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oreuro, eurasem, eurem, eura’, euraf, eurai, eurais, euraist, euran, eurant, eurasai, eurasant, eurasech, goreura, eurasent, eurasid, eurasit, eurasoch, eurasom, euraswn, eurech, eured, goreuro, euren, eurent, eurer, eures, eurest, euret, euri, eurid, euriff, eurir, eurith, eurych, euroch, eurodd, eurom, euron, euront, eurwch, eurwn, eurwyd, eurwyf, goreurasech, goreurasem, goreura’, goreuraf, goreurai, goreurais, goreuraist, goreuran, goreurant, goreurasai, goreurasant, goreurych, eura, goreurasent, goreurasid, goreurasit, goreurasoch, goreurasom, goreuraswn, goreurech, goreured, goreurem, goreuren, goreurent, goreurer, goreures, goreurest, goreuret, goreuri, goreurid, goreuriff, goreurir, goreurith, euro, goreuroch, goreurodd, goreurom, goreuron, goreuront, goreurwch, goreurwn, goreurwyd, goreurwyf, heurasant, heurych, heurasem, heura’, heuraf, heurai, heurais, heuraist, heuran, heurant, heurasai, heurwyf, heurasech, oreura, heurasent, heurasid, heurasit, heurasoch, heurasom, heuraswn, heurech, heured, heurith, heurent, heuren, heurer, heures, heurest, heuret, heuri, heurid, heuriff, heurir, heurem, heuro, heuroch, heurodd, heurom, heuron, heuront, heurwch, heurwn, heurwyd, oreurasech, oreurasem, oreura’, oreuraf, oreurai, oreurais, oreuraist, oreuran, oreurant, oreurasai, oreurasant, oreurych, heura, oreurasent, oreurasid, oreurasit, oreurasoch, oreurasom, oreuraswn, oreurech, oreured, oreurith, oreuroch, oreurent, oreurer, oreures, oreurest, oreuret, oreuri, oreurid, oreuriff, oreurir, oreurem, oreuren, oreurodd, oreurom, oreuron, oreuront, oreurwch, oreurwn, oreurwyd, oreurwyfeuro, goreuro, ngoreuro
Gild :
- gildeuraidGildergoreurogilds

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Noun(1) a formal association of people with similar interests
Verb(1) decorate with, or as if with, gold leaf or liquid gold

Show Examples

(1) they gild the facts until the truth all but vanishes(2) The walls were light pink and the ceiling was gilded .(3) The sun lanced through the overcast veil of blizzard-clouds and snow-squalls and gilded the twin vessels in shining gold.(4) the gilded fools who surrounded the Prince(5) On a gray ground, molded and gilded leaf-and-flower motifs cover the nearly flat bottom of the body.(6) Such results were deliberately expensive and labor intensive, requiring the most inventive designers, skilled carvers, expert gilders , and experienced glassmakers.(7) The entrance is shaded by several painted and gilded roofs supported by marble columns.(8) They came to it rather quickly, the largest building in the village that was covered in jewels and gilded with gold.(9) In addition to apprenticeship and journeyman requirements, the regulations stipulated that all gilded work had to be stamped by the gilder .(10) The porcelain handles, which curve to enclose florets, are gilded to imitate gilt bronze.(11) The doors were ornately carved and gilded with glistening gold.(12) There was a great white and gold fireplace and even a little gilded coffee table with a silver tea set sitting quaintly in the centre of the room.(13) The objects were carefully arranged in groups in carved and gilded wooden cabinets.(14) The photographs also record, albeit subtly, the wear that evidences the many people who have gathered together under these gilded ceilings.(15) As any gilder will tell you, their success depends entirely on the carver's work.(16) Most were gilded , although painted faux-marble frames are also found.
Related Words
(1) gild the lily ::
oreuro y lili
1. gold-plate ::
2. cover with gold ::
ymdrin ag aur
3. paint gold ::
aur paent
4. club ::
5. lodge ::
6. social club ::
clwb cymdeithasol
7. order ::
8. guild ::
9. society ::
Different Forms
gild, gilded, gilder, gilders, gilding, gilds
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