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mynd, fynd, fyned, mynedmyndewch, aethid, â, aech, aed, aem, aent, aet, aeth, aethai, aethant, aethech, aethem, aethent, ger, a’, aethoch, aethom, aethon, aethost, aethpwyd, aethwn, af, âi, aiff, ân, ânt, cer, elet, elid, dos, ei, eid, eir, eith, êl, elai, elech, eled, elem, elent, eler, aethit, cher, elit, elo, eloch, elom, elont, elwn, elwyf, elych, es, est, euthum
Go :
- myndmyndmynd

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Verb(1) move from one place or point to another; travel.(2) leave; depart.(3) intend or be likely or intended to be or do something; be about to (used to express a future tense).(4) pass into a specified state, especially an undesirable one.(5) proceed in a specified way or have a specified outcome; turn out.(6) be harmonious, complementary, or matching.(7) (of a machine or device) function.(8) (of an article) be regularly kept or put in a particular place.(9) use a toilet; urinate or defecate.
Noun(1) an attempt or trial at something.(2) spirit, animation, or energy.(3) a Japanese board game of territorial possession and capture.
Adjective(1) functioning properly.

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(1) I only bring the subject up because of the news on the front page of last week's Daily Record that the price of a pint is to go up by 10p.(2) Physically, he is a wonderful manÔǪvery wiry, and full of energy and go .(3) Remember, of course, that equity values can go down as well as up.(4) to miss a go(5) are you ready to go?(6) they'd rather go naked than wear fur(7) We should know if the sale is a go for sure by late September or early October.(8) ÔÇÿOh do you have to go so soon?ÔÇÖ said Diane, looking at her watch.(9) he gave me a go on his bike(10) In a statement yesterday they announced that 14,000 jobs are due to due to go next year.(11) she's prepared to go up to ðä25,000(12) The Yaris is a young driver's car and one that will please both the boy-racers and the ladies who expect their city car to have a bit of go and a bit of show.(13) the tears will soon go(14) we have to go soon(15) The chances of infection go down by about 90 per cent when the animal is dead.(16) With 280 bhp and 363 Nm torque, the Nissan has lots of go under any circumstances.
Related Words
1. move ::
2. extend ::
3. be given ::
yn cael ei roi
4. leave ::
5. pass ::
6. disappear ::
7. be used up ::
yn cael ei ddefnyddio i fyny
8. die ::
yn marw
9. collapse ::
10. become ::
yn dod yn
11. make a sound ::
gwneud swn
13. match ::
14. function ::
15. belong ::
16. contribute ::
17. go away ::
mynd i ffwrdd
18. plump ::
19. sound ::
20. lead ::
21. run ::
22. proceed ::
symud ymlaen
23. get ::
24. locomote ::
25. rifle ::
26. fit ::
27. live on ::
byw ar
28. break down ::
torri lawr
29. start ::
30. run low ::
rhedeg yn isel
31. expire ::
yn dod i ben
32. blend in ::
33. attempt ::
34. energy ::
35. turn ::
37. offer ::
38. go game ::
mynd gêm
1. remain ::
yn parhau i fod
2. stand ::
3. stay ::
4. stop ::
rhoi'r gorau i
Different Forms
go, goes
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