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harbwr, porthladd, borthladd, borthladdoedd, mhorthladd, mhorthladdoedd, porth, porthladdoedd, phorthladd, phorthladdoeddlochesu, llochesu, goleddu, coleddu, choleddu, ngholedducoleddasid, coleddasit, coledda’, coleddaf, coleddai, coleddais, coleddaist, coleddan, coleddant, coleddasai, coleddasant, coleddasech, coleddasem, coleddasent, choleddasech, choleddasem, coleddasoch, coleddasom, coleddaswn, coleddech, coledded, coleddem, coledden, coleddent, coledder, coleddes, coleddest, coleddwyd, coleddwyf, coleddid, coleddiff, coleddir, coleddith, coleddo, coleddoch, coleddodd, coleddom, coleddon, coleddont, coleddwch, coleddwn, coleddet, coleddi, coleddych, choledda, choledda’, choleddaf, choleddai, choleddais, choleddaist, choleddan, choleddant, choleddasai, choleddasant, coledda, choleddes, choleddasent, choleddasid, choleddasit, choleddasoch, choleddasom, choleddaswn, choleddech, choledded, choleddem, choledden, choleddent, choledder, goleddem, choleddest, choleddet, choleddi, choleddid, choleddiff, choleddir, choleddith, choleddo, choleddoch, choleddodd, choleddom, choleddon, goleddant, goleddasai, choleddwch, choleddwn, choleddwyd, choleddwyf, choleddych, goledda, goledda’, goleddaf, goleddai, goleddais, goleddaist, goleddan, llochesasoch, choleddont, goleddasant, goleddasech, goleddasem, goleddasent, goleddasid, goleddasit, goleddasoch, goleddasom, goleddaswn, goleddech, goledded, locheso, goleddent, goledder, goleddes, goleddest, goleddet, goleddi, goleddid, goleddiff, goleddir, goleddith, goleddo, goleddoch, goleddodd, goleddom, goleddon, goleddont, goleddwch, goleddwn, goleddwyd, goleddwyf, goleddych, lochesa, lochesa’, lochesaf, lochesai, lochesais, lochesaist, lochesan, lochesant, lochesasai, lochesasant, lochesasech, lochesasem, lochesasent, lochesasid, lochesasit, lochesasoch, lochesasom, lochesaswn, lochesech, llochesir, lochesem, lochesen, lochesent, locheser, locheses, lochesest, locheset, lochesi, lochesid, lochesiff, lochesir, lochesith, llochesaf, llochesai, lochesoch, lochesodd, lochesom, locheson, lochesont, locheswch, locheswn, locheswyd, locheswyf, lochesych, llochesa, llochesa’, llochesych, goledden, llochesais, llochesaist, llochesan, llochesant, llochesasai, llochesasant, llochesasech, llochesasem, llochesasent, llochesasid, llochesasit, llochesiff, llochesaswn, llochesech, llochesed, llochesem, llochesen, llochesent, llocheser, llocheses, llochesest, llocheset, llochesi, llochesid, lochesed, llochesasom, llochesith, llocheso, llochesoch, llochesodd, llochesom, llocheson, llochesont, llocheswch, llocheswn, llocheswyd, llocheswyf
Harbor :
- harbwrharboredharbwrharbyrau

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Noun(1) a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo(2) a place of refuge and comfort and security
Verb(1) maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings(2) secretly shelter (as of fugitives or criminals(3) keep in one's possession; of animals(4) hold back a thought or feeling about

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(1) the westerly wind kept us in harbor until the following afternoon(2) Many of us secretly harbor a suspicion that somebody somewhere really is finding both fun and fulfillment while being sexually promiscuous.(3) Ports that usually average 30 to 35 ships in harbor , now have 60 to 65.(4) Children most frequently harbor belminthic infections because of their close contact with soil and poor hygienic practices.(5) Certain plants if grown in the wrong area can almost be counted on to harbor disease.(6) Obviously, if you offer a safe harbor , some agents just won't bother to learn new skills.(7) On one level the little arms around you and the fact that he regards you as a safe harbor in a pinch is a great, uplifting feeling.(8) fishing in the harbor(9) Time and again, the legislation has sailed through congressional votes only to encounter choppy seas as it neared the safe harbor of enactment.(10) Both sites show evidence they once contained liquid water and might therefore harbor fossils of primitive life.(11) In a positive effort to stop the cycle of incarceration among children of prisoners, the camp experience has become a safe harbor .(12) The girls were suddenly forced to find their safe harbor in me.(13) For what group does not secretly harbor the desire to shield its truths, which it hopes are expressions of Truth itself, from a probing critique?(14) And some primates harbor deadly diseases, like herpes B, that they can pass on to human primates via bites and scratches.(15) The ideology also affords a safe harbor of rationalization.(16) However, during later stages of IPF, cysts and bronchiectasis may develop, allowing these areas to harbor infections in the native lung.
Related Words
(1) safe harbor ::
harbwr diogel
1. port ::
2. refuge ::
3. seaport ::
4. shelter ::
5. bear ::
6. shield ::
7. entertain ::
Different Forms
harbor, harbored, harboring, harbors
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