English to Welsh Meaning :: lead

arwain, blaenori, blaenu, dilyn, dwyn, ddwyn, flaenu, ledio, mlaenori, mlaenu, nhywys, nilyn, nwyn, tywysarwain, arweiniasai, arweiniasoch, arweini, arweinia, arweinia’, arweiniaf, arweiniai, arweiniais, arweiniaist, arweinian, arweiniant, arweinith, arweiniasant, arweiniasech, arweiniasem, arweiniasent, arweiniasid, arweiniasit, arweiniet, arweiniest, blaenasech, arweinid, arweiniech, arweinied, arweiniem, arweinien, arweinient, arweinier, arweinies, arweinir, arweiniaswn, arweiniff, arweinio, arweinioch, arweiniodd, arweiniom, arweinion, arweiniont, blaenaf, blaenir, blaenai, arweiniwch, arweiniwn, arweiniwyd, arweiniwyf, arweiniych, blaena, blaena’, blaeniff, dilynem, blaenais, blaenaist, blaenan, blaenant, blaenasai, blaenasant, blaenasem, blaenem, blaenent, blaenasid, blaenasit, blaenasoch, blaenasom, blaenaswn, blaenech, blaened, arweiniasom, blaenen, blaenasent, blaener, blaenes, blaenest, blaenet, blaeni, blaenid, blaenoraf, blaenorai, blaeno, blaenoch, blaenodd, blaenom, blaenon, blaenont, blaenora, blaenora’, blaenorir, blaenorith, blaenorais, blaenoraist, blaenoran, blaenorant, blaenorasai, blaenorasant, blaenorasech, blaenoren, blaenorent, blaenorasid, blaenorasit, blaenorasoch, blaenorasom, blaenoraswn, blaenorech, blaenored, blaenorem, blaenorasem, blaenorasent, blaenorer, blaenores, blaenorest, blaenoret, blaenori, blaenorid, blaenoriff, blaenorwn, dilyned, blaenorwyd, blaenoro, blaenoroch, blaenorodd, blaenorom, blaenoron, blaenoront, blaenorwch, dilynech, blaenith, blaenorwyf, blaenorych, blaenwch, blaenwn, blaenwyd, blaenwyf, blaenych, dilynasant, dilynasem, dilynaf, dilynai, dilynais, dilynaist, dilynan, dilynant, dilynasai, dilyn, dilynasech, dilyna’, dilynasent, dilynasid, dilynasit, dilynasoch, dilynasom, dilynaswn, dilyniff, dilynir, dilynen, dilynent, dilyner, dilynes, dilynest, dilynet, dilyni, dilynid, dygasit, dygasoch, dilynith, dilyno, dilynoch, dilynodd, dilynom, dilynon, dilynont, dygaist, dygan, dilynwyd, dilynwyf, dilynych, dwg, dyga’, dygaf, dygai, dygais, dilynwch, dilynwn, dygant, dygasai, dygasant, dygasech, dygasem, dygasent, dygasid, ddilynwyf, dyges, dygasom, dygaswn, dygech, dyged, dygem, dygen, dygent, dyger, dywysasai, dygest, dyget, dygi, dygid, dygiff, dygir, dygith, dygo, dygych, dywys, dygodd, dygom, dygon, dygont, dygwch, dygwn, dygwyd, dygwyf, ddilynen, dygoch, dywysa’, dywysaf, dywysai, dywysais, dywysaist, dywysan, dywysant, dywysech, dywysed, dywysasech, dywysasem, dywysasent, dywysasid, dywysasit, dywysasoch, dywysasom, dywysaswn, ddilynai, ddilynais, dywysem, dywysen, dywysent, dywyser, dywyses, dywysest, dywyset, dywysont, dywyswch, dywysiff, dywysir, dywysith, dywyso, dywysoch, dywysodd, dywysom, dywyson, dywysi, dywysid, dywyswn, dywyswyd, dywyswyf, dywysych, ddilyn, ddilyna’, ddilynaf, ddilynasent, ddilynwyd, ddilynasid, ddilynaist, ddilynan, ddilynant, ddilynasai, ddilynasant, ddilynasech, ddilynasem, ddilynwn, dywysasant, ddilynasit, ddilynasoch, ddilynasom, ddilynaswn, ddilynech, ddilyned, ddilynem, ddilynir, ddilyno, ddilyner, ddilynes, ddilynest, ddilynet, ddilyni, ddilynid, ddilyniff, lediom, ddilynith, ddilynent, ddilynoch, ddilynodd, ddilynom, ddilynon, ddilynont, ddilynwch, ddygasai, ddygasant, ddwg, ddyga’, ddygaf, ddygai, ddygais, ddygaist, ddygan, ddygant, ddygon, ddygont, ddygasech, ddygasem, ddygasent, ddygasid, ddygasit, ddygasoch, ddygasom, ddygi, ddygid, ddyged, ddygem, ddygen, ddygent, ddyger, ddyges, ddygest, ddyget, ddygaswn, ddygech, ddygiff, ddygir, ddygith, ddygo, ddygoch, ddygodd, ddygom, flaenai, flaenith, flaenais, ddygwch, ddygwn, ddygwyd, ddygwyf, ddygych, flaena, flaena’, flaenir, flaeno, flaenaist, flaenan, flaenant, flaenasai, flaenasant, flaenasech, flaenasem, flaenen, flaener, flaenasit, flaenasoch, flaenasom, flaenaswn, flaenech, flaened, flaenem, harweinia, flaenent, flaenasid, flaenes, flaenest, flaenet, flaeni, flaenid, flaeniff, flaenorai, flaenorais, harweiniech, flaenodd, flaenom, flaenon, flaenont, flaenora, flaenora’, flaenoraf, flaenoch, flaenorasid, flaenoraist, flaenoran, flaenorant, flaenorasai, flaenorasant, flaenorasech, flaenorasem, flaenorent, flaenorasit, flaenoro, flaenorasoch, flaenorasom, flaenoraswn, flaenorech, flaenored, flaenorem, flaenoren, flaenorasent, flaenorer, flaenorest, flaenoret, flaenori, flaenorid, flaenoriff, flaenorir, flaenorith, flaenorwyf, harweinied, flaenorych, flaenorodd, flaenorom, flaenoron, flaenoront, flaenorwch, flaenorwn, flaenorwyd, harweinid, flaenoroch, flaenwch, flaenwn, flaenwyd, flaenwyf, flaenych, harwain, harweini, harweiniasant, harweiniasem, harweiniaf, harweiniai, harweiniais, harweiniaist, harweinian, harweiniant, harweiniasai, flaenasent, harweiniasech, harweinia’, harweiniasent, harweiniasid, harweiniasit, harweiniasoch, harweiniasom, harweiniaswn, harweiniff, lediasit, harweinioch, harweiniem, harweinien, harweinient, harweinier, harweinies, harweiniest, harweiniet, lediasid, harweinio, lediasoch, harweiniodd, harweiniom, harweinion, harweiniont, harweinir, harweinith, lediais, thywyser, ledian, harweiniwyf, harweiniych, ledi, ledia, ledia’, lediaf, lediai, harweiniwch, lediaist, harweiniwyd, lediant, lediasai, lediasant, lediasech, lediasem, lediasent, ledien, tywysasai, tywysasant, ledier, lediasom, lediaswn, ledid, lediech, ledied, lediem, tywysant, ledient, ddilynych, ledies, lediest, lediet, lediff, ledio, ledioch, lediwyf, harweiniwn, tywysa’, lediont, ledir, ledith, lediwch, lediwn, lediwyd, thywysent, lediych, tywys, ledion, tywysaf, tywysai, tywysais, tywysaist, tywysan, tywysed, tywysem, tywysasem, tywysasent, tywysasid, tywysasit, tywysasoch, tywysasom, tywysaswn, tywysech, thywysais, thywysaist, tywysen, tywysent, tywyser, tywyses, tywysest, tywyset, tywysi, tywyswch, tywyswn, tywysir, tywysith, tywyso, tywysoch, tywysodd, tywysom, tywyson, tywysont, tywysid, tywysiff, tywyswyd, tywyswyf, tywysych, thywys, thywysa’, thywysaf, thywysai, thywysasid, thywysych, thywysasoch, thywysan, thywysant, thywysasai, thywysasant, thywysasech, thywysasem, thywysasent, thywyswyf, thywysasit, tywysasech, thywysasom, thywysaswn, thywysech, thywysed, thywysem, thywysen, thywyso, thywysodd, thywysest, thywyset, thywysi, thywysid, thywysiff, thywysir, thywysith, lediodd, thywysoch, thywyses, thywysom, thywyson, thywysont, thywyswch, thywyswn, thywyswydphlwm, plwm, blwm, blaen, blaenau, flaen, flaenau, lid, mhlwm, mlaen, mlaenau
Lead :
- arwainplwmleadenarweinwyr

