English to Welsh Meaning :: gossip

clecs, cloncen, chlap, clapgi, clapgwn, clebren, clebrennod, clebryn, clec, clonc, janglen, clap, chlapgi, chlapgwn, chlebrennod, chlebryn, chlec, chlonc, chloncen, nghlap, nghlapgwn, glapgi, glapgwn, glebrennod, glebryn, glec, glonc, gloncen, nghloncen, nghlapgi, glap, nghlebren, nghlebrennod, nghlebryn, nghlec, nghloncclebran, brepia, brepiasoch, brepia’, brepiaf, brepiai, brepiais, brepiaist, brepian, brepiant, brepion, brepiasant, brepiasech, brepiasem, brepiasent, brepiasid, brepiasit, brepiaswn, brepiasom, brepiont, brepid, brepiech, brepied, brepiem, brepien, brepient, brepier, brepiasai, brepiest, brepiet, brepiff, brepio, brepioch, brepiodd, brepiom, brepiych, clebraist, cegan, cegaist, cegais, cegai, cegaf, cega’, cega, ceger, brepiwyf, brepiwyd, brepiwn, brepiwch, brepith, brepir, chlapiaist, cegasom, cegent, cegen, cegem, ceged, cegech, cegaswn, cegant, cegasoch, cegasit, cegasid, cegasent, cegasem, cegasech, cegasant, cegasai, clapiasit, cegest, ceget, cegi, cegid, cegiff, cegir, cegith, cego, cegoch, cegodd, cegom, cegon, cegont, cegwch, cegwn, cegwyd, cegwyf, cegych, clapi, clapia, clapia’, clapiaf, clapiai, clapiais, clapiaist, clapiwyd, clapiant, clapiasai, clapiasant, clapiasech, clapiasem, clapiasent, clapiasid, clapien, ceges, clapio, clapiff, clapiet, clapiest, clapies, clapier, clapient, clebrais, clapiem, clapied, clapiech, clapid, clapiaswn, clapiasom, clapiasoch, brepies, clebrai, clebraf, clebra’, clebra, clapiych, clapiwyf, clapioch, clapiwn, clapiwch, clapith, clapir, clapiont, clapion, clapiom, clapiodd, clebrwyd, clebrant, clebrasai, clebrasant, clebrasech, clebrasem, clebrasent, clebrasid, clebrasit, clebrasoch, clebrasom, clebraswn, clebrech, clebred, clebrem, clebren, clebrent, clebrer, clebres, clebrest, clebret, clebri, clebrid, clebriff, clebrir, clebrith, chegasoch, clebroch, clebrodd, clebrom, clebron, clebront, clebrwch, clebrwn, clepiwch, chlebrais, chegaist, chegais, chegai, chegaf, chega’, chega, clepiych, chegent, clepir, clepid, clepiaist, clepiais, clepi, clebrych, clebrwyf, clebro, chegen, chegem, cheged, chegech, chegaswn, chegasom, chegan, chegasit, chegasid, chegasent, chegasem, chegasech, chegasant, chegasai, chegant, chlapiasid, cheges, chegest, cheget, chegi, chegid, chegiff, chegir, chegith, chego, chegoch, chegodd, chegom, chegon, chegont, chegwch, chegwn, chegwyd, chegwyf, chegych, chlapi, chlapia, chlapia’, chlapiaf, chlapiai, chlapiais, chlapiwn, chlapian, chlapiant, chlapiasai, chlapiasant, chlapiasech, chlapiasem, chlapiasent, chlapiem, cheger, chlapiff, chlapiet, chlapiest, chlapies, chlapier, chlapient, chlapien, brepi, chlapied, chlapiech, chlapid, chlapiaswn, chlapiasom, chlapiasoch, chlapiasit, glebront, chlebraf, chlebra’, chlebra, chlapiych, chlapiwyf, chlapiwyd, chlapio, chlapiwch, chlapith, chlapir, chlapiont, chlapion, chlapiom, chlapiodd, chlapioch, chlebrasent, chlebrasid, chlebraist, chlebran, chlebrant, chlebrasai, chlebrasant, chlebrasech, chlebrasem, chlebront, chlebrwch, chlebrasit, chlebrasoch, chlebrasom, chlebraswn, chlebrech, chlebred, chlebriff, chlebrir, chlebrent, chlebrer, chlebres, chlebrest, chlebret, chlebri, chlebrid, chlebrem, chlebren, chlebrith, chlebro, chlebroch, chlebrodd, chlebrom, chlebron, chlepir, gegem, glebraf, gegai, gegaf, gega’, gega, chlepiych, chlepiwch, geged, chlepid, chlepiaist, chlepiais, chlepi, chlebrych, chlebrwyf, chlebrwyd, glapiasent, gegech, gegaswn, gegasom, gegasoch, gegasit, gegais, gegasent, gegasem, gegasech, gegasant, gegasai, gegant, gegan, gegaist, gegasid, gegiff, gegir, gegen, geger, geges, gegest, geget, gegi, gegid, gegent, gegwch, gegith, gego, gegoch, gegodd, gegom, gegon, glapiaf, gegwn, glapiasech, gegwyd, gegwyf, gegych, glapi, glapia, glapia’, gegont, glapiai, glapiais, glapiaist, glapian, glapiant, glapiasai, glapiasant, glapied, glebra’, glapiasem, glapiest, glapies, glapier, glapient, glapien, glapiem, glebra, glapiech, glapid, glapiaswn, glapiasom, glapiasoch, glapiasit, glapiasid, chlebrwn, glapiych, glapiwyf, glapiwyd, glapiwn, glapiwch, glapiet, glapir, glapiont, glapion, glapiom, glapiodd, glapioch, glapio, glapiff, glapith, glebrasech, glebrasem, glebrai, glebrais, glebraist, glebran, glebrant, glebrasai, glebrasant, glebrom, glebron, glebrasent, glebrasid, glebrasit, glebrasoch, glebrasom, glebraswn, glebri, glebrid, glebrem, glebren, glebrent, glebrer, glebres, glebrest, glebret, glebrech, glebred, glebriff, glebrir, glebrith, glebro, glebroch, glebrodd, glepiaist, prepiaswn, chlebrai, prepia, prepi, glepiych, glepiwch, glepir, glepid, prepiasom, glepiais, glepi, glebrych, glebrwyf, glebrwyd, glebrwn, glebrwch, phrepiasech, prepiasoch, prepiasit, prepiasid, prepiasent, prepiasem, prepia’, prepiasant, prepiasai, prepiant, prepian, prepiaist, prepiais, prepiai, prepiaf, prepiasech, prepiest, prepiet, prepiech, prepied, prepiem, prepien, prepient, prepier, prepies, phrepiasai, phrepiasant, prepiff, prepio, prepioch, prepiodd, prepiom, prepion, phrepia, phrepia’, prepith, prepiwch, prepiwn, prepiwyd, prepiwyf, prepiych, phrepi, prepiont, prepir, phrepiaf, phrepiai, phrepiais, phrepiaist, phrepian, phrepiant, phrepid, phrepiych, prepid, phrepier, phrepient, phrepien, phrepiem, phrepied, phrepiech, phrepiwyf, phrepiaswn, phrepiasom, phrepiasoch, phrepiasit, phrepiasid, phrepiasent, phrepiasem, clapian, phrepiwyd, phrepiwn, phrepiwch, phrepith, phrepir, phrepies, phrepion, phrepiom, phrepiodd, phrepioch, phrepio, phrepiff, phrepiet, phrepiest, phrepiontclebran, gloncian, clapian, clepian, cloncan, cloncian, cloncio, clonco, chlepian, chloncan, chloncian, chloncio, chlonco, chwedleua, glepian, cega, gloncio, glonco, nghega, nghlapian, nghlebran, nghlepian, nghloncan, nghloncian, nghloncio, nghlonco, janglo, mhrepian, prepian, gloncan
Gossip :
- clecsgossipedgossiperhel clecsgossips

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Noun(1) light informal conversation for social occasions(2) a report (often malicious(3) a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others
Verb(1) wag one's tongue; speak about others and reveal secrets or intimacies(2) talk socially without exchanging too much information

Show Examples

(1) E. used to have the best job a gossip could hope for - telephone operator in a small town in the days of party lines.(2) he became the subject of much local gossip(3) It all became as terrible as completely true gossip would be.(4) His survival depends on audiences who will not accept fact-free reporting and who recognize gossip packaged in legalese.(5) However, members of the public reading the caption would think it was true and that the gossip he reported was accurate.(6) The love triangle became the subject of local gossip and he was shattered.(7) Consequently, we kept our daily reports clear of any gossip or personal information.(8) It was the place you'd go to hear the local gossip , have a quiet pint, watch a game on TV, or read the paper.(9) Hopefully I will find easy wireless access and have some fun gossip to report.(10) It's a fast read with lots of insider details and gossip .(11) He is one part charming, electric, shrewd, an engrossing teller of stories, a gossip - and one part beast.(12) The population is skewed toward the seriously rich, with billionaires, according to the local gossip , having driven out the millionaires.(13) Yes, but I must add it is mostly local gossip , the trial has yet to take place.(14) she just comes round here for a gossip(15) Friendly newsagent Lynda, who is a runner in her spare time, keeps me up to date on the local athletics gossip .(16) He was, incongruously, an incurable gossip , careful to label rumour for what it was, but fascinated by it
Related Words
(1) gossip column ::
colofn glecs
2. scandalmonger ::
3. chin wagging ::
ên ysgwyd
5. comment ::
6. spread rumors ::
sibrydion lledaeniad
7. jaw ::
Different Forms
gossip, gossiped, gossiper, gossipers, gossiping, gossips, gossipy
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