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rhigol, rigol, rigolau, rhigolaurychent, rycha’, rychaf, rychai, rychais, rychaist, rychan, rychant, rychasai, rychasant, rychasech, rycho, rychasent, rychasid, rychasit, rychasoch, rychasom, rychaswn, rychech, ryched, rychem, rychen, rychoch, rycher, ryches, rychest, rychet, rychi, rychid, rychiff, rychir, rychith, rycha, rychasem, rychodd, rychom, rychon, rychont, rychwch, rychwn, rychwyd, rychwyf, rychych, rhychent, rhycha’, rhychaf, rhychai, rhychais, rhychaist, rhychan, rhychant, rhychasai, rhychasant, rhychasech, rhycho, rhychasent, rhychasid, rhychasit, rhychasoch, rhychasom, rhychaswn, rhychech, rhyched, rhychem, rhychen, rhychoch, rhycher, rhyches, rhychest, rhychet, rhychi, rhychid, rhychiff, rhychir, rhychith, rhycha, rhychasem, rhychodd, rhychom, rhychon, rhychont, rhychwch, rhychwn, rhychwyd, rhychwyf, rhychychrigoli, rychu, rhigoli, rhychu
Groove :
- rhigolrhigolrhigolaugrooving

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Noun(1) a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion, as e.g. a groove in a phonograph record(2) a settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape(3) (anatomy
Verb(1) make a groove in, or provide with a groove(2) hollow out in the form of a furrow or groove

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(1) Clearly he enjoyed the opportunity to groove with young musicians, and judging by his gracious, charming attitude he was as happy as ever to let a crowd in on the fun.(2) The grooves are slightly offset so as the upper assembly moves forward, the cylinder is forced to engage the correct groove with the stud.(3) the groove laid down by the drummer and bassist is tough and funky(4) But until he relaxes in the batter's box and stops diving for pitches, opposing pitchers aren't going to groove any fastballs his way.(5) The woman's face is almost square, her jaw and cheekbones wide, her mouth a groove with calm, correct corners.(6) Neural groove and folds emerge about 7 to 8 days after oviposition.(7) Climb the groove to below the steep wall on The Pinnacles.(8) Driven by the barest resources of rhythm and groove , amongst discordant guitar shards and electronic noise, the song brings the album's diesel start to a grind.(9) If Japan can keep growing and get its competitive groove back, more and more Japanese might feel confident enough about their economic future to splurge.(10) Harley relaxed and began to groove(11) Are you more into the hardcore rap or more for the groove in hip-hop?(12) With a typical pop/rock record, the groove will be 2.5 mils (thousands of an inch) wide, and will move from side to side a total of 2.5 mils.(13) Both were above average, and when Milton got in a groove , he displayed flashes of brilliance.(14) Climb the groove on rock then grass until you are level with a scary looking traverse back to the left.(15) Here they seem to have at last begun honing their ability to ride a simple groove at a moderate pace.(16) Like any habit, once a groove is established, it is often difficult to change, and changing is even harder if it means you'll have to use less weight.
Related Words
(1) in the groove ::
yn y rhigol
1. furrow ::
2. channel ::
3. vallecula ::
4. rut ::
5. rut ::
Different Forms
groove, grooved, grooves, grooving
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