English to Welsh Meaning :: harden

caledu, galedu, chaledu, nghaledu, hymgaledu, ymgaledugaledaf, chaledwch, caledasem, caleded, caleda’, caledaf, caledai, caledais, caledaist, caledan, caledant, caledasai, caledasant, caledasech, caledych, caledasent, caledasid, caledasit, caledasoch, caledasom, caledaswn, caledech, caledo, caledith, chaledech, caledent, caleder, caledes, caledest, caledet, caledi, caledid, calediff, caledir, caledwyf, caleden, caledoch, caledodd, caledom, caledon, caledont, caledwch, caledwn, caledwyd, chaledasai, chaledych, chaledasant, chaleda, chaleda’, chaledaf, chaledai, chaledais, chaledaist, chaledan, chaledant, chaledwyf, caleda, chaledasech, chaledasem, chaledasent, chaledasid, chaledasit, chaledasoch, chaledasom, chaledaswn, chaledir, chaledo, chaledem, chaledent, chaleder, chaledes, chaledest, chaledet, chaledid, chalediff, caledem, chaledith, chaleded, chaledoch, chaledodd, chaledom, chaledon, chaledont, chaledwn, chaledwyd, galedent, galedasem, galeda’, galedai, galedais, galedaist, galedan, galedant, galedasai, galedasant, galedasech, ymgaleda, galedasent, galedasid, galedasit, galedasoch, galedasom, galedaswn, galedech, galeded, ymgaleda’, galedoch, galedom, galeder, galedes, galedest, galedet, galedid, galediff, galedir, galedith, galedo, ymgaledoch, galedodd, galedem, galedon, galedont, galedwch, galedwn, galedwyd, galedwyf, galedych, ymgaledasem, ymgaledasent, ymgaledaf, ymgaledai, ymgaledais, ymgaledaist, ymgaledan, ymgaledant, ymgaledasai, ymgaledasant, ymgaledasech, ymgaledych, galeda, ymgaledasid, ymgaledasit, ymgaledasoch, ymgaledasom, ymgaledaswn, ymgaledech, ymgaleded, ymgaledem, ymgaledo, ymgaleder, ymgaledes, ymgaledest, ymgaledet, ymgaledi, ymgaledid, ymgalediff, ymgaledir, ymgaledith, ymgaleden, ymgaledent, ymgaledodd, ymgaledom, ymgaledon, ymgaledont, ymgaledwch, ymgaledwn, ymgaledwyd, ymgaledwyf
Harden :
- caleducaleducaledwrcaleducaledu

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Verb(1) become hard or harder(2) make hard or harder(3) harden by reheating and cooling in oil(4) make fit(5) cause to accept or become hardened to; habituate

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(1) ÔÇÿBy the time the standards harden , we have something that has been used by a lot of people,ÔÇÖ said Bob Sutor, IBM's director of e-Business strategy.(2) Thermoplastics, which soften when heated and harden when cooled, run the gamut from commodity to engineering plastics.(3) The Tories seem to believe that they can harden up their core support through scapegoating.(4) Record low yields are being set this year, and yields will harden further for the foreseeable future.(5) wait for the glue to harden(6) If the weather warms up the pitch will harden and produce variable bounce,ÔÇÖ says Charles Downes.(7) He looks as if he wants to speak, but then his eyes harden as she remains impassive.(8) He said ÔÇÿAs the prospects of a bumper EU harvest fade rapidly due to adverse weather conditions, market prices for grain will harden .ÔÇÖ(9) Tung oil will harden , not stay soft and oily as the typical oil finish you mention.(10) He did this to harden up electoral support and build a core of activists committed not just to racism, but to fascism.(11) No doubt plenty of people will harden in their support for the Democrats in the next election.(12) These oils harden when exposed to air and seal the wood.(13) As far as the office itself is concerned, companies have to break away from their traditional reliance on the perimeter firewall and look to harden up defences from within.(14) But I will say this: if this conflict should widen, or go on much longer than anticipated, I have little doubt that public support will only harden .(15) Retail values should continue to harden as rents increase.(16) Don't bother trying to resist Jim Garrahy's Fudge Kitchen, where the fudge is made in front of you, spread out on a huge marble slab and left to harden before being passed around for sampling.
Related Words
(1) to harden ::
i galedu
1. solidify ::
2. toughen ::
3. indurate ::
4. temper ::
5. inure ::
yn cyfarwyddo
6. season ::
1. soften ::
Different Forms
harden, hardened, hardener, hardeners, hardening, hardens
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