilla, henilla’, henillaf, henillai, henillais, henillaist, henillan, henillen, henillent, henillasant, henillasech, henillasem, henillasent, henillasid, henillasit, henillasoch, henillasom, henillaswn, henillech, henilled, henillem, henillant, henillasai, heniller, henilles, henillest, henillet, henilli, henillid, henilliff, henillir, henillith, henillo, henilloch, henillodd, magais, magaist, henillont, henillwch, henillwn, henillwyd, henillwyf, henillych, hennill, mag, maga, maga’, magaf, magai, megych, ffastied, magan, magant, magasai, magasant, magasech, magasem, magasent, magasid, magasit, magasoch, magasom, magaswn, magodd, magom, magem, magen, magent, mager, mages, magest, maget, magi, magiff, magith, mago, magoch, fag, maged, magon, magont, magwch, magwn, magwyd, magwyf, megais, megaist, megi, megid, megir, megwchennill, magu, fagu, ffastioelw, elwau, helw, helwau
Gain :
- ennillenillwydgainerGainescyflogedig

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Noun(1) a quantity that is added(2) the advantageous quality of being beneficial(3) the amount of increase in signal power or voltage or current expressed as the ratio of output to input(4) the amount by which the revenue of a business exceeds its cost of operating
Verb(1) obtain(2) win something through one's efforts(3) derive a benefit from(4) reach a destination, either real or abstract(5) obtain advantages, such as points, etc.(6) rise in rate or price(7) increase or develop(8) earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages(9) increase (one's body weight

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(1) to gratify the queen and gain the court(2) this atomic clock will neither gain nor lose a second in the next 1 million years(3) You might also see an increase in chest size if you gain weight.(4) It is unclear whether screening for diabetes would, in itself, achieve an appreciable health gain .(5) amplifier gain(6) In another variation, the camera gain is increased throughout the pulse train.(7) So the area that has had the fat suctioned out of it is less likely to gain weight or increase in fat because there are fewer fat cells in the area.(8) Philadelphia politicians and their appointees sometimes use their offices for personal gain .(9) These crustaceans adaptations for water balance loss, gain and retention are a physiological priority.(10) An airplane in a spin does not gain airspeed and its rate of descent is relatively slow.(11) they need a gain of three seats(12) We lack a vocabulary to discuss other ways of investing in health gain .(13) he's only working for his own gain(14) Education needs hearts and minds dedicated to altruistic development rather than short term and personal gain and material enrichment.(15) you've made a gain of ├ö├®┬╝25(16) It's this crucial combination of good health and good taste that presents a significant potential gain for the industry.
Related Words
(1) no pain no gain ::
dim poen dim ennill
1. profit ::
2. increase ::
3. amplification ::
4. obtain ::
5. profit ::
8. reach ::
9. advance ::
ymlaen llaw
10. derive ::
11. win ::
12. clear ::
13. benefit ::
14. gather ::
15. arrive at ::
1. decline ::
2. decrease ::
3. diminution ::
4. fall ::
5. loss ::
6. reduction ::
Different Forms
gain, gained, gainer, gainers, gaines, gainful, gaining, gains
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