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wella, wella’, gwella’, gwella, codith, coda’, codasit, codasid, codasent, codasem, codasech, codasant, codasai, codant, codan, codaist, codais, codai, codaf, codasoch, codasom, codaswn, codech, coded, codem, coden, codent, coder, codes, codest, codet, codi, codid, codiff, codir, codoch, chodaist, deisyfasant, cododd, codom, codon, codont, codwch, codwn, codwyd, codwyf, codych, cwyd, choda’, chodaf, chodai, deisyfych, coda, chodan, chodant, chodasai, chodasant, chodasech, chodasem, chodasent, chodasid, chodasit, chodasoch, chodasom, chodaswn, chodech, choded, chodais, deisyfasech, chodent, choder, chodes, chodest, chodet, chodi, chodid, chodiff, chodir, chodith, chodo, chodoch, chododd, chodom, chodon, deisyfet, chodwch, chodwn, chodwyd, chodwyf, chodych, deisyfa, deisyfa’, deisyfaf, deisyfai, deisyfais, deisyfaist, deisyfan, deisyfant, deisyfasai, ddeisyfo, deisyfi, deisyfasent, deisyfasid, deisyfasit, deisyfasoch, deisyfasom, deisyfaswn, deisyfech, deisyfed, deisyfem, deisyfen, deisyfent, deisyfer, deisyfes, deisyfest, chodem, deisyfasem, deisyfid, deisyfiff, deisyfir, deisyfith, deisyfo, deisyfoch, deisyfodd, deisyfom, deisyfon, deisyfont, deisyfwch, deisyfwn, deisyfwyd, deisyfwyf, ddeisyfaswn, ddeisyfaf, ddeisyfai, ddeisyfais, ddeisyfaist, ddeisyfan, ddeisyfant, ddeisyfasai, ddeisyfasant, ddeisyfasech, ddeisyfasem, ddeisyfasent, ddeisyfasid, ddeisyfasit, ddeisyfith, ddeisyfasom, ddeisyfa’, ddeisyfech, ddeisyfed, ddeisyfem, ddeisyfen, ddeisyfent, ddeisyfer, ddeisyfes, ddeisyfest, ddeisyfet, ddeisyfi, ddeisyfid, ddeisyfiff, ddeisyfir, ddeisyfasoch, godasech, gloywaist, ddeisyfoch, ddeisyfodd, ddeisyfom, ddeisyfon, ddeisyfont, ddeisyfwch, ddeisyfwn, ddeisyfwyd, ddeisyfwyf, ddeisyfych, gloywa, gloywa’, gloywaf, godych, gloywais, godasem, gloywan, gloywant, gloywasai, gloywasant, gloywasech, gloywasem, gloywasent, gloywasid, gloywasit, gloywasoch, gloywasom, gloywaswn, gloywch, gloywai, ddeisyfa, gloywodd, gloywem, gloywen, gloywent, gloywer, gloywes, gloywest, gloywet, gloywi, gloywid, gloywiff, gloywir, gloywith, gloywn, gloywo, godasant, gloywed, gloywom, gloywon, gloywont, gloywych, gloywyd, gloywyf, goda’, godaf, godai, godais, godaist, godan, godant, godasai, gloywoch, godid, godasent, godasid, godasit, godasoch, godasom, godaswn, godech, goded, godem, godent, goder, godes, godest, gloywech, godi, codo, godiff, godir, godith, godo, godoch, gododd, godom, godon, godont, godwch, godwn, godwyd, godwyf, godet, gwellasom, gwellhasech, gwellaf, gwellai, gwellais, gwellaist, gwellan, gwellant, gwellasai, gwellasant, gwellasech, gwellasem, gwellasent, gwellasid, gwellasit, gwellasoch, gwellheies, gwellhaent, gwellech, gwelled, gwellem, gwellen, gwellent, gweller, gwelles, gwellest, gwellet, gwellha, gwellha’, gwellhaech, gwellhaed, gwellhaem, gwellhasant, wellhaith, gwellhaer, gwellhaet, gwellhaf, gwellhâi, gwellhaiff, gwellhaith, gwellhân, gwellhânt, gwellhao, gwellhaoch, gwellhaodd, gwellhaom, gwellhaont, gwellhasai, gwellhaen, gwellheiest, gwellhasem, gwellhasent, gwellhasid, gwellhasit, gwellhasoch, gwellhasom, gwellhaswn, gwellhawn, gwellhawyd, gwellhawyf, gwellheais, gwellheaist, gwellhei, gwellheid, gwellon, hybes, hybwn, gwellheuoch, gwellheuon, gwellhewch, gwellheych, gwelli, gwellid, gwelliff, gwellir, gwellith, gwello, gwelloch, gwellodd, gwellom, hybwyf, gwellont, gwellheir, hyban, hybaist, hybais, hybai, hybaf, hyba’, hyba, gwellych, gwellwyf, gwellwyd, gwellwn, hybant, gwellwch, hyber, gwellaswn, hybasant, hybasech, hybasem, hybasent, hybasid, hybasit, hybasoch, hybasom, hybaswn, hybech, hybed, hybem, hyben, hybent, wellhasoch, hybasai, hybest, hybet, hybi, hybid, hybiff, hybir, hybith, hybo, hyboch, hybodd, hybom, hybon, hybont, hybwch, loywir, wellych, hybych, loywa, loywa’, loywai, loywais, loywaist, loywan, loywant, loywasai, loywasant, loywasech, loywasem, loywasent, loywasid, wellant, loywasoch, loywasom, loywaswn, loywch, loywech, loywem, loywen, loywent, loywer, loywes, loywest, loywet, loywi, loywid, loywiff, hybwyd, loywith, loywn, loywo, loywoch, loywodd, loywom, loywont, loywych, loywyd, loywyf, wellaf, wellai, wellais, wellaist, wellan, loywasit, wellasai, wellasant, wellasech, wellasem, wellasent, wellasid, wellasit, wellasoch, wellasom, wellaswn, wellech, welled, wellem, wellen, wellent, wellhaiff, welli, welles, wellest, wellet, wellha, wellha’, wellhaech, wellhaed, wellhaem, wellhaen, wellhaent, wellhaer, wellhaet, wellhaf, wellhâi, cod, wellhasom, wellhân, wellhânt, wellhao, wellhaoch, wellhaodd, wellhaom, wellhaont, wellhasai, wellhasant, wellhasech, wellhasem, wellhasent, wellhasid, wellhasit, weller, wellhaswn, wellhawn, wellhawyd, wellhawyf, wellheais, wellheaist, wellhei, wellheid, wellheies, wellheiest, wellheir, wellheuoch, wellheuon, wellhewch, wellheych, chodont, wellid, welliff, wellir, wellith, wello, welloch, wellodd, wellom, wellon, wellont, wellwch, wellwn, wellwyd, wellwyfgwella, codi, deisyf, deisyfu, ddeisyf, ddeisyfu, gloywi, gwellhau, nghodi, ngloywi, ngwella, ngwellhau, hybu, neisyf, neisyfu, wellhau
Improve :
- gwellagwellagwellayn gwellagwella

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Verb(1) to make better(2) get better

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(1) to improve your Irish(2) to improve productivity(3) to improve a policy(4) In fact, verbal ability and other knowledge-based abilities seem to improve with age.(5) to improve yourself(6) they are trying to improve on the tired old style(7) I subscribed to two magazines to improve my mind(8) to improve wages(9) to improve a building(10) Ultimately, the goal is to establish more accountability and improve teaching.(11) It doesn't matter how brainy you are or how much education you've had - you can still improve and expand your mind.(12) the weather will improve(13) What should be done is use the money from the resulting fines to improve road safety conditions in these areas.(14) weÔÇÖve used technology to improve relations with customers(15) to improve services(16) to improve your skill
Related Words
(1) to improve ::
1. make better ::
gwneud gwell
2. get better ::
3. recover ::
4. increase ::
5. better ::
6. amend ::
Different Forms
improve, improved, improvement, improvements, improves, improving
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