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helpu, cynorthwyo, nghynorthwyohelpcynorthwyo, gynorthwyo, cynorthwyasem, cynorthwyed, cynorthwya’, cynorthwyaf, cynorthwyai, cynorthwyais, cynorthwyaist, cynorthwyan, cynorthwyant, cynorthwyasai, cynorthwyasant, cynorthwyasech, chynorthwya, cynorthwyasent, cynorthwyasid, cynorthwyasit, cynorthwyasoch, cynorthwyasom, cynorthwyaswn, cynorthwyech, cynorthwyoch, cynorthwyith, chynorthwyem, cynorthwyent, cynorthwyer, cynorthwyes, cynorthwyest, cynorthwyet, cynorthwyi, cynorthwyid, cynorthwyiff, cynorthwyir, cynorthwyych, cynorthwyen, cynorthwyodd, cynorthwyom, cynorthwyon, cynorthwyont, cynorthwywch, cynorthwywn, cynorthwywyd, cynorthwywyf, chynorthwyasech, chynorthwyasem, chynorthwya’, chynorthwyaf, chynorthwyai, chynorthwyais, chynorthwyaist, chynorthwyan, chynorthwyant, chynorthwyasai, chynorthwyasant, chynorthwyych, cynorthwya, chynorthwyasent, chynorthwyasid, chynorthwyasit, chynorthwyasoch, chynorthwyasom, chynorthwyaswn, chynorthwyech, chynorthwyed, chynorthwyith, chynorthwyo, chynorthwyent, chynorthwyer, chynorthwyes, chynorthwyest, chynorthwyet, chynorthwyi, chynorthwyid, chynorthwyiff, chynorthwyir, cynorthwyem, chynorthwyen, chynorthwyoch, chynorthwyodd, chynorthwyom, chynorthwyont, chynorthwywch, chynorthwywn, chynorthwywyd, chynorthwywyf, helpa’, gynorthwya’, gynorthwyaf, gynorthwyai, gynorthwyais, gynorthwyaist, gynorthwyan, gynorthwyant, gynorthwyasai, gynorthwyasant, gynorthwyasech, gynorthwyasem, gynorthwyasent, gynorthwyasid, gynorthwyasit, gynorthwyasoch, gynorthwyasom, gynorthwyaswn, gynorthwyech, gynorthwyed, gynorthwyem, gynorthwyoch, gynorthwyer, gynorthwyent, gynorthwyes, gynorthwyest, gynorthwyet, gynorthwyi, gynorthwyid, gynorthwyiff, gynorthwyir, gynorthwyith, gynorthwyen, gynorthwyodd, gynorthwyom, gynorthwyont, gynorthwywch, gynorthwywn, gynorthwywyd, gynorthwywyf, gynorthwyych, helpa, helpasem, helpasent, helpaf, helpai, helpais, helpaist, helpan, helpant, helpasai, helpasant, helpasech, helpych, gynorthwya, helpasid, helpasit, helpasoch, helpasom, helpaswn, helpech, helped, helpem, helpo, helpoch, helper, helpes, helpest, helpet, helpi, helpid, helpiff, helpir, helpith, helpen, helpent, helpodd, helpom, helpon, helpont, helpwch, helpwn, helpwyd, helpwyf
Help :
- helpuhelpoddcynorthwy-yddddefnyddiolgan helpu

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Noun(1) the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose(2) a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose(3) a person or thing that is a resource that helps make something easier or possible to do(4) a means of serving
Verb(1) give help or assistance; be of service(2) improve the condition of(3) be of use(4) abstain from doing; always used with a negative(5) help to some food; help with food or drink(6) contribute to the furtherance of(7) take or use(8) improve; change for the better

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(1) a help menu(2) thank you for your help(3) Once in treatment caseworkers provide help and advice on keeping drug-free, or finding a job or home.(4) legislation to fit all new cars with catalytic converters will help(5) it'll help her in making a decision(6) With Vincent at the helm the local support group offer help and advice to the asylum seekers.(7) Last time Microsoft patched it by requiring that the help files run from the local file system.(8) he didn't help himself at all(9) For young people who need to hone their social skills, IM can be more a detour than a help .(10) He was a great help to me, videoing me going over fences and correcting mistakes.(11) he was a great help(12) The other main opening tool is the repertoire database, which has good help documentation.(13) God help us should we as a nation ever need unpaid help from our neighbours.(14) All of you provided me with invaluable help and advice that aided me to gain my first year certificate with a Merit pass.(15) you can't help but agree(16) As a result the hardware maker agreed to change its source code, user manuals and help screens.
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3. domestic worker ::
gweithiwr domestig
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12. help oneself ::
helpu eich hun
13. serve ::
14. SOS ::
1. hinder ::
Different Forms
help, helped, helper, helpers, helpful, helping, helpings, helpless, helps
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

(MIMICS RAJESH) \"Don\'t worry, buddies. Ghost Raj will help guide you through the forest.\" "' alt="(MIMICS RAJESH) \"Don\'t worry, buddies. Ghost Raj will help guide you through the forest.\" " style="width:100%">

(MIMICS RAJESH) "Don't worry, buddies. Ghost Raj will HELP guide you through the forest."

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 23

I didn\'t know you needed help
running errands today.

I didn't know you needed HELP running errands today.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 20

Help him.

Help him.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3

And she\'s my girlfriend.
I should be allowed to help her.

And she's my girlfriend. I should be allowed to HELP her.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 6

I help manage his affairs.

I HELP manage his affairs.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 1

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