Show English Meaning

Noun(1) an advantage held by a competitor in a race(2) a soft heavy toxic malleable metallic element; bluish white when freshly cut but tarnishes readily to dull grey(3) evidence pointing to a possible solution(4) a position of being the initiator of something and an example that others will follow (especially in the phrase `take the lead'(5) the angle between the direction a gun is aimed and the position of a moving target (correcting for the flight time of the missile(6) the introductory section of a story(7) (sports(8) an actor who plays a principal role(9) (baseball(10) an indication of potential opportunity(11) a news story of major importance(12) the timing of ignition relative to the position of the piston in an internal-combustion engine(13) restraint consisting of a rope (or light chain(14) thin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing(15) mixture of graphite with clay in different degrees of hardness; the marking substance in a pencil(16) a jumper that consists of a short piece of wire
Verb(1) take somebody somewhere(2) produce as a result or residue(3) tend to or result in(4) travel in front of; go in advance of others(5) cause to undertake a certain action(6) stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point(7) be in charge of(8) be ahead of others; be the first(9) be conducive to(10) lead, as in the performance of a composition(11) lead, extend, or afford access(12) move ahead (of others(13) cause something to pass or lead somewhere(14) preside over

Show Examples

(1) Again, all the prime minister had to do was call for calm and he was part of the lead news story.(2) The school will also follow the lead of 30 other schools in the borough and operate a daily breakfast bar.(3) it's your lead(4) The player on the dealer's right has the first lead , and the winner of the trick leads to the next trick.(5) they are waiting for an expansion of world trade to lead a recovery(6) the lead story(7) a lead guitarist(8) Omar's reflections on his wife's motives lead him to contemplate his own life.(9) where does this tunnel lead to?(10) Chelsea held a 12-point lead over their nearest rivals, and continually found ways to win.(11) Considering this is her first lead role in a feature film, she is very impressive.(12) closing the plant will lead to the loss of 300 jobs(13) He made a good recovery but had to lead a quieter life.(14) Bloggers have made it into the Guardian's lead editorial today.(15) The most common cause of lead poisoning today is old paint with lead in it.(16) The lead story in the paper concerned a shipment of silver bullion, which had disappeared four months earlier.
Related Words
(1) lead time ::
amser arweiniol
1. the leading position ::
y sefyllfa yn arwain
2. first position ::
safle cyntaf
3. leading role ::
rôl arweiniol
4. leash ::
5. clue ::
6. bullet ::
7. leading ::
8. spark advance ::
ymlaen llaw wreichionen
9. trail ::
10. lede ::
11. lead story ::
stori arweiniol
12. pencil lead ::
arwain pensil
13. wind ::
14. principal ::
15. booster cable ::
cebl atgyfnerthu
16. guide ::
17. cause ::
18. result in ::
canlyniad yn
19. be at the head of ::
fod ar ben
20. be the leader of ::
fod yn arweinydd
21. be ahead ::
fod ar y blaen
22. be at the front of ::
fod ar flaen
23. experience ::
24. top ::
25. go ::
26. conduct ::
27. moderate ::
28. leave ::
29. contribute ::
30. head ::
31. run ::
32. extend ::
33. precede ::
34. leading ::
Different Forms
lead, leaded, leaden, leads
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

He wants me to lead one day.

He wants me to LEAD one day.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 1

Priya is a lead attorney
for the biggest car company in India.

Priya is a LEAD attorney for the biggest car company in India.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 6

Ease up there, lead foot.
You trying to get us killed?

Ease up there, LEAD foot. You trying to get us killed?

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 19

and I\'m glad that I helped
lead you to this moment.

and I'm glad that I helped LEAD you to this moment.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 10

and who knows what
it might lead to?

and who knows what it might LEAD to?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 19

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