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cosi, cosasit, cosest, cosa’, cosaf, cosai, cosais, cosaist, cosan, cosant, cosasai, cosasant, cosasech, cosasem, cosasent, cosasid, chosasent, cosasoch, cosasom, cosaswn, cosech, cosed, cosem, cosen, cosent, coser, coses, coset, coswyf, cosiff, cosir, cosith, coso, cosoch, cosodd, cosom, coson, cosont, coswch, coswn, coswyd, chosasem, cosid, chosa, chosa’, chosaf, chosai, chosais, chosaist, chosan, chosant, chosasai, chosasant, chosasech, gosent, chosest, chosasid, chosasit, chosasoch, chosasom, chosaswn, chosech, chosed, chosem, chosen, chosent, choser, choses, cosa, choset, chosi, chosid, chosiff, chosir, chosith, choso, chosoch, chosodd, chosom, choson, chosont, gosasai, gosasant, choswn, choswyd, choswyf, chosych, gosa, gosa’, gosaf, gosai, gosais, gosaist, gosan, gosant, ysasoch, choswch, gosasech, gosasem, gosasent, gosasid, gosasit, gosasoch, gosasom, gosaswn, gosech, gosed, gosem, gosom, goson, goser, goses, gosest, goset, gosi, gosid, gosiff, gosir, gosith, goso, gosoch, gosodd, hysoch, hysan, gosont, goswch, goswn, goswyd, goswyf, gosych, hysa, hysa’, hysaf, hysai, hysais, hyso, hysed, hysant, hysasai, hysasant, hysasech, hysasem, hysasent, hysasid, hysasit, hysasoch, hysasom, hysaswn, hysech, hysaist, hysem, hysen, hysent, hyser, hyses, hysest, hyset, hysi, hysid, hysiff, hysir, hysith, ysaf, ysych, ysai, hysodd, hysom, hyson, hysont, hyswch, hyswn, hyswyd, hyswyf, hysych, ysa, ysa’, yswyf, gosen, ysais, ysaist, ysan, ysant, ysasai, ysasant, ysasech, ysasem, ysasent, ysasid, ysasit, ysid, ysir, ysaswn, ysech, ysed, ysem, ysen, ysent, yser, yses, ysest, yset, ysi, cosych, ysiff, ysasom, ysith, yso, ysoch, ysodd, ysom, yson, ysont, yswch, yswn, yswydcosi, nghosi, hysu, ysugosfa, cosfa, cosfeydd, chosfa, chosfeydd, gosfeydd, nghosfa, nghosfeydd, hysfa, hysfeydd, ysfa, ysfeydd
Itch :
- cosiitchedcosicosicosi

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Noun(1) a contagious skin infection caused by the itch mite; characterized by persistent itching and skin irritation(2) a strong restless desire(3) an irritating cutaneous sensation that produces a desire to scratch
Verb(1) scrape or rub as if to relieve itching(2) have or perceive an itch(3) cause to perceive an itch(4) have a strong desire or urge to do something

Show Examples

(1) He scratched an itch while walking into the kitchen.(2) They itch just like mosquito bites but without the big slow mosquito to squish.(3) an itch to write fiction(4) Swimmer's itch is caused by a free-swimming parasite that burrows into and irritates the skin of humans.(5) Elimination of swimmer's itch means controlling the snails.(6) Just watching Owens go through his little celebrations makes my skin itch .(7) Often, late into a session, I'd get that uncontrollable opiate itch .(8) Seriously I still have the itch to write a gossip/society column.(9) Most home treatment is aimed at relieving the annoying itch of chickenpox and the accompanying fever and discomfort.(10) By the next morning it'd cleared up enough to just leave me with an annoying itch in my throat.(11) The wheals can itch , and they look like mosquito bites.(12) Lucas just followed me like an annoying itch that didn't go away.(13) I had full sensation - an absolute torment when you can't scratch an itch or move a cramped limb.(14) This means you want your finger nails to be so short that you couldn't scratch an itch with them.(15) But shortly after Ben began eating his lunch, his child-care provider noticed he seemed to be trying to scratch an itch in his mouth.(16) Hayley blushed, smiling softly and looked away, scratching an itch on her shoulder.
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Different Forms
itch, itched, itches, itching, itchy
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