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cwtsh, gofleidio, cofleidio, chofleidio, cofleidiasit, cofleidia, cofleidiasid, cofleidiasent, cofleidiasem, cofleidiasech, cofleidiasant, cofleidiasai, cofleidiant, cofleidian, cofleidiaist, cofleidiais, cofleidiai, cofleidiaf, cofleidia’, cofleidiodd, cwtsiem, cofleidiasom, cofleidiaswn, cofleidid, cofleidiech, cofleidied, cofleidiem, cofleidien, cofleidient, cofleidier, cofleidies, cofleidiest, cofleidiet, cofleidiff, cofleidioch, cofleidion, cofleidiom, chofleidiasant, cofleidiont, cofleidir, cofleidith, cofleidiwch, cofleidiwn, cofleidiwyd, cofleidiwyf, cofleidiych, cwtsi, cwtsia, cwtsia’, cwtsiaf, cwtsiai, cwtsiais, cofleidiasoch, cwtsian, cwtsiant, cwtsiasai, cwtsiasant, cwtsiasech, cwtsiasem, cwtsiasent, cwtsiasid, cwtsiasit, cwtsiasoch, cwtsiasom, cwtsiaswn, cwtsid, cwtsiech, cwtsied, cwtsith, cwtsiwch, cwtsien, cwtsient, cwtsier, cwtsies, cwtsiest, cwtsiet, cwtsiff, cwtsio, cwtsioch, cwtsiodd, cwtsiom, cwtsion, cwtsiont, cwtsir, chwtsi, chwtsia, cwtsiwn, cwtsiwyd, cwtsiwyf, cwtsiych, chofleidi, chofleidia, chofleidia’, chofleidiaf, chofleidiai, chofleidiais, chofleidiaist, chofleidian, chofleidiant, chofleidiasai, chofleidiasech, chofleidiasem, chofleidiasent, chofleidiasid, chofleidiasit, chofleidiasoch, chofleidiasom, chofleidiaswn, chofleidid, chofleidiech, chofleidied, chofleidiem, chofleidien, chofleidient, chofleidier, chofleidies, chofleidiest, chofleidiet, chofleidiff, chofleidioch, chofleidiodd, chofleidiom, chofleidion, chofleidiont, chofleidir, chofleidith, chofleidiwch, chofleidiwn, chofleidiwyd, chofleidiwyf, cofleidi, chwtsiom, chwtsia’, chwtsiaf, chwtsiai, chwtsiais, chwtsiaist, chwtsian, chwtsiant, chwtsiasai, chwtsiasant, chwtsiasech, chwtsiasem, chwtsiasent, chwtsiasid, chwtsiasit, chwtsiasoch, chwtsiasom, chwtsiaswn, chwtsid, chwtsiech, chwtsied, chwtsiem, chwtsien, chwtsient, chwtsier, chwtsies, chwtsiest, chwtsiet, chwtsiff, chwtsio, chwtsioch, gofleidien, gofleidiais, gofleidiai, gofleidiaist, gofleidiaf, gofleidia’, gofleidia, gofleidi, chwtsiych, chwtsiwyf, chwtsiwyd, chwtsiwn, chwtsiwch, chwtsith, chwtsir, chwtsiont, chwtsion, gwtsiest, chwtsiodd, gofleidian, gofleidiant, gofleidiasai, gofleidiasant, gofleidiasech, gofleidiasem, gofleidiasent, gofleidiasid, gofleidiasit, gofleidiasoch, gofleidiasom, gofleidiaswn, gofleidid, gofleidiech, gofleidied, gofleidiem, chofleidiych, gofleidient, gofleidier, gofleidies, gofleidiest, gofleidiet, gofleidiff, gofleidioch, gofleidiodd, gofleidiom, gofleidion, gofleidiont, gofleidir, gofleidith, gofleidiwch, gofleidiwn, gofleidiwyd, gofleidiwyf, gofleidiych, gwtsi, gwtsia, gwtsia’, gwtsiaf, gwtsiai, gwtsiais, gwtsiaist, gwtsian, gwtsiant, gwtsiasai, gwtsiasant, gwtsiasech, gwtsiasem, gwtsiasent, gwtsiasid, gwtsiasit, gwtsiasoch, gwtsiasom, gwtsiaswn, gwtsid, gwtsiech, gwtsied, gwtsiem, gwtsien, gwtsient, gwtsier, gwtsies, cwtsiaist, gwtsiet, gwtsiff, gwtsio, gwtsioch, gwtsiodd, gwtsiom, gwtsion, gwtsiont, gwtsir, gwtsith, gwtsiwch, gwtsiwn, gwtsiwyd, gwtsiwyf, gwtsiychcwtsh, cofleidiad, cwts, chofleidiad, gofleidiad, gwasgiad, gwasgiadau, nghofleidiad, ngwasgiad, ngwasgiadau, magad, wasgiad, wasgiadaucofleidio, cwtsied, cwtsio, nghofleidio, nghwtsied, nghwtsio
Hug :
- hughugerhugesthugs

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Noun(1) a tight or amorous embrace
Verb(1) hold (someone(2) fit closely or tightly

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(1) But a woman cries when she's handed a thick stack of bills, when people hug her and kiss her on the forehead.(2) Claude stopped laughing and sat up besides her embracing her with a hug as the tears started to form again around her eyes.(3) New patented lift arms make sure the 18-inch reels hug almost any contour.(4) I practically jumped over the seat to give her a huge hug , and immediately tears started rolling down my cheeks.(5) She was dressed in washed-out blue jeans that seemed to hug all the right places.(6) Since he was a few inches taller than me, I jumped down from the hug and looked at him in the eye.(7) She embraced her old friends in a tight hug , tears streaming from her eyes.(8) The bear hug is a dominant position, with great control over the opponent, and is often a precursor to a takedown.(9) She was pale and terribly weak, dropping to her knees as we caught her in a big hug while our tears covered our cheeks.(10) Alli broke the hug and dried her tears as she looked at her hands, folded in her lap.(11) She stepped back from my hug whipping her tears from her face.(12) I will, for example grab my elder son around the neck and give him a wrestling hug but I will never do that with my daughters.(13) I had also found a more suitable top, a black body hugging woollen skivvy.(14) She wrapped him with a blanket and hugged him close, kissing his forehead.(15) I scooted as close to him as I could, hugged him, and kissed his cheek.(16) A year later, halfway through grade 12, promises of that vehicle arrived in the form of a concrete fortress squatting atop a mountain - the sterile yet huggable campus of Simon Fraser University.
Related Words
(1) to hug ::
i hug
1. embrace ::
2. squeeze ::
3. embrace ::
4. follow closely ::
dilyn yn agos
5. cling to ::
glynu at
6. squeeze ::
Different Forms
hug, huger, hugest, hugs
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