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gamblo, gamblasech, gambla’, gamblaf, gamblai, gamblais, gamblaist, gamblan, gamblant, gamblasai, gamblasant, gamblych, gambla, gamblasent, gamblasid, gamblasit, gamblasoch, gamblasom, gamblaswn, gamblech, gambled, gamblem, gamblith, gamblent, gamblen, gambler, gambles, gamblest, gamblet, gambli, gamblid, gambliff, gamblir, gamblasem, gambloch, gamblodd, gamblom, gamblon, gamblont, gamblwch, gamblwn, gamblwyd, gamblwyfgamblo, hapchwarae, ngamblo
Gamble :
- GamblementroGamblesgamblo

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Noun(1) money that is risked for possible monetary gain(2) a risky act or venture
Verb(1) take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome(2) play games for money

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(1) we decided to take a gamble and offer him a place on our staff(2) Contending teams with high picks and clubs with multiple first-round picks willing to gamble on him hope that's not all he is.(3) However, the very success of the risky blitzkrieg approach led the Germans to gamble even more heavily on their next major operation - the invasion of Russia.(4) Partly it is to do with Britain's curious housing market, where people gamble in property futures as a form of investment.(5) the British could only gamble that something would turn up(6) He paused and thought about doubling down, but seemed afraid to put out the extra money on such an insecure gamble .(7) At the last one, he went so far as to say that if people are allowed to gamble their money away at casinos they should be allowed to spend their own money on health care.(8) But even with the short payback, such games are almost always a better gamble than the reel slots.(9) Ideally the money men want to be able to gamble the pension fund, without being responsible for a fixed pension payment.(10) Investing in CFDs is a highly leveraged way to gamble on stock markets.(11) Spread betting is about taking a genuine gamble , and backing your judgement against that of the bookie.(12) Both, he reckons, are houses where we gamble for high stakes, and with high hopes.(13) We chose to gamble with the more direct train to Pavonia-Newport, hoping the rain would let up before we got there.(14) But in practice we wouldn't be able to gamble with the chance that it might not work.(15) He's extremely talented and has good drive and business sense, but this is a gamble and could leave me in a bit of financial trouble if it fails.(16) It is this strong belief in luck that leads many to gamble their meagre savings in the hope of becoming rich.
Related Words
(1) to gamble ::
i gamblo
1. bet ::
2. risk ::
3. bet ::
4. take a chance ::
cymryd y cyfle
5. take chances ::
cymryd siawns
Different Forms
gamble, gambled, gambles, gambling
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