English to Welsh Meaning :: join

ymuno, ymunwch, asiwyd, asiaswn, asiasant, asia, asia’, asiaf, asiai, asiais, asiaist, asian, asiant, asiasai, asiwyf, asiasech, asiasem, asiasent, asiasid, asiasit, asiasoch, asiasom, asioch, asiff, cydiasoch, asied, asiem, asien, asient, asier, asies, asiest, asiet, asiwn, asio, asiech, asiodd, asiom, asion, asiont, asir, asith, asiwch, cydian, cydiwch, cydiant, asiych, cydi, cydia, cydia’, cydiaf, cydiai, cydiais, cydiaist, cydith, cysylltith, cydiasai, cydiasant, cydiasech, cydiasem, cydiasent, cydiasid, cydiasit, cyfannant, cydiest, cydiff, cydid, cydiech, cydied, cydiem, cydien, cydient, cydier, cydies, asid, cydiet, cydiaswn, cydio, cydioch, cydiodd, cydiom, cydion, cydiont, cydir, cyfannwn, cyfanasit, cydiwyd, cydiwyf, cydiych, cyfanasai, cyfanasant, cyfanasech, cyfanasem, cyfanasent, cyfanasid, cyfannwch, cyfanasoch, cyfanasom, cyfanaswn, cyfanna, cyfanna’, cyfannaf, cyfannai, cyfannais, cyfannaist, cyfannet, chyfanasid, cyfannech, cyfanned, cyfannem, cyfannen, cyfannent, cyfanner, cyfannes, cyfannest, cysyllten, cyfannan, cyfanniff, cyfannith, cyfanno, cyfannoch, cyfannodd, cyfannom, cyfannon, cyfannont, cyfennych, cysyllta, cyfannwyd, cyfannwyf, cyfennais, cyfennaist, cyfenni, cyfennid, cyfennir, cyfennwch, cysylltir, cydiwn, cysyllta’, cysylltaf, cysylltai, cysylltais, cysylltaist, cysylltan, cysylltant, cysylltasai, cysylltem, cysylltasem, cysylltasent, cysylltasid, cysylltasit, cysylltasoch, cysylltasom, cysylltaswn, cysylltech, cysyllted, cysylltasant, cysylltasech, cysylltent, cysyllter, cysylltes, cysylltest, cysylltet, cysyllti, cysylltid, cysylltiff, cysylltwn, chydiest, chydiet, cysylltwyf, cysyllto, cysylltoch, cysylltodd, cysylltom, cysyllton, cysylltont, cysylltwch, chydies, cysylltwyd, chydiff, cysylltych, chydi, chydia, chydia’, chydiaf, chydiai, chydiais, chydiasoch, chysylltwn, chydid, chydiasai, chydiasant, chydiasech, chydiasem, chydiasent, chydiasid, chydiasit, chydiaist, chydiasom, chydiaswn, chydiant, chydiech, chydied, chydiem, chydien, chydient, chydier, chydiwch, chyfannest, chydiwn, chydio, chydioch, chydiodd, chydiom, chydion, chydiont, chydir, chydith, chyfannes, asi, chydiwyd, chydiwyf, chydiych, chyfanasai, chyfanasant, chyfanasech, chyfanasem, chyfanasent, chyfannais, chydian, chyfannan, chyfanasoch, chyfanasom, chyfanaswn, chyfanna, chyfanna’, chyfannaf, chyfannai, chysylltwch, chyfannaist, chyfanasit, chyfannant, chyfannech, chyfanned, chyfannem, chyfannen, chyfannent, chyfanner, chyfannont, chysyllted, chyfannwch, chyfanni, chyfanniff, chyfannith, chyfanno, chyfannoch, chyfannodd, chyfannom, chyfannon, chysylltech, chysylltem, chyfannwn, chyfannwyd, chyfannwyf, chyfennais, chyfennaist, chyfenni, chyfennid, chyfennir, chysylltasai, chysylltasech, chysyllta, chysyllta’, chysylltaf, chysylltai, chysylltais, chysylltaist, chysylltan, chysylltant, chyfennwch, chysylltasant, chyfennych, chysylltasem, chysylltasent, chysylltasid, chysylltasit, chysylltasoch, chysylltasom, chysylltaswn, chysylltid, gydiasom, chysylltir, chysyllten, chysylltent, chysyllter, chysylltes, chysylltest, chysylltet, chysyllti, gydiasoch, chysylltiff, chyfannet, chysylltith, chysyllto, chysylltoch, chysylltodd, chysylltom, chysyllton, chysylltont, gydiaist, gydiant, chysylltwyf, chysylltych, gydi, gydia, gydia’, gydiaf, gydiai, gydiais, cydiasom, gydian, chysylltwyd, gydiasai, gydiasant, gydiasech, gydiasem, gydiasent, gydiasid, gydiasit, gydies, gyfannais, gyfannaist, gydiet, gydid, gydiech, gydied, gydiem, gydien, gydient, gydier, gyfannai, gydiest, gyfannan, gydiff, gydio, gydioch, gydiodd, gydiom, gydion, gydiont, gyfanasem, hasiet, gyfanasit, gydiwn, gydiwyd, gydiwyf, gydiych, gyfanasai, gyfanasant, gyfanasech, gydir, gyfanasent, gyfanasid, gydiwch, gyfanasoch, gyfanasom, gyfanaswn, gyfanna, gyfanna’, gyfannaf, gyfannest, hunasai, gyfannet, gyfannant, gyfannech, gyfanned, gyfannem, gyfannen, gyfannent, gyfanner, gyfannes, gysylltant, gysylltasant, gyfanni, gyfanniff, gyfannith, gyfanno, gyfannoch, gyfannodd, gyfannom, gyfannon, gyfennir, gydith, gyfennych, gyfannwn, gyfannwyd, gyfannwyf, gyfennais, gyfennaist, gyfenni, gyfennid, hasiest, gyfennwch, gyfannwch, gysyllta, gysyllta’, gysylltaf, gysylltai, gysylltais, gysylltaist, gysylltan, gysylltech, hasiaist, gysyllted, gysylltasech, gysylltasem, gysylltasent, gysylltasid, gysylltasit, gysylltasoch, gysylltasom, gysylltaswn, hasiais, gysylltiff, gysylltem, gysyllten, gysylltent, gysyllter, gysylltes, gysylltest, gysylltet, gysyllti, gysylltwch, gysylltir, gysylltid, gysylltith, gysyllto, gysylltoch, gysylltodd, gysylltom, gysyllton, gysylltont, hasiasai, gysylltwn, gysylltwyd, gysylltwyf, gysylltych, hasi, hasia, hasia’, hasiaf, hasiai, hasiasoch, hunan, hasiaswn, gysylltasai, hasiasant, hasiasech, hasiasem, hasiasent, hasiasid, hasiasit, hunaist, hasiasom, hasian, hasiech, hasied, hasiem, hasien, hasient, hasier, hasies, hasiwch, hasiwyd, hasio, hasioch, hasiodd, hasiom, hasion, hasiont, hasir, hasith, gyfannont, hasiwn, hasiff, hasiwyf, hasiych, huna, huna’, hunaf, hunai, hunais, hunasom, unaist, hunaswn, gydiaswn, hunasant, hunasech, hunasem, hunasent, hunasid, hunasit, hunasoch, unais, unan, hunech, hunem, hunen, hunent, huner, hunes, hunest, hunet, hunont, hunwn, huniff, hunir, hunith, huno, hunoch, hunodd, hunom, hunon, huni, hunwch, hunid, hunwyd, hunwyf, hunych, una, una’, unaf, unai, hunant, unasom, unant, unasai, unasant, unasech, unasem, unasent, unasid, unasit, unasoch, ymaelodaf, unaswn, unech, uned, unem, unen, unent, uner, unes, unest, unom, unon, uni, unid, uniff, unir, unith, uno, unoch, unodd, ymunem, unet, unont, unwch, unwn, unwyd, unwyf, unych, ymaeloda, ymaeloda’, ymaelodasent, ymuna, ymaelodasid, ymaelodais, ymaelodaist, ymaelodan, ymaelodant, ymaelodasai, ymaelodasant, ymaelodasech, ymaelodasem, ymaelodych, ymuna’, ymaelodasit, ymaelodasoch, ymaelodasom, ymaelodaswn, ymaelodech, ymaeloded, ymaelodem, ymaeloden, ymaelodo, ymaelododd, ymaelodes, ymaelodest, ymaelodet, ymaelodi, ymaelodid, ymaelodiff, ymaelodir, ymaelodith, ymaelodent, ymaelodoch, ymaeloder, ymaelodom, ymaelodon, ymaelodont, ymaelodwch, ymaelodwn, ymaelodwyd, ymaelodwyf, ymunasech, ymunasem, ymunaf, ymunai, ymunais, ymunaist, ymunan, ymunant, ymunasai, ymunasant, ymunych, ymaelodai, ymunasent, ymunasid, ymunasit, ymunasoch, ymunasom, ymunaswn, ymunech, ymuned, ymunir, ymunith, ymunent, ymuner, ymunes, ymunest, ymunet, ymuni, ymunid, ymuniff, cyfanni, ymunen, ymunoch, ymunodd, ymunom, ymunon, ymunont, ymunwn, ymunwyd, ymunwyfymuno, asio, cydio, cyfannu, cysylltu, chyfannu, chysylltu, gyfannu, gysylltu, nghydio, nghysylltu, huniadu, hymaelodi, hymuno, uniadu, uno, ymaelodi, nghyfannu
Join :
- ymunoYmunoddymunoyn ymuno

