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cynddeiriogi, nghynddeiriogicynddeiriogasai, cynddeiriogo, cynddeiriogasoch, cynddeiriogasit, cynddeiriogasid, cynddeiriogasent, cynddeiriogasem, cynddeiriogasech, cynddeiriogasant, cynddeiriogaswn, cynddeiriogant, cynddeiriogan, cynddeiriogaist, cynddeiriogais, cynddeiriogai, cynddeiriogaf, cynddeirioga’, chynddeiriogaist, cynddeiriogech, cynddeirioged, cynddeiriogem, cynddeiriogen, cynddeiriogent, cynddeirioger, cynddeirioges, cynddeiriogest, cynddeirioget, cynddeiriogi, cynddeiriogid, cynddeiriogiff, cynddeiriogir, cynddeiriogith, cynddeiriogasom, cynddeirioga, cynddeiriogoch, cynddeiriogodd, cynddeiriogom, cynddeiriogon, cynddeiriogont, cynddeiriogwch, cynddeiriogwn, cynddeiriogwyd, cynddeiriogwyf, cynddeiriogych, chynddeirioga, chynddeirioga’, chynddeiriogaf, chynddeiriogai, chynddeiriogais, gynddeiriogasent, chynddeiriogan, chynddeiriogant, chynddeiriogasai, chynddeiriogasant, chynddeiriogasech, chynddeiriogasem, chynddeiriogasent, chynddeiriogasid, chynddeiriogasit, chynddeiriogasoch, chynddeiriogasom, chynddeiriogaswn, chynddeiriogech, chynddeirioged, chynddeiriogem, gynddeiriogasech, chynddeirioger, chynddeirioges, chynddeiriogest, chynddeirioget, chynddeiriogi, chynddeiriogid, chynddeiriogiff, chynddeiriogir, chynddeiriogith, chynddeiriogo, chynddeiriogoch, chynddeiriogodd, chynddeiriogom, chynddeiriogon, gynddeiriogasem, chynddeiriogent, gynddeiriogasant, gynddeiriogasai, gynddeiriogant, gynddeiriogan, gynddeiriogaist, gynddeiriogais, chynddeiriogont, gynddeiriogaf, gynddeirioga’, gynddeirioga, chynddeiriogych, chynddeiriogwyf, chynddeiriogwyd, chynddeiriogwn, chynddeiriogwch, gynddeiriogid, gynddeiriogasid, gynddeiriogasit, gynddeiriogasoch, gynddeiriogasom, gynddeiriogaswn, gynddeiriogech, gynddeirioged, gynddeiriogem, gynddeiriogen, gynddeiriogent, gynddeirioger, gynddeirioges, gynddeiriogest, gynddeirioget, chynddeiriogen, gynddeiriogai, gynddeiriogiff, gynddeiriogir, gynddeiriogith, gynddeiriogo, gynddeiriogoch, gynddeiriogodd, gynddeiriogom, gynddeiriogon, gynddeiriogont, gynddeiriogwch, gynddeiriogwn, gynddeiriogwyd, gynddeiriogwyf, gynddeiriogych, gynddeiriogi
Infuriate :
- gwylltio'rcythruddogwylltiogwylltio

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Verb(1) make furious

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(1) And on the days when I say something that angers and infuriates you, tell me!(2) It infuriates me that people cause so much mindless damage, which costs the car owners a small fortune.(3) A buddy back in those days, who loved to sound off about rock music in an infuriatingly cerebral way, was fond of peddling the theory that the genre could be cleaved into two distinct halves.(4) The notion of a service culture remains infuriatingly alien to many Scots.(5) ÔÇÿHallo, I'm on the train,ÔÇÖ is not an infuriatingly redundant communication but a genuine expression of how well mobiles mesh with our lifestyles.(6) The whole thing infuriates me because whoever was in charge of the creative copy for this ad series was taking the easy way out, and didn't bother thinking it through completely.(7) Having immersed myself in his life, it infuriates me that the man behind some of the greatest films ever made should have been reduced to this awkward, exiled and in some ways grotesque figure.(8) I am obviously not a football fan, but it infuriates me to see all these people who think that just because a man has money he should give it willingly to anyone who asks for it.(9) He annoys me and infuriates me but he also kind of intrigues me.(10) If anything infuriates me it's this fake morale-boosting stuff.(11) No, it is as if these arguments have never been uttered before and have the full force of moral righteousness even though it is, to our eyes, infuriatingly absurd.(12) The suggestion that rural communities in Scotland will lose out in the broadband revolution infuriates him.(13) Don't make yourself look at what infuriates you.(14) What infuriates me most and makes me wish for a second TV at my place is the choice of ÔÇÿcelebritiesÔÇÖ to take part in this jumble sale of food.(15) I have always found this upsetting as an environmentalist, just as the current scandal infuriates me as a typographer.(16) What infuriates me is the undervaluing of the sort of help which keeps older women reasonably fit - physiotherapy, chiropody, check-ups and so on.
1. enrage ::
2. incense ::
3. anger ::
4. inflame ::
5. exasperate ::
6. antagonize ::
7. provoke ::
8. rile ::
9. annoy ::
10. irritate ::
11. aggravate ::
12. madden ::
13. nettle ::
danadl poethion
14. gall ::
15. irk ::
16. vex ::
17. get on someone's nerves ::
mynd ar nerfau rhywun
18. try someone's patience ::
roi cynnig ar amynedd rhywun
19. rankle ::
20. make someone see red ::
gwneud i rywun yn gweld coch
21. get someone's back up ::
fynd yn ôl rhywun i fyny
23. needle ::
24. ride ::
25. tick off ::
ticiwch off
26. tee off ::
ti i ffwrdd
27. piss off ::
piss off
30. get to ::
31. bug ::
1. delight ::
2. gratify ::
3. please ::
os gwelwch yn dda
Different Forms
infuriate, infuriated, infuriates, infuriating
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