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hof, chwynnogl, chwynoglau, hofiauhofiohofiasant, hofiasech, hofia, hofia’, hofiaf, hofiai, hofiais, hofiaist, hofian, hofiant, hofiasai, hofiych, hofi, hofiasem, hofiasent, hofiasid, hofiasit, hofiasoch, hofiasom, hofiaswn, hofid, hofiech, hofied, hofiem, hofien, hofient, hofier, hofies, hofiest, hofiet, hofiff, hofio, hofioch, hofiodd, hofiom, hofion, hofiont, hofir, hofith, hofiwch, hofiwn, hofiwyd, hofiwyf
Hoe :
- hoehoedhofioDyfnallt Morgan

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Noun(1) a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle
Verb(1) dig with a hoe

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(1) Many gardeners find that the most efficient tool for this task is some type of scuffle hoe , which cuts weeds at or just below the soil surface.(2) The circular shape of the hoe allows you to pull it through the soil toward you, leaving sliced weeds in its wake.(3) They got too tall to clear out with the cultivator, so Fred and I and the two other farm hands had to hoe a six-acre field by hand.(4) If weeding a large flower bed, you can use a hoe , but take care not to damage the roots of the plants around them.(5) Winter weeds are wimps, so you can weed with a hoe instead of a spade.(6) Use a hoe with a small, sharp blade to slice them off just under the soil surface.(7) Things you need are a soaker hose, a hoe , fertilizer, seeds, and gardening gloves.(8) A quick scratch with a hoe will easily eliminate any weeds and keep the soil loose and fluffy.(9) They then hoe the ground in patches at a prescribed spacing and broad-cast the seed collected from other forests to ensure natural regeneration to a desired extent.(10) The idea is that after harvesting you will not need to plough or hoe the land for the new planting season.(11) If it's sunny, try to hoe weeds in borders and between plants, making sure that their roots are exposed.(12) The garden hoe is used for chopping weeds so they don't grow back and for spreading soil in the garden.(13) Sure there are some people who enjoy getting a little dirty while they plant their flowers, but even those types of people have the most basic of gardening tools, like a rake or a hoe .(14) To supplement the farm income, Dad would go out and hoe beets for neighboring beet producers.(15) We were able to rotary hoe the corn on time and that has helped with the first flush of weeds.(16) These women cultivated with simple tools, a hoe , trowel, or shovel in one hand and seeds or fertilizer in the other hand.
Related Words
1. hoe ::
3. weeding tool ::
offeryn chwynnu
Different Forms
hoe, hoed, hoeing, hoes
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