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gwybod, wybod, adnabod, fedru, ngwybod, hadnabod, medrugwyddoch, adnabuant, adnabydded, adnabuasai, adnabuasech, adnabuasem, adnabuasent, adnabuasid, adnabuasit, adnabuaswn, adnabuesid, adnabûm, adnabyddem, adnabuom, adnabuost, adnabuwyd, adnabydda, adnabyddaf, adnabyddai, adnabyddais, adnabyddaist, adnabyddant, adnabyddech, adnabydden, fedrer, gwybyddwyf, adnabyddent, adnabydder, adnabyddet, adnabyddi, adnabyddid, adnabyddir, adnabyddit, adnabyddo, adnabyddoch, adnabyddodd, adnabyddom, adnabyddon, adnabyddont, adnabyddwch, adnabyddwn, adnabyddwyf, adnabyddych, adnaper, adnapo, adnapoch, adwaenet, adnapont, adnapwyf, adnebydd, adnepych, adwaen, adwaenai, adwaenant, adwaenech, adwaenem, adwaenen, fedra’, fedrasent, adwaenid, adwaenir, adwaenit, adwaenoch, adwaenom, adwaenost, adwaenwn, adweinid, adweinir, edwyn, adnapom, fedraf, fedrai, fedrais, fedraist, fedran, fedrant, fedrasai, fedrasant, fedrasech, fedrasem, adnabuoch, fedrasid, fedrasit, fedrasoch, fedrasom, fedraswn, fedrech, fedred, fedrem, fedren, fedrent, fedrom, fedres, fedrest, fedret, fedri, fedrid, fedriff, fedrir, fedrith, fedro, fedroch, gwybuasech, gwybuwyd, fedron, fedront, fedrwch, fedrwn, fedrwyd, fedrwyf, fedrych, gwybu, gwybuant, gwybuasai, hadnabuasem, gwybuasem, gwybuasent, gwybuasid, gwybuasit, gwybuaswn, gwybuesid, gwybûm, gwybuoch, gwybuom, gwybuost, fedrodd, gwybydd, gwybyddaf, gwybyddai, gwybyddant, gwybyddech, gwybydded, gwybyddem, gwybydden, gwybyddent, gwybydder, gwybyddych, gwybyddi, gwybyddid, gwybyddir, gwybyddit, gwybyddo, gwybyddoch, gwybyddom, gwybyddont, gwybyddwch, gwybyddwn, gwyddost, gwypoch, gwyddai, gwyddant, gwyddech, gwyddem, gwydden, gwyddent, gwyddet, gwyddid, gwyddit, gwyddom, gwybyddet, gwyddwn, gwyddys, gwypai, gwypech, gwypem, gwypent, gwyper, gwypid, gwypit, gwypo, wybuant, gwypom, gwypont, gwypwn, gwypwyf, gwypych, gŵyr, hadnabu, hadnabuant, hadnabuasai, adnabu, hadnabyddai, hadnabuasid, hadnabuasit, hadnabuaswn, hadnabuesid, hadnabûm, hadnabuoch, hadnabuom, hadnabuost, hadnabuwyd, hadnabyddet, hadnabyddaf, hadnabuasent, hadnabyddais, hadnabyddaist, hadnabyddant, hadnabyddech, hadnabydded, hadnabyddem, hadnabydden, hadnabyddent, hadnabydder, hadnabydda, hadnabyddwn, hadnabyddid, hadnabyddir, hadnabyddit, hadnabyddo, hadnabyddoch, hadnabyddodd, hadnabyddom, hadnabyddon, hadnabyddont, hadnepych, medrais, hadnabyddwyf, hadnabyddych, hadnaper, hadnapo, hadnapoch, hadnapom, hadnapont, hadnapwyf, medret, hadnabyddwch, hadwaenoch, hadwaen, hadwaenai, hadwaenant, hadwaenech, hadwaenem, hadwaenen, hadwaenent, hadwaenet, hadwaenid, hadwaenir, medrai, medrasit, hadwaenom, hadwaenost, hadwaenwn, hadweinid, hadweinir, hedwyn, medr, medra’, medraf, hadwaenit, medrasoch, medraist, medran, medrant, medrasai, medrasant, medrasech, medrasem, medrasent, medrasid, hadnebydd, hadnabyddi, medrasom, medraswn, medrech, medred, medrem, medren, medrent, medrer, medres, medrest, medrwn, medrid, medriff, medrir, medrith, medro, medroch, medrodd, medrom, medron, wybu, medrwch, medri, medrwyd, medrwyf, medrych, nabydda, nabydda’, nabyddi, nabyddoch, nabyddon, ni cheir ffurf, medront, wybuom, wybuasai, wybuasech, wybuasem, wybuasent, wybuasid, wybuasit, wybuaswn, wybuesid, wybûm, hadnabuasech, wyddit, wybuost, wybuwyd, wybydd, wybyddaf, wybyddai, wybyddant, wybyddech, wybydded, wybyddem, wybuoch, wybyddwn, wybydder, wybyddet, wybyddi, wybyddid, wybyddir, wybyddit, wybyddo, wybyddoch, wybyddom, wyddid, wybyddwch, wybyddent, wybyddwyf, wybyddych, wyddai, wyddant, wyddech, wyddem, wydden, wyddent, wyddet, wybyddont, wypid, wyddoch, wyddom, wyddost, wyddwn, wyddys, wypai, wypech, wypem, wypent, wybydden, adwaenent, wypit, wypo, wypoch, wypom, wypont, wypwn, wypwyf, wypych, ŵyr, wyper
Know :
- gwybodknowablegan wybodyn gwybod

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Noun(1) the fact of being aware of information that is known to few people
Verb(1) be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information; possess knowledge or information about(2) know how to do or perform something(3) be aware of the truth of something; have a belief or faith in something; regard as true beyond any doubt(4) be familiar or acquainted with a person or an object(5) have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations(6) accept (someone(7) have fixed in the mind(8) have sexual intercourse with(9) know the nature or character of(10) be able to distinguish, recognize as being different(11) perceive as familiar

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(1) She is now growing increasingly concerned and wants anyone who may know of his whereabouts to get in contact.(2) he doesn't know the first thing about history(3) The first step you should take is to simply limit the number of people who know your personal email address.(4) A single guy coming into a group of guys who already know each other is always going to be awkward.(5) Her relationship with her own parents is so close that she feels saddened when she hears other parents saying they don't want to know what their children are up to.(6) if you know, ring me(7) There are additional plot twists that you probably don't want to know about if you plan to see this movie.(8) ÔÇÿI really know your face from somewhere,ÔÇÖ she explains.(9) he didn't know any Irish(10) does he know how to fix it?(11) Let it be clear from here on in that I know absolutely nothing about how cars work.(12) His friends know him as a workaholic with an impeccable sense of fairness and attention to detail.(13) you are convinced you know your own baby from any other in the world(14) they know to wait for us(15) I know that face, where have I seen her before?(16) I didn't know that
Related Words
1. be aware ::
fod yn ymwybodol
2. have knowledge of ::
fod â gwybodaeth am
3. be familiar with ::
bod yn gyfarwydd â
4. be acquainted with ::
fod yn gyfarwydd â
5. experience ::
6. distinguish ::
7. bed ::
8. recognize ::
1. miss ::
Different Forms
know, knowable, knows
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Always something
if you know how to make them talk.

Always something if you KNOW how to make them talk.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 1

You know, she was a lot happier.

You KNOW, she was a lot happier.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 10

You know what? I don\'t have to
stand here and take this crap.

You KNOW what? I don't have to stand here and take this crap.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 13

- Oh, my God, what happened?
- I don\'t know, I just got a text. Hurry.

- Oh, my God, what happened? - I don't KNOW, I just got a text. Hurry.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 23

I know how you wage war.

I KNOW how you wage war.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2

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