English to Welsh Meaning :: interpenetrate

cydymdreiddio, nghydymdreiddiocydymdreiddiant, cydymdreiddiodd, cydymdreiddiasit, cydymdreiddiasid, cydymdreiddiasent, cydymdreiddiasem, cydymdreiddiasech, cydymdreiddiasant, cydymdreiddiasai, cydymdreiddiasom, cydymdreiddian, cydymdreiddiaist, cydymdreiddiais, cydymdreiddiai, cydymdreiddiaf, cydymdreiddia’, cydymdreiddia, chydymdreiddiais, cydymdreiddiaswn, cydymdreiddid, cydymdreiddiech, cydymdreiddied, cydymdreiddiem, cydymdreiddien, cydymdreiddient, cydymdreiddier, cydymdreiddies, cydymdreiddiest, cydymdreiddiet, cydymdreiddiff, cydymdreiddio, cydymdreiddioch, cydymdreiddiasoch, cydymdreiddi, cydymdreiddiom, cydymdreiddion, cydymdreiddiont, cydymdreiddir, cydymdreiddith, cydymdreiddiwch, cydymdreiddiwn, cydymdreiddiwyd, cydymdreiddiwyf, cydymdreiddiych, chydymdreiddi, chydymdreiddia, chydymdreiddia’, chydymdreiddiaf, chydymdreiddiai, gydymdreiddiasem, chydymdreiddiaist, chydymdreiddian, chydymdreiddiant, chydymdreiddiasai, chydymdreiddiasant, chydymdreiddiasech, chydymdreiddiasem, chydymdreiddiasent, chydymdreiddiasid, chydymdreiddiasit, chydymdreiddiasoch, chydymdreiddiasom, chydymdreiddiaswn, chydymdreiddid, chydymdreiddiech, gydymdreiddiasant, chydymdreiddien, chydymdreiddient, chydymdreiddier, chydymdreiddies, chydymdreiddiest, chydymdreiddiet, chydymdreiddiff, chydymdreiddio, chydymdreiddioch, chydymdreiddiodd, chydymdreiddiom, chydymdreiddion, chydymdreiddiont, chydymdreiddir, gydymdreiddiasech, chydymdreiddiem, gydymdreiddiasai, gydymdreiddiant, gydymdreiddian, gydymdreiddiaist, gydymdreiddiais, gydymdreiddiai, chydymdreiddith, gydymdreiddia’, gydymdreiddia, gydymdreiddi, chydymdreiddiych, chydymdreiddiwyf, chydymdreiddiwyd, chydymdreiddiwn, chydymdreiddiwch, gydymdreiddiet, gydymdreiddiasent, gydymdreiddiasid, gydymdreiddiasit, gydymdreiddiasoch, gydymdreiddiasom, gydymdreiddiaswn, gydymdreiddid, gydymdreiddiech, gydymdreiddied, gydymdreiddiem, gydymdreiddien, gydymdreiddient, gydymdreiddier, gydymdreiddies, chydymdreiddied, gydymdreiddiaf, gydymdreiddiff, gydymdreiddio, gydymdreiddioch, gydymdreiddiodd, gydymdreiddiom, gydymdreiddion, gydymdreiddiont, gydymdreiddir, gydymdreiddith, gydymdreiddiwch, gydymdreiddiwn, gydymdreiddiwyd, gydymdreiddiwyf, gydymdreiddiych, gydymdreiddiest
Interpenetrate :
- interpenetrateinterpenetratedinterpenetratesinterpenetrating

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Verb(1) penetrate mutually or be interlocked(2) spread or diffuse through

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(1) Their idea was that the myofibril contains toothbrush-like structures facing one another and pushed together so that their bristles interpenetrate .(2) Second, as questions of both national and societal security merge and interpenetrate , it is clear that possessing a reactive operational strategy alone is inadequate as a means of deterrence.(3) the two concepts interpenetrate in interesting ways(4) Their interacting narratives alternate, interpenetrate , and finally coalesce in the culminating moment of the Messiah episode.(5) fibers of meaning interpenetrate every strand of sound(6) Group and individual identities can interpenetrate , overlap, and influence each other.(7) The opposed sets of self-contained images interpenetrate one another; by the end of the book it is impossible to say that Don Quixote is mad, and impossible to say that the duke and the duchess are sane.(8) fibres of meaning interpenetrate every strand of sound(9) They interpenetrate of course and the fact that I've been reading science fiction for thirty-five or more years means that I probably have a somewhat more louche approach to these remarkable possibilities than many people do.(10) On a computer screen it is much easier to draw curves and bubbles, to have planes interpenetrate at odd angles and slide around.(11) Cultures interpenetrate , overlap and procreate as well as militate against one another as they sometimes do.(12) The layer closest to the user is a polypropylene non-woven material; there then follows a polyester non-woven and cross linked cellulosic material which are bonded together to the extent only that a few fibres interpenetrate .(13) It's easy to ignore how black and white cultures in America have interpenetrated , how relatively safe and peaceful our lives are because of his life's work.(14) I suggested that there were two bodies, the dense physical one which appears solid, and another invisible one that functions like a snake moving and interpenetrating with the physical one.(15) He develops organic correspondences in the locomotion of faceless crowds by editing them into a new context while maintaining the interpenetration of time and space into one continuous form.(16) The architecture is such that this higher level is clearly interpenetrated with the lower level and casts its power down to where I stand making me feel stilled and centred right where I am.
Related Words
(1) interpenetrate ::
1. diffuse ::
2. imbue ::
3. pervade ::
4. permeate ::
5. riddle ::
6. penetrate ::
Different Forms
interpenetrate, interpenetrated, interpenetrates, interpenetrating
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