Show English Meaning

Noun(1) the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made(2) a set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets
Verb(1) become part of; become a member of a group or organization(2) cause to become joined or linked(3) come into the company of(4) make contact or come together(5) be or become joined or united or linked

Show Examples

(1) countries join together to abolish restrictions on trade(2) I would join what is known as the simplicity movement.(3) to join sb for a meal(4) His request to the supporters of his contention is to join him at least for a mile or a few yards to strengthen the nation.(5) So this is another one of those opportunities that we all have to join together.(6) They are competing in terms of business but will join together when it will help to bring about benefits for retail across the board.(7) If you have to break out of the bottom, most of the time the knot to the boom will go before the superglued join .(8) Not even the quietest in the group could help but join in the festivities.(9) join the paragraphs together(10) She was determined to keep him out and so had sealed the join between their two Planes of Existence.(11) Most members join clubs for fitness, but they stay for fun.(12) Let us join together to buy it by private purchase.(13) Three Blackburn schools are to join together to allow children from different backgrounds to make new friends.(14) China, despite their presently weak technology, will soon join the fray.(15) I am sure you will join me in wishing him every success(16) The capillary sprouts eventually join together to form a new network, with arterioles supplying them and venules draining them.
Related Words
(1) to join ::
i ymuno
1. union ::
2. juncture ::
pwynt yma
3. fasten ::
4. combine ::
5. team up with ::
ymuno â
6. sign up with ::
cofrestru gyda
7. meet ::
9. conjoin ::
10. fall in ::
syrthio mewn
11. bring together ::
dwyn ynghyd
1. demit ::
Different Forms
join, joined, joining, joins
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

When most of you worthless scum
join them in death this afternoon,

When most of you worthless scum JOIN them in death this afternoon,

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 7

You want us to join you in the boat?

You want us to JOIN you in the boat?

Vikings Season 1, Episode 2

Join the Night\'s Watch.

Join the Night's Watch.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 10

Hey, Raj, Professor Laughlin
is looking for someone to join...

Hey, Raj, Professor Laughlin is looking for someone to JOIN...

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 4

Anyone else want to
join the No Cake Club?

Anyone else want to JOIN the No Cake Club?

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 12

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