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agorasem, agora, agora’, agoraf, agorai, agorais, agoraist, agoran, agorant, agorasai, agorasant, agorent, agoroch, agorasent, agorasid, agorasit, agorasoch, agorasom, agoraswn, agorech, agored, agorem, agoren, agor, agorer, agores, agorest, agoret, agori, agorid, agoriff, agorir, agorith, agoro, agorasech, agorodd, agorom, agoron, agoront, agorwch, agorwn, agorwyd, agorwyf, agorych, egyr, hagorasem, hagora, hagora’, hagoraf, hagorai, hagorais, hagoraist, hagoran, hagorant, hagorasai, hagorasant, hagorent, hagoroch, hagorasent, hagorasid, hagorasit, hagorasoch, hagorasom, hagoraswn, hagorech, hagored, hagorem, hagoren, hagor, hagorer, hagores, hagorest, hagoret, hagori, hagorid, hagoriff, hagorir, hagorith, hagoro, hagorasech, hagorodd, hagorom, hagoron, hagoront, hagorwch, hagorwn, hagorwyd, hagorwyf, hagorych, hegyragor, hynydu, ynydu
Initiate :
- cychwyncychwynchychwyncychwyn

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Noun(1) someone new to a field or activity(2) someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field(3) people who have been introduced to the mysteries of some field or activity
Verb(1) bring into being(2) take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of(3) accept people into an exclusive society or group, usually with some rite(4) bring up a topic for discussion(5) set in motion, start an event or prepare the way for

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(1) he proposes to initiate discussions on planning procedures(2) A potential initiate is hardly going to stumble upon a support group this small.(3) The mystery and terror of confronting unknown beings in this context places the initiate in an altered state and primes him to receive instruction.(4) the initiate Marines(5) In 1999 the former Northern Municipality Local Council began to initiate development.(6) He was, as a graduate student at a major university, an initiate into academic culture.(7) Like a young initiate into a cult, however, I took this failure to be a sign that ever greater and more glorious rewards lay ahead.(8) I had a conversation with a student on my campus who was a recent initiate of an organization.(9) The report proposed that the authority initiate a procurement process to enable anyone to put forward any technologies for waste disposal.(10) He developed acute psychosis and had to be admitted in order to initiate treatment.(11) an initiate of the cult(12) But an initiate is no less an initiate for not being branded with a particular tradition.(13) Due to the demands from women in the childbirth movement, some changes were initiated .(14) It's not surprising, then, that most books on the subject don't reach beyond the initiated .(15) Awesome and seductive, they undo the myth that contemporary art is unintelligible to all but the initiated .(16) In the 18th century music came to be seen as an art form with social implications and not just a technical skill for the initiated .
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1. begin ::
2. admit ::
3. teach about ::
addysgu am
4. start ::
5. pioneer ::
6. induct ::
7. broach ::
8. lead up ::
yn arwain i fyny
9. novice ::
10. pundit ::
11. enlightened ::
Different Forms
initiate, initiated, initiates, initiating
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