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gril, gridyll, gridyllau, griliau, ngridyll, ngridyllau, ridyll, ridyllaugrilio, gridyllaf, gridylla’, gridyllai, gridyllais, gridyllaist, gridyllan, gridyllant, gridyllasai, gridyllasant, gridyllasech, gridyllent, gridyllasent, gridyllasid, gridyllasit, gridyllasoch, gridyllasom, gridyllaswn, gridyllech, gridylled, gridyllem, gridyllen, gridylloch, gridyller, gridylles, gridyllest, gridyllet, gridylli, gridyllid, gridylliff, gridyllir, gridyllith, gridylla, gridyllasem, gridyllodd, gridyllom, gridyllon, gridyllont, gridyllwch, gridyllwn, gridyllwyd, gridyllwyf, gridyllych, gridyllo, griliasem, grilia’, griliaf, griliai, griliais, griliaist, grilian, griliant, griliasai, griliasant, griliem, grilia, griliasent, griliasid, griliasit, griliasoch, griliasom, griliaswn, grilid, griliech, griliasech, grilion, grilien, grilient, grilier, grilies, griliest, griliet, griliff, grilioch, grilied, griliom, grili, griliont, grilir, grilith, griliwch, griliwn, griliwyd, griliwyf, griliych, grilioddgrilio, gridyllu, ngridyllu
Grill :
- grilgriliogriliogriliau

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Noun(1) a restaurant where food is cooked on a grill(2) a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate
Verb(1) cook over or under a grill(2) examine thoroughly

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(1) Split the muffins and lightly grill the insides only.(2) She was waiting at the door when we came around the corner ready to grill us.(3) Return the peppers to the grill pan and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese.(4) grill the trout for five minutes(5) Every time I come home from school, they grill me about what I learned that day.(6) Very friendly front-of-house, nice bar area and both the grill and the restaurant offer pretty views of a windy forecourt between four skyscrapers.(7) If using a charcoal grill , preheat it to medium.(8) grill the trout for about five minutes(9) Put the sardines into a small ovenproof dish and place under the grill till they sizzle - it will take around five minutes.(10) There's also the need for food, whether it's a burger from the beach grill or a fancy upscale restaurant.(11) a grill pan(12) Grill small sardines on the open grill and serve with a twist of lemon and a healthy shake of freshly ground black pepper.(13) Brushing the kebabs with olive oil, I stick them under the grill and start preparing the salad.(14) Depending on the heat of your grill , this will take 7-10 minutes.(15) We had a lovely night and the mixed grill and steak pie were lovely.(16) It turned out to be an excuse to stand in the kitchen for fifteen minutes and grill me about mine and Lisa's wedding plans.
Related Words
(1) mixed grill ::
gril cymysg
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Different Forms
grill, grilled, grilling, grillings, grills
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