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lefel, gwastad, gwastadedd, gwastadeddau, ngwastadedd, ngwastadeddau, lefelau, safon, safonau, wastadedd, wastadeddaulefelu, gwastatáu, gwastatu, ngwastatáu, ngwastatu, lyfnhau, llyfnhau, wastatáu, wastatuwastad, cydwastad, chydwastad, glas, glasach, glasaf, glased, gwastad, gwastadion, gydwastad, nghydwastad, nglasach, nglasaf, nglased, ngwastad, ngwastadion, lasaf, lased, lyfn, lyfnach, lyfnaf, lyfned, lyfnion, llyfn, llyfnach, llyfnaf, llyfned, llyfnion, wastadion, lasachgwastatânt, gwastatao, gwastataech, gwastataed, gwastataem, gwastataen, gwastataent, gwastataer, gwastataet, gwastatâf, gwastatâi, gwastataiff, gwastataith, gwastatân, lefelasech, lefelasem, gwastataoch, gwastataodd, gwastataom, gwastataont, gwastatasai, gwastatasant, gwastatasech, gwastatasem, gwastatasent, gwastatasid, gwastatasit, gwastatasoch, gwastateuon, gwastatewch, gwastataswn, gwastatawn, gwastatawyd, gwastatawyf, gwastateais, gwastateaist, gwastatei, gwastateid, gwastateies, gwastateiest, gwastateir, gwastateuoch, lyfnhaf, gwastatasom, gwastateych, lefela, lefela’, lefelaf, lefelai, lefelais, lefelaist, lefelan, lefelant, lefelasai, lefelasant, gwastatâ, lefelasent, lefelasid, lefelasit, lefelasoch, lefelasom, lefelaswn, lefelech, lefeled, lefelem, lefelen, lefelent, lefeler, lefeles, lefelest, lefelet, lefeli, lefelid, lefeliff, lefelir, lefelith, lefelo, lefeloch, lefelodd, lefelom, lefelon, lefelont, lefelwch, lefelwn, lefelwyd, lefelwyf, lefelych, lyfnha, lyfnha’, lyfnhaech, lyfnhaed, lyfnhaem, lyfnhaen, lyfnhaent, lyfnhaer, lyfnhaet, wastataoch, lyfnhâi, lyfnhaiff, lyfnhaith, lyfnhân, lyfnhânt, lyfnhao, lyfnhaoch, lyfnhaodd, lyfnhaom, lyfnhaont, lyfnhasai, lyfnhasant, lyfnhei, lyfnheid, lyfnhasem, lyfnhasent, lyfnhasid, lyfnhasit, lyfnhasoch, lyfnhasom, lyfnhaswn, lyfnhawn, lyfnhawyd, lyfnhawyf, lyfnheais, lyfnheaist, llyfnhawyf, llyfnheais, lyfnheies, lyfnheiest, lyfnheir, lyfnheuoch, lyfnheuon, lyfnhewch, lyfnheych, llyfnha, llyfnha’, llyfnhaech, llyfnhaed, llyfnhaen, llyfnhaent, llyfnhaer, llyfnhaet, llyfnhaf, llyfnhâi, llyfnhaiff, llyfnhaith, llyfnhân, llyfnhânt, llyfnhao, llyfnhaoch, llyfnhaodd, llyfnhaom, llyfnhaem, llyfnhasai, llyfnhasant, llyfnhasech, llyfnhasem, llyfnhasent, llyfnhasid, llyfnhasit, llyfnhasoch, llyfnhasom, llyfnhaswn, llyfnhawn, llyfnhawyd, wastataed, wastataem, llyfnheaist, llyfnhei, llyfnheid, llyfnheies, llyfnheiest, llyfnheir, llyfnheuoch, llyfnheuon, llyfnhewch, llyfnheych, wastatâ, wastataech, wastateych, lyfnhasech, wastataen, wastataent, wastataer, wastataet, wastatâf, wastatâi, wastataiff, wastataith, wastatân, wastatânt, wastatao, wastatawn, wastatawyd, wastataom, wastataont, wastatasai, wastatasant, wastatasech, wastatasem, wastatasent, wastatasid, wastatasit, wastatasoch, wastatasom, wastataswn, llyfnhaont, wastataodd, wastatawyf, wastateais, wastateaist, wastatei, wastateid, wastateies, wastateiest, wastateir, wastateuoch, wastateuon, wastatewch
Level :
- lefellefelulefelwrlefelulefelu

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Noun(1) a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality(2) a relative position or degree of value in a graded group(3) a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process(4) height above ground(5) indicator that establishes the horizontal when a bubble is centered in a tube of liquid(6) a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line(7) an abstract place usually conceived as having depth(8) a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale
Verb(1) aim at(2) tear down so as to make flat with the ground(3) make level or straight(4) direct into a position for use(5) talk frankly with; lay it on the line(6) become level or even
Adjective(1) having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another(2) not showing abrupt variations(3) being on a precise horizontal plane(4) oriented at right angles to the plumb(5) of the score in a contest

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(1) the teams are level(2) Sean was happy with the honours English paper but thought the ordinary level maths paper was hard enough.(3) she teaches at university level(4) Once she was on level ground, she grinned knowing she was finally out of the canyon.(5) I even used a level to measure properly!(6) Even standing, her head only drew level with my chest.(7) The grain purchase programs determined at the national level were difficult to implement locally.(8) I think my performances have carried on at a level I am content with.(9) Philip kept a level gaze on him.(10) The welfare of the people of Britain could not rise above a level set by the balance of people and land.(11) They move soil sideways and level the land by filling low spots and knocking down ridges.(12) Democratic practice has to occur at the local level if it is to have any chance at the national level .(13) below the level of the road(14) Ben slowed his pace until she drew level .(15) The basin of the Peneus expands into a vast level towards the southeast.(16) at intercounty level
Related Words
(1) level up ::
lefel i fyny
1. flat ::
2. unchanging ::
3. aligned with ::
cyd-fynd â
4. unwavering ::
5. even ::
hyd yn oed
6. plane ::
7. rank ::
8. quantity ::
9. height ::
10. floor ::
11. tier ::
12. spirit level ::
lefel ysbryd
13. stratum ::
14. grade ::
15. stage ::
16. make level ::
gwneud lefel
17. raze ::
19. equalize ::
20. aim ::
21. be frank with ::
fod yn onest gyda
23. charge ::
codi tâl
24. level off ::
lefel oddi
25. flush ::
Different Forms
level, leveled, leveler, levelers, leveling, levelling, levelly, levelness, levels
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