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ailadrodd, hailadrodd, hiteru, iteruhailadrodda, ailadrodda’, ailadroddaf, ailadroddai, ailadroddais, ailadroddaist, ailadroddan, ailadroddant, ailadroddasai, ailadroddasant, ailadroddasech, ailadroddasem, ailadroddasent, ailadroddasid, ailadroddasit, ailadroddasoch, ailadroddasom, ailadroddaswn, ailadroddech, ailadrodded, ailadroddem, ailadrodden, ailadroddent, ailadrodder, ailadroddes, ailadroddest, ailadroddet, ailadroddi, ailadroddid, ailadroddiff, ailadroddir, ailadroddith, ailadroddo, hailadroddo, ailadroddodd, ailadroddom, ailadroddon, ailadroddont, ailadroddwch, ailadroddwn, ailadroddwyd, ailadroddwyf, ailadroddych, ailedrydd, hailadroddasech, hailadroddasem, hailadrodda’, hailadroddaf, hailadroddai, hailadroddais, hailadroddaist, hailadroddan, hailadroddant, hailadroddasai, hailadroddasant, hailadroddych, ailadrodda, hailadroddasent, hailadroddasid, hailadroddasit, hailadroddasoch, hailadroddasom, hailadroddaswn, hailadroddech, hailadrodded, hailadroddem, hailadrodden, hailadroddent, hailadrodder, hailadroddes, hailadroddest, hailadroddet, hailadroddi, hailadroddid, hailadroddiff, hailadroddir, hailadroddith, ailadroddoch, hailadroddoch, hailadroddodd, hailadroddom, hailadroddon, hailadroddont, hailadroddwch, hailadroddwn, hailadroddwyd, hailadroddwyf, itera, hitera, hitera’, hiteraf, hiterai, hiterais, hiteraist, hiteran, hiterant, hiterasai, hiterasant, hiterasech, hiterasem, hiterasent, hiterasid, hiterasit, hiterasoch, hiterasom, hiteraswn, hiterech, hitered, hiterem, hiteren, hiterent, hiterer, hiteres, hiterest, hiteret, hiteri, hiterid, hiteriff, hiterir, hiterith, itero, hiteroch, hiterodd, hiterom, hiteron, hiteront, hiterwch, hiterwn, hiterwyd, hiterwyf, hiterych, iterasech, iterasem, itera’, iteraf, iterai, iterais, iteraist, iteran, iterant, iterasai, iterasant, iterych, hailedrydd, iterasent, iterasid, iterasit, iterasoch, iterasom, iteraswn, iterech, itered, iterem, iteren, iterent, iterer, iteres, iterest, iteret, iteri, iterid, iteriff, iterir, iterith, hitero, iteroch, iterodd, iterom, iteron, iteront, iterwch, iterwn, iterwyd, iterwyf
Iterate :
- ailadroddAiladroddoddailadroddailadrodd

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Verb(1) to say, state, or perform again(2) run or be performed again

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(1) Well each time we iterate the drawing process, we are adding 4 times as many triangles as before, and each of them is 3 times as small as before.(2) I merely iterate the reasons Gemayel is an important national leader.(3) It rarely failed to mollify, but carried with it the penalty of having to iterate the performance many, many times.(4) This refinement process could be iterated a second time to further define the center of the filament.(5) And this iterates a kind of foundation myth of the US.(6) He was merely iterating his fondness for Thurmond and for the old South, and expressing his cherished wish to preserve it.(7) These assumptions have been iterated for decades in spite of many contradictory observations and experiments.(8) The process is iterated until the classification quality no longer increases.(9) He then iterates the process to converge on a zero of f.(10) The remainder of the program iterates through a number of PCM data types, starting with the stream types.(11) This point about York's and Thursday's ultimate subservience to the army is iterated visually in the same scene.(12) In a separate statement he iterated the simplicity of treatment of such ÔÇÿdisabledÔÇÖ persons with ÔÇÿdrugs'.(13) The song offers no answers, only iterating the closing command: ÔÇÿRide away.ÔÇÖ(14) The process is iterated until all putative ortholog sets have been examined.(15) In 1997, the government iterated a policy encouraging agencies to use incentives ÔÇÿto the maximum extent practicable when contracting for services.ÔÇÖ(16) I have iterated the term ÔÇÿstoryÔÇÖ of Ray Schmidt to reflect the film's deceptive simplicity.
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(1) iterate ::
1. retell ::
2. restate ::
3. repeat ::
4. ingeminate ::
5. reiterate ::
Different Forms
iterate, iterated, iterates, iterating